Aincrad Liberation Front

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The Aincrad Liberation Front is a loose guild that practices open invitations, led by a strong set of leaders. It is often criticized for its elitist stance on what makes players the 'best of the best', and restricting its access to its inner circle. The Aincrad Liberation Front features squads such as the Knights of the Blood that stands at the center of its power. The guild tends to push the newbies rather hard - and is almost military in the way it handles encounters.

On a day-to-day basis, the group does army drills and constantly tries to push into higher areas of the tower, or sends groups out in order to gain XP in the field. Some of their newbies get used to gather crafting gear or beat lower level monsters in order to keep the group funded. They tend to run afoul with the New World Alliance more than any other alliance due to their diametrically opposed approaches to tackling the world's problems.

Member Groups

Part of the Scale Emblem Alliance.


Heathcliff, Krusty, Asuna, Xander, Karoshi, Crim, Misa Takayama, Zorin, Kureba Gyaru, Ais Wallenstein, Soujiro Seta, Woden, Akikoji, Creed, Xenphia