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Race / Pooka

Hunter / Blademaster


One of the three 'office folk' who decided to play together. The youngest member of a news company, she used to play in the tabletop games with Dowafu and Rizadoman, and became fast friends with them. She's the least experienced of them all, but often feels that her younger insights are just as valuable. She's a bit of a bookish girl, but she refuses to let it show within the world of Elder Tale Online. She's often at odds with Dowafu, in a friendly competition kind of way, and often gets far too much into her roleplaying of her character. She's also quite the social butterfly when she's not out adventuring and knows the Taverns of Yamato very well.

"I'm a two-thousand years old! So you should respect my wisdom!" - Erufu

Goblin Slayer


Additional Information

Alliance: New World Alliance
Kingdom: The Eastal Free League
Skills: Elf, Not Pooka!, Sniper, Hates Smelly Things, This Plan Is Unreasonable!, Refuses To Remain On The Shelf, Class: Ranger, Archer Tricks, Roll Your D20, GM Elf, Booze? Yes Please, Lore: Taverns, Closet Book Nerd


Name Date Summary
Obsidian: Clearing the Ruins 2020 December 19th
After the recent successful mission, a group of Adventurers have approached the mysterious 'Goblin Slayer', and have managed to convince him to help them clear an area of Ruins... of Goblins. Noting the sheer amount of Goblins reportedly present in this particular set of ruins, they've additionally extended the invitation to further members of the Hunters Guild.
At Home On The Range 2020 December 31st
Duty Session 180: The Tides of Summer 2021 January 10th
During the Summer Beach Festival, it is common for Landers and Adventurers alike to make use of the beaches around Yamato. It is rare to see monsters during this time of year, but it does still happen. Enough so that some people are stationed at the shoreline, ready to spot anything that might come from the sea. It is one of these calls to arms that has brought Adventurers to the shoreline, ready to fight.

OOC: This dungeon is only available during The Summer Beach Festival. This is largely a combat-based Duty.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Climb: The Floor 5 Boss 2021 January 17th
A good amount of time has passed, but the Fifth Floor has so far gone undefeated. It appears the Floor Boss escaped to battle room and is wandering the massive ruined city of Karluin - occupied by massive roving groups of Goblins. Luckily, thanks to Prophylaxis' negotiation tactics, the Scale Emblem Alliance has a new ally in their search to continue their climb.

And their new ally has a particular dislike for Goblins.
Moving In And Moving Up 2021 January 24th
Tracking a Tracker 2021 February 10th
NWA: Game Reserve - Monster Nest 2021 February 17th
Having found a Monster Nest underneath their brand new Game Reserve, the New World Alliance gets a team together to clear it out and prevent monsters from predating on their newly organized Beast Reserve.

Warning: This will be a smaller scene, during which we'll be trying to use the Card Combat system. New World Alliance only please.
Duty Session 226: Goblins in the Rotting Forest 2021 February 27th
A request goes up on the Hunters Guild board, paid for by the Eastal Free League's Council of Four. A region close to Fort Ouph, near where the Third and Fourth combined Wave was, Goblins have shown up - and they are not sure where they are actually coming from. Adventurers are being sent to investigate their origin, and to stop the Goblins from doing any further harm to the forest..

Difficulty:    High
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Success protects the Eastal Free League forest from dying off to a mysterious illness.
Elf Only Inn 2021 March 7th
A certain Elf Archer is scoping out a location in Shibuya for setting up a Tavern.
Festival: Light of Memory 2021 March 12th
Along the shoreline in Yamato, one of the most common ceremonies held during the Firefly Festival is a Lantern Lighting. Paper lanterns are lit and placed out onto the still water, hoping to bring the thoughts and prayers of their family and friends to those lost souls.

It is a time for Landers and Adventurers alike, to remember those who were most important to them and light a flame in their memory.

(Open social scene with only a GM scene-set.)
Hunters Guild Request: Missing Firelizards 2021 March 13th
An Obsidian ranked hunters guild request, put out in the Holy Empire of Westlande area.

