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Eirik Torsen


Race / Undine

Druid / Twin Blade


A self proclaimed Pirate Lord, attractive and charismatic, a ladies man and skilled with a cutlass. Eirik tends to wear black leather armor with a nordic looking sigil emblazoned upon it. A good brawler and a better sailor, has a love for the drink and has a taste for fine whiskey's and meads. The Undine man has a love for music and dance and watching the way people move when over taken by a diddy. Though he's no bard himself when he gets a bit buzzed or more he starts to sing old sea shanties. His first love is the sea and he will always return to her, no matter what he has going on, on dry land.

"Take What I want give nothin' back! - Eirik Torsen" - Eirik Torsen

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: Olympus Alliance
Kingdom: The Fourland Dukedom
Skills: Coffee Lover, Whiskey Conneseur, Mead lover, Rum fanatic, Leather Armor, Cutlass expert, Pirate Lord, Druidic Powerhouse.


Name Date Summary
One Day in Takamatsu 2022 June 8th
Pirate Meet Elf 2022 June 11th
Erufu and Eirik end up meeting in of all places. The port city of Carmina Gadelica Marina.
Air and Water... 2022 July 21st
They don't mix. OR DO THEY?
A Pound of Redemption 2022 July 22nd
Today at Eas 2023 June 17th
Appropriations, Acquisitions, and Appointments 2023 June 19th