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The Kingdom of Ancients

A group of territories loosely aligned by treaties. Ruled by the nobility, Eastal ultimately places great value on freedom and democracy, but like any government, those in power wish to remain in power, and the nobility clings to its might indeed. Eastal’s primary Wave element is Wind, emphasizing its democratic spirit and dedication to the principles of freedom. Its Root Town is Fort Ouph, the Watchtower. Its color is Green.


The Adventurers Arrival

The Adventurers' arrival to the Sylph, Gnome, Imp and Pooka region was the saving grace for the races of nature - especially with the Sylph now land-bound. None of them had been warrior-like races in general, though the Gnome certainly had ensured that they were better armed. They'd been forced to adopt some measure of fighting prowess by sheer necessity.

But with the arrival of the adventurers, who marched upon the monster lairs and cleared the fallen cities of the Sylph and Pooka, matters soon started to look up. The Imps,who had been forced from their floating city because of constant assault from winged beasts, finally saw a chance as well. The Gnomes, similarly forced from their underground tunnels, joined in a four-race alliance centered around these adventurers. Together, they finally would lift up onto Fort Ouph and create a fighting force capable of taking down the nests of the flying monsters, create a system to keep the monsters at bay, and formalized the Eastal Free League's existence. One member of each race would form the League Council to work together.

The Dark Times

When the Dark Times arrived, the four races of the Eastal Free League had been forced to get enough fighting experience under their belt. A whole new generation of warriors, led by the Four Eastal Heroes, kept Fort Ouph and its bottom Port safe. Thanks to the Eastal Free League having four heroes at hand, meant that they could actually clear some of the monster nests that caused the biggest problems.

Their nature-born cities, commonly found in the largest of trees, kept safe thanks to Gnome contraptions. Nests found before they could become a problem thanks to the Imps. Yet, never did they manage to make any headway into the dark and dangerous depths of the Gnome mines.

Day to day remained a struggle however.

The Return of the Adventurers

When the Adventurers returned, and the world changed once more with the third World Fraction, the Eastal Free League was elated. It was thanks to the Adventurers that this nation had come to be. And now, Adventurers were able to go into the Gnome mines on extremely dangerous missions to retrieve some of the Gnome furnaces and equipment.

The nations began to talk amongst each other, which was both a blessing and a curse. Old lore started to be recovered from some of the ancient cities, drawing the interest of their most senior archivists and archeologists. Most notable were the texts, speaking of the Tower that had erected at the center of the Yamato region.



The Eastal Free League is run by the League Council - led by one of each of the four races; Imp, Sylph, Gnome, and Pooka. On paper, they live in a full mixture of equality, aiding each-other; Each race making up for the others? shortcomings. The name of the nation-state is a current day misnomer, as - while initially a confederation, or league, by treaty - the government has shifted since. The Eastal Free League is a socialist, democratic, consociational chiefdom.

Lacking a strong economy, or powerful military, this government is focused on drawing what it can from the land through its mysticism and traditions. They use the information they find, their people, and their services, and their strong defensible position as bargaining chips amongst the governments of Yamato.

Opinion on Adventurers

The Adventurers are loved by the Eastal Free League public. They were the ones to bring forth this nation, and saved them from the monsters. If it was not for them, they would have all been annihilated. And as such, there?s a sense of absolute reverence. Though this sense is tempered by the leaders of the nation, who learned the tough lessons from the Dark Times that the Adventurers may not be around forever. They speak against codependency.