The population of fire lizards near the monster town of anthome has suddenly plummetted. A party of 3-4 Adventurers are requested to investigate the cause of this population drop and see any connections to the monster town.

Reward will be given out by the hunters guild following quest completion.

(OOC: This will be a COMBAT SCENE Using the +card system. It is intended to be low-medium difficulty, so I will use boss level 2 or 3 depending on amounts of players who show up.)
Tavern Tourism 2021 March 21st
Duty Session 243: Karluin Reclamation - Town 2021 March 24th
Even with the defeat of the fifth floor boss, Karluin is still a monster-infested ruin filled with precarious traps, ancient dangers and just plain old fashioned half-collapsed architecture. Though dilapidated, the goblin settlement in the area is deeply rooted and will need a good deal of effort from intrepid Adventurers to clear out... But it'll all be worth it. Once reclaimed, the fortress of Karluin will be a second or third home for Adventurers making their way up the tower. It's not like they have much choice; the way up is right smack dab in the middle of the old fort, and leaving it to rot will just make getting to the sixth floor that much more difficult.

The long task begins with exterminating monsters still lurking in the castle-town surrounding Karluin's mysterious central keep. Only then can the walls be secured and progress can begin on securing the fortress' heart.

Difficulty:    Medium
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Free Karluin's Ground Level
Curing the Wood 2021 March 30th
Prophylaxis leads a team with the support of the Hunter's Guild and the Goblin Slayer Team to try and clear out the Goblins that have infested the region beneath the forest to the west of Fort Ouph.

> Completion of this scene will result in the closing of the 'Goblins in the Rotting Forest' Duty. So be sure to run it before then!
Obsidian: The Goblins of Mac Anu 2021 April 8th
With the Mac Anu treasure map completed, the Adventurers have finally gotten enough of an idea about where the Goblins under Mac Anu are coming from, and start approaching on their position. This is a two-part sequence of battles and will be prelude the last Obsidian scene.
Obsidian: Mirror Mirror 2021 April 9th
With the Mac Anu treasure map completed, the Adventurers have finally gotten enough of an idea about where the Goblins under Mac Anu are coming from, and have managed to get to the target location. This is a two-part sequence, and follows directly from 'Obsidian: The Goblins of Mac Anu'.
Fallen Star 2021 April 11th
Long, long after her trip through the Mirror and her steps on the Green Moon, Estelle finally respawns in Dun Loireag...
Festival: In Defense of Dinner 2021 April 17th
It was supposed to be a nice, outdoor banquet, with the Landers of the Fourland Dukedom celebrating along side their Adventurer counterparts. It was supposed to be a night of food, drink, and good cheer.

It was supposed to be...

Unfortunately, the local group of bandits have other plans.

(OOC: Combat focused Event. Card+combat style event with duty-like challenges.)
Duty Session 265: Karluin Reclamation - Keep 2021 April 22nd
With the goblin forces largely cleared out of the bulk of Karluin Castle Town, and without any means of penetrating the fortress' mysterious underground yet, the reclamation effort has now moved towards taking back the main keep at the city's easternmost side. But with the goblins backed into a corner, and their new leader surely commanding the keep's defenses personally, reclaiming the citadel will by no means be a small task. Still, the quest to clear Karluin at the Hunters Guild remains open, with a new list of terms promising salvage rights of the valuable loot hidden away within the castle's ancient coffers.

