Cait Sith

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The Survivors


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Quarter land-animals, Cait Sith are a people created through magical means during the second rise of the monsters by The Ninetails Dominion, in order to increase the survivability of its people - infusing people with the genetics of regular animals. They have since prospered on their own, and are largely found in the Ninetails Dominion - as well as creating small villages all throughout the land. They're generally considered tougher than humans, yet still suffer a slight sense of negativity towards them from said race: after all, the Humans made them, and they've since become equals, if not their 'betters'.

The Tale

The Cait Sith did not exist, until a ways into the First World Fraction. They were created by Humans through sheer necessity. The human race could not counter the immense number of monsters that would assault their walls. And without natural weapons or the ability to traverse the land in ways others could not - they were at a distinct disadvantage.

It was over those first ten years that the humans experimented on the dredges of human life as the monster attacks kept coming. Experimenting with beast genetics being forced into human beings. Until eventually, their experiments bore fruit. And from there, The Ninetail Dominion started to raise the numbers of Cait Sith exponentially, in order to raise their survival.

Cait Sith, humans with beastly anatomies - such as bear-like arm strength, or feline-like grace and dark-sight - were able to survive far more easily against the monsters. But they never came to be the Humans front line forces. Instead, they were those who simply had a greater chance to survive away from the walls of the Kingdoms.

And so they began to spread. Finding their own path within the world as the ‘survivors’ of the world. Capable of living far out in the lands, where even the nomad Salamanders no longer wished to live - they were the not the hardiest of the races, but the ones most capable of surviving and adapting on a dime.

And the moment the Adventurers returned, and their survival became easier, they looked towards the positions of the Nine Merchant Princess, and took hold with both claws and did not release!