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Eliza Wyndham


Race / Human

Bard / Druid


Eliza Wyndham hails from the pastoral landscapes of the Ninetails Dominion, where for most of the first year after the Apocalypse she lived on a farm owned by a Lander named Brynjar Iversen. She became known among the local farmers for her talents with animal care, her fondness for animals in general (especially her beloved Peko companion, Sunny), as well as her lovely singing voice, with which she often sings to the creatures in her care. Now, she works as a veterinarian under the employ of the merchant lord Lelia Mofur, one of the two sisters who lead the Tamers of Life dominion. Though she has done her best to assimilate into Lander society (being a firm believer that the Landers are just as much people as the Adventurers) and commit fully to her new life and identity, she is indeed an Adventurer- a Shepard to be precise, who takes that title a bit further than most by wielding a shepherd's crook as her signature weapon. Fond of exploring the great outdoors, she often takes on quests as opportunities to sightsee. She prefers to stay out of direct combat, instead focusing her powers on protecting and supporting others. She is a member of the Moon Tree Guild.

"This isn't the end of the story, it's the beginning." - Eliza Wyndham

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: New World Alliance
Kingdom: The Ninetails Dominion
Skills: Plucky Farmgirl, By Hook or By Crook, Peko Rider, Living the Story, Veterinary Instinct, Vocalist, Journal Writer, I'm Used to Milking Grunties So I Think I Can Handle This


Name Date Summary
Wave of Calamity: 9 2021 June 11th
With only 39 hours on the clock, the Landers' protectors move to prepare against the upcoming Wave in the Holy Empire Westelande, right over Kogushi, the port city.
Duty Session 318: Totally Typical Tomb 2021 June 20th
Landers don't leave bodies to bury, but graveyards are still created as a place for them to mourn the departed. For some reason these places are randomly becoming infested with undead. The Hunter's Guild has an open quest available for clearing these infestations.
Festival: Winter Peko Race 2021 June 23rd
The last Peko race of the year. This one is held across a frozen and icy landscape, challenging mounts and riders against the elements.

(Standard Peko Race Rules - Concepts: Water, Shield, Hunting, Fire, Animal Handling.)
Carnival Nights 2021 June 25th
The Carnival of the Night is back again, but this time it seems they are not putting up as large of a festive. No, it seems there are only a few. Some music, some food, and one lone tent.

The tent belong to a woman who can see your possible future by the roll of the dice. Do you care to have your fortune told? Or would you rather see if you can learn more about what this devious crew may be up too?

Come and make your path with the Carnival of the Nighht!

Going to try to wrap this up before the bigger scene in the evening, so no one feels like they have to make a choice. I also plan to keep this more on the social low-key, while combat 'could' happen, that is not my goal.
I'd like to ease back into things and see about getting players involved who haven't had a chance yet to fully interact with anything regarding Helena & The Forgotten.

Hope to see you all there!
Festival: The Wishing Tree 2021 June 27th
As the year begins coming to a close, many people are drawn back to the town of Alne. A massive tree has brought in, and Adventurers and Landers are invited to help to decorate it for the occassion. Many bring trinkets or special items of remembrance to hang on the tree. Bits of paper are also made available, for people to hang their wishes in the branches. (OOC: Open social, non-GMed scene.)
War in the Waterpocket 2021 June 30th
With the Trident's function discovered, and its activation secured, the New World Alliance team begins to move upon the Leviathan's coils in order to reach the gem hidden within the surrounded former kingdom of the Undine.
Winter Time 2021 July 4th
The Elf Archer is out and about doing chores about her new Inn when she gets a guest.
It's a Very Merry Isekai 2021 July 6th
In which Hifumi has laid out Christmas dinner at the IR to introduce Landers to Adventurer holiday customs and provide a free taste of home to Adventurers. Small Gifts will be handed out to the regulars.
A New Year - Tsushima 2021 July 11th
A new year begins for the Adventurers, bringing new stories, and new adventures. There are celebrations occurring in Alne, but a small group is attending their celebration at Tsushima Shrine in order to hand off a blue gem.
Duty Session 326: Reclaim the Peko Fort 2021 July 13th
Through the Hunter's guild the Peko Knights have put in a request for help. It appears that a small but key outpost of the Peko Knight's has fallen to Helena's undead forces. They are seeking a brave band of adventurers to help clear the problem, in exchange the Peko Knight is willing to loan out the outpost to the alliances, once it is clear.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Reduced danger from Helena's undead forces.
Festival: Bonded Heart Peko Race 2021 September 7th
Peko Racing is a celebration of the bond between rider and mount. The first race of the new year's racing tournament promises to test not only the mettle of those racing, but the bond between them and their mounts.

(OOC: Standard peko-race rules. Concepts/Challenges used: Handle Animal, Shield/Evasion, Sneaking/Dark, Fire/Tailoring, Herbology/Cooking.)
Festival: Sweet Tidings Fair 2021 September 10th
During the Bonded Heart Festival, there is often a fair which offers up delicious food, unusual sweets from around Yamato, and the chance to try your luck at a number of small games. It is a time to spend with friends, enjoying each other's company, exchanging gifts, or challenging each other in various tests of skill. (OOC: Non-GMed social scene with a number of small skill test booths for earning prizes.)