Difficulty:    Hard
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       4
World Rewards: Progress on freeing Karluin
Be Wary The Wolf Scorned 2021 May 2nd
Festival: Kitty Candy 2021 May 7th
In the Firefly Alley, within Dun Loireag, a single shop has been passing out a specific kind of candy for many years now. But recently, a fake product has reached the streets, and this 'Cat Cat Candy' that is being released by a mysterious second party is causing significant problems - poisoning people and lowering their trust in Kitty Candy. The Adventurers are hired to investigate.
To talk of many things 2021 May 10th
NWA Meet & Greet 2021 May 24th
An alliance wide meeting for those in the New World Alliance. To allow the new and old members to meet and put faces to voices from the chimlink . It will also be the time to make sure everyone is clear on goals and wants of the alliance.
    If you can't make it and have something you want said feel free to volunteer someone to be your voice by proxy.
Duty Session 308: Abandoned Springs 2021 June 4th
During the Hot Springs Festival, there are often times that new springs find themselves bubbling to the surface. Sometimes, old, abandoned locations can find themselves flowing with fresh, clean water once more. The Hunter's Guild has reached out to Adventurers about one such location, which seems to have attracted some unusual activity around it. They are looking for people to clear out any monster activity around the site.

OOC: This quest is only available during the Hot Springs Festival. This quest is exploration and combat-based.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Elf Bulding Noises 2021 June 14th
Erufu head to theck on the progress of the Green Dragon Inn and gets a guest.
Inn-ternal Matters 2021 June 20th
Erufu talks shop with another tavern operating Adventurer.
Elf Only Inn 2021 June 27th
Erufu's Inn is almost finishe and she contacts Shiruba to tell her the good news.
Winter Time 2021 July 4th
The Elf Archer is out and about doing chores about her new Inn when she gets a guest.
A New Year - Tsushima 2021 July 11th
A new year begins for the Adventurers, bringing new stories, and new adventures. There are celebrations occurring in Alne, but a small group is attending their celebration at Tsushima Shrine in order to hand off a blue gem.
A Distant Voyage 2021 July 18th
After making preparations, a group of Adventurers heads out by ship to try to discover a new land. There is no telling what sort of challenges they will face, or if they will even find their way, with a vast ocean stretching out as far as the horizon.

(OOC: First run of a new +duty. Largely focused on members of NWA who were part of the side-plot for the New Year. Aka. Jazuhanzu and friends. This +duty will open to everyone once successful.)
Bumpmapping 2021 July 21st
Jazz, maps, a new land. What could possibly go wrong?
Adventurers vs ??? 2021 July 24th
It's another day at the newly established Seeker's Landing as the Adventurers in the Palace Lands prepare to live up to their name by adventuring out into the unknown. However, before they get that chance, some uninvited guests show up at their camp. And they're none too happy about the Adventurers' presence.

    Combat scene using fairly typical boss fight rules. Naturally you need to have access to the Palace Lands (by completing the A Distant Voyage duty) to participate.
Quest for Water 2021 July 27th
Rizadoman and gang are setting out on an expedition to find a fresh source of water. Starting out from the camp they will be heading westward. Through new lands they will travel and hopefully they will find what they quest for.

Note: This will be ran like a duty, bring your top three cards that you think could possibly help you brave the unknown. If you want to attend you need to have run the ' A Distant Voyage' duty.
Would A Bird Sail In The Crow's Nest? 2021 August 8th
Duty Session 342: Reclaim the Peko Fort 2021 August 11th
Through the Hunter's guild the Peko Knights have put in a request for help. It appears that a small but key outpost of the Peko Knight's has fallen to Helena's undead forces. They are seeking a brave band of adventurers to help clear the problem, in exchange the Peko Knight is willing to loan out the outpost to the alliances, once it is clear.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Reduced danger from Helena's undead forces.
Elf and a Hero 2021 August 22nd
Erufu meetr up with the
Mind Your Keys and Cues 2021 August 29th
Duty Session 350: Obligatory Rat Maze 2021 August 29th
It has been a year of Adventurers delving into the underground of various cities across Yamato, seeking to eliminate the rat infestation that has caused so many shopkeepers trouble. After all this time, something finally seems to have changed. The shopkeeper's dialogue has changed, explaining that while repairing their cellars, they found a passageway into a deeper part of the underground. Since then, rats have been finding their way up through the previously sealed passage.

Now, they are seeking brave Adventurers who are willing to, once again, explore the tunnels beneath the city, in order to seek out this new source of rats.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
Festival: Shoot Down the Sun 2021 September 9th
On the outskirts of a village within the Palace Lands, at the edges of the Thor Kingdom, the Adventurers come across a man who requests their aid in 'destroying the Sun that rises to the West'.

(OOC: Standard Liminality +event of Mysteriousness)
Beneath The (Dome Of) Stars 2021 September 19th
Look what I got! 2021 September 26th
Allynna shows up with a new toy.
Duet for Elf and Nurse 2021 October 1st
Uta and Erufu meet to discuss musical matters, and possibly more.

Closed scene.
Monster Nest: Karluin 2021 October 4th
The Scale Emblem Alliance commit to their final assault upon the Karluin's Monster Nest, aiming to take down its presumed heart.
The Debut Duet 2021 October 10th
Placeholder, Merek and Uta will sing together with their music!
Festival: The Bun-Bun Trail 2021 October 28th
A winding trail follows into the hills of the Fourland Dukedom. The usual monsters seem to have pulled back, this time of year, replaced by an unusual spawn of Bun-Buns and Clucks. Adventurers have been sent to help collect eggs from this mysterious trail for the artisans of Yamato. But what else will they find along the trail?
Darts and Beer 2021 November 7th
Elf and Shiruba catch up over darts and drinks.
Where Everybody Knows you're and Adventurer 2021 November 16th
A night at the IR where in an Elf and a Shadowfist stop off for drinks and or dinner.
The Elf Only Inn Wait... 2021 November 21st
Erufu is just running her inn unaware of the storm that's comming.
Festival: Lights Against the Night 2021 December 12th
The usual revalry that comes along with the Summer Beach Festival seems a little subdued this year. There are no fireworks planned, with most kingdom-aligned mages reserving their mana for more important matters. However, that doesn't stop some people from trying to celebrate. Join them for a twilight evening, watching the sun set over the water and enjoying swimming, food, and comraderie in the brief lull before the storm.

(OOC: Open social scene. Bring your swim clothes. Have some food. Talk and share your worries and plans. Only Light/Limited GM interaction.)
Carry On My Wayward Song 2021 December 19th
Ever since discovering that Gwen's strange mood would medically inspect as Resonating with a Song, Uta has been obsessed with finding out more.

A bunch of discoveries later, the time has come for Uta to share her findings with a circle of trusted people. She has been reaching out to friends trained in Song (and/or have researched Strange Moods from a medical standpoint) and are willing to join her open research to crack this mystery.

OOC: contact me to see if Uta would invite you just in case, but if you've interacted with Uta in the past and you're trained in the Song concept (doesn't matter if through class, profession, or Relic), you almost certainly qualify automatically. Prophylaxis is also welcome because of his medical interest in the subject. While the scene is -ICly- restricted, I'm trying to keep it OOCly inclusive of everyone, newbies as well. Contact me (@mail/page/etc.) and we'll try to work out a reason for you to be there!
An Injured Undine Walks Into A Fort Alone At Night 2021 December 28th
Jazz finally makes it to Fort Ouph.
A Study in Landers 2022 January 7th
Tian and their companions will soon head out to explore more of Yamato, but for now, they have taken to studying the Landers and Adventurers. This may draw attention.
Festival: Lightning Storm 2022 January 13th
Liminality will run a scene on this date and time. Details to follow.
The Fox and the Hounded 2022 January 22nd
The increase in Adventurer activity near Shibuya did not go unnoticed, the Palace Land occupation forces increasing their patrols in response. A confrontation was inevitable.

The discovered scouts fled into the Game Reserve seeking cover in familiar territory. One managed to slip away from the group and get out a distress call before the party was harried into Combat status to disable chim links. But he also warns one of the Palace Land officers, Daiyu, was seen with the pursuing patrol.

Its up to you to find them before they pin down and finish off your ally party.

(Scene will be run similar to Remi's festival faux duties)
A delightful garden conversation 2022 January 31st
Celebrating the Successes 2022 January 31st
With recent projects finished up, a small group of adventurers find themselves going to Isekai Ryokan to celebrate over a pint, a meal, and good cheer.
War of Dragons: Mac Anu - Chaos 2022 February 7th
As a result of some of the Palace Landers having snuck into Mac Anu, chaos suddenly breaks out.

> Warning, high risk of Memory Loss.
Not Elf's Inn 2022 February 20th
With the Palace Land forces holding Erufu's Inn? She's taken to camping in other Inns such as the Dragon's Larder.
Jazz Breaks Erufu Again, Maybe 2022 February 23rd
Can Jazz break Erufu again? it's an open question.
War of Dragons: The Commune 2022 March 4th
An isolated commune of adventurers within the Ninetales Dominion has gone silent, no longer sending traders to the more populated cities of the Dominion. Palace Lands interference is suspected, but the Princes are reluctant to commit military force to what amounts to a scouting expedition. Instead, the Hunters Guild is asking for adventurers to investigate and, if possible, deal with the situation.

This is an investigation scene which may lead to PVE conflict, diplomatic negotiation, a stealth mission or other outcomes depending on what players choose to do and how skilled they are at their chosen tactics.
Training Camp 2022 March 13th
Elf is getting started on her Archery training but has set up camp for the night, she's also not alone.
Elfevensies 2022 March 15th
A Spriggan, an Elf and possibly a Lzrd walk into a bar. If a fourth individual joined our group to sing merrily and sell bears, we'd have a Bar Bear Shop Quartet.
War of Dragons: The Commune II 2022 March 16th
After scouting out an isolated commune of adventurers, a small group determined the commune to be under the control of Palace Landers. They have called in for reinforcements, and the Ninetales Dominion is sending a force to wipe out the enemy. There is still a small village full of adventurers under Palace Lander control however, and who knows what might happen to them before the army arrives? Or for that matter what would happen as soon as the military response is detected?

This scene is a follow-up to The Commune but new participants are welcome. The approach may involve stealth, PVE, negotiation, or whatever other method as chosen by participants.
Duty Session 451: The Phantom Colosseum 2022 March 21st
In the effort to clear out the colosseum on the phantom atoll, a party is formed and sets out to explore and fight on the island to try to help clear out the monsters there. Due to several monster nests on the island, it is likely to be a difficult fight ahead.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       4
World Rewards: Victories bring the colosseum one step closer to being cleared of its Sahuagin 'owners' and towards falling into Adventurer hands.
Taking It Eas-y 2022 April 3rd
Duty Session 465: Obligatory Rat Maze 2022 April 9th
It has been a year of Adventurers delving into the underground of various cities across Yamato, seeking to eliminate the rat infestation that has caused so many shopkeepers trouble. After all this time, something finally seems to have changed. The shopkeeper's dialogue has changed, explaining that while repairing their cellars, they found a passageway into a deeper part of the underground. Since then, rats have been finding their way up through the previously sealed passage.

Now, they are seeking brave Adventurers who are willing to, once again, explore the tunnels beneath the city, in order to seek out this new source of rats.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
War of Dragons: Fort Ouph 2022 April 12th
The various Adventurers enter into the depths of Fort Ouph, guided by one of the Landers, in an attempt to try and find the 'Old Man' of Breg Epona. They have the aid of a shadowy organization that has been looking into the matter the moment the matter of Mac Anu came out.

This is aimed mainly at New World Alliance, as they are investigating this Root Town, but there's open spots for people who can't make the other events.
A tag along 2022 April 22nd
While searching the market place, Viviene seems to have caught a tag along, among a gathering of adventurers.
Duty Session 469: For Whom the Bell Gnolls 2022 April 23rd
Recently, there has been a shift in the behavior of the gnolls who dwell within the forests close to the newbie leveling areas. They had always been a threat, but it seems as if they have started to change their tactics as a result of Adventurer activity in the area. They no longer strike only at night, meaning that the forests are now a dangerous place, even during the daylight hours. With a number of both Lander and Adventurer deaths attributed to the gnolls, the Hunters Guild has put out a call to thin out their numbers, in the hopes it might return gnoll activity back to normal levels.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce gnoll activity in new player leveling areas.
LOONS Assemble! 2022 May 1st
An irregularly scheduled meeting of the Loosely Organized Open Network of Students (we need a name with a better acronym...)

Open social meant to continue as long as people want to keep it going, so it's possible the scene might be going even a long time after the starting time (to accomodate different timezones).

OOC: Scene to discuss findings and Lore. Open to anyone who's willing to participate in the cross-alliance effort to crack the Alv Language with the main goal of getting the Chaos Gates working again. Other related Lore (especially about Song) is likely to turn up. The only requirement for taking part to the group is accepting the principle of open research with Responsible Disclosure (results deemed potentially dangerous will not be published for the public at large) and sharing of any information found.
An Accidental Meeting 2022 May 6th
Duty Session 483: Spinner's Deep 2022 May 10th
After the efforts of many Adventurers to finally clear out the creatures from within the mines on the Isle of Beginnings, the Landers are finally able to return to their work. However, the first miners have reported an unusual room within the first levels of the mine.

The room seems to be the source of the previous infestation, but now shows a strange glowing arcane circle that refuses to allow them to pass. The Landers have reached out to the Hunter's Guild, seeking capable Adventurers to find out what lies beyond this strange device.

What is certain, is that the spiders in the mines now known as Spinner's End, had to have come from somewhere. Danger lies on the unknown path ahead. Are you brave enough to face it?

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: None
A Meal After a Menace 2022 May 18th
Having just run into a big bun bun battle, some of the Adventurers meet up at the Isekai Ryokan for a meal and drinks to wind down.
Showdown at the Mac Anu gallows 2022 May 23rd
Rumor has it that those who did not escape Mac Anu are going to start being executed, a gallow has even been setup outside the Mac Anu wall. Perhaps a rescue could be in order, or does this just scream trap to much.
War of Dragons: Shibuya - I 2022 May 29th
The Landers and Adventurers prepare at the north side of the Eastal Free League and begin to prepare the road southwards in order to move a larger army for the coming assault upon the Land of Dragons' foothold in Shibuya.
Pirate Meet Elf 2022 June 11th
Erufu and Eirik end up meeting in of all places. The port city of Carmina Gadelica Marina.
War of Dragons: Shibuya - II 2022 June 17th
With the first camps established along the road to Shibuya, the Adventurer and Lander coalition have been reinforcing the supply lines. However, their work has been detected by the Palace Landers at this stage. A military buildup of this size was bound to be noticed. The Palace Land troops attempt to assault one of their reinforced supply line camps before the coalition can properly march upon Shibuya.
War of Dragons: Shibuya - III 2022 June 22nd
The Adventurer and Lander Coalition moves upon Shibuya, bringing to bear enough forces to stand against the foreign invaders - in an attempt to remove them from Shibuya. But with their advance having been detected, the Palace Landers are waiting for them. The battle is sure to be fierce.
Elf Inn The Return 2022 July 16th
With Shibuya reclaimed, an certain elf is trying to clean up and getting going again!
War of Dragons - Mac Anu III - Retreat 2022 August 3rd
As Mac Anu is returned to its rightful owners amidst the chaos of the 11th Wave of Calamity, the Guardians turn to aid the Yamatoans. The Palace Landers retreat. But a trap awaits them on the waters, designed to ensure that the Palace Land army will be weakened even further!
A More Challenging Foe 2022 September 10th
Meet the Landers: Li Gan 2022 September 16th
The New World Alliance, having retaken Shibuya, meet up with Li Gan after his assistance against the Palace Landers. Hoping to speak to him on the topic of further assistance.
Gamer Training 2022 October 1st
Fuka has discovered a new technique based on gaming lore, and shows it off to get others to try it! It's a silly-looking technique however... which means it's no surprise Fuka was the first to stumble on it... or of course it could be a prank.

Open social, no actual card-based techniques on offer. A mix of eager participants and skeptics would be ideal!
Getting Inn to It 2022 October 28th
Duty Session 525: The Deadly Caves Of Toxic Death! 2022 November 11th
The discovery: a long-forgotten system of caves packed with venomous monsters. The mission: the Hunters' Guild rewards killing or capturing the deadly creatures which lurk within. The rumor: it is said that the place is home to unusual monsters, and where there are unusual monsters, there are unusual drops?

Difficulty:    Easy/Moderate (depending on branch)
Rec Party:     3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce venomous monster activity in Westelande.
Duty Session 529: The Deadly Caves Of Toxic Death! 2022 November 15th
The discovery: a long-forgotten system of caves packed with venomous monsters. The mission: the Hunters' Guild rewards killing or capturing the deadly creatures which lurk within. The rumor: it is said that the place is home to unusual monsters, and where there are unusual monsters, there are unusual drops?

Difficulty:    Easy/Moderate (depending on branch)
Rec Party:     3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce venomous monster activity in Westelande.
Duty Session 534: Tomb of the Lost Emperor 2022 December 5th
A tomb awaits in a forgotten corner of the Palace Lands, which has relics of the past that could be very useful to recover. It's also rumored the tomb has fearsome guardians in the form of an undying army forged from the very bones of the world. What awaits those daring enough to delve into these depths?

Difficulty:    Medium
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Clear out threats in the Palace Lands.
LOONar Lore 2022 December 12th
Erufu has Lore to share. Involving a moon.

The scene is focused on Erufu and Uta, but it is open.
A Wind from the West 2022 December 13th
Duty Session 539: Isle of the Terraformers 2022 December 18th
Strange dark creatures have been reported by various members of the Hunter's Guild. These creatures seem to be drawn to the power of the Elements. However, these are no friendly creatures. They have been seen actively trying to do harm to Divine Beasts or other natural sources of Elemental Energy. The Were Fang, Mikage Yurei, has discovered the location which seems to spawn these creatures into the world and brought that information to the Hunter's Guild. Now, the Guild seeks Adventurers willing to delve into unknown Gnomish ruins to reduce the threat of these 'Terraformers'.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce 'Terraformer' activity. Increase capabilities of the Divine Beasts of Yamato.
War of Dragons 2: Within Kallamore 2022 December 19th
Yeowang leads a small group of Adventurers into Kallamore, wearing Kallamore-like disguises -- looking to see what life is like there, and what things have changed since the war in Yamato.
An Elf and a Horse 2023 January 8th
They go to talk music and more...
Duty Session 555: Sher Kar Challenge 2023 January 25th
The Holy Empire Westelande has a proud tradition, the Trial of Honor, where young people go into a nest, and those that come out have proven themselves to be stout-hearted and valorous. But recently, something has happened. It seems that somehow, giant ants have colonized Sher Kar - The Sher Kar nesting areas underground, and they are a threat to both Sher Kar - The Sher Kar and the Westelanders as well. So, a hunt has been organized through the Guild to cull these ants, so the ceremony can be held in its accustomed gravity. This is an obsidian-level quest for three or more offered through the Guild, Completion will make the site of Sher Kar - The Sher Kar ritual less dangerous to the Landers who have used it for their coming of age tradition for many years.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Westeland's gratitude.
Drinking Troubles Away 2023 January 29th
Darkness Roiling In 2023 February 5th
As part of her training in Dark magic and Nightmare power Kauchemar leads a party after a nasty shadowy fiend.
The Elf came back 2023 February 19th
Erufu, often goes out to hunt to stock the cellars of the Green Dragon and she just happens to run into a few people when she does this time!
Duty Session 574: The Doodie 2023 March 3rd
The Hunter's Guild has called for an exploration of the Alne Sewers. There are reports of various vermin emerging from the depths in unxpected ways! Pack your waders, hip boots, or a hazmat suit.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
Meet the Landers: Sword Maiden 2023 March 7th
Rizadoman returns to the Sword Maiden to report on his process in slaying some goblins.
Elf Goblin Hunter 2023 March 24th
Erufu has been missing for some time, she was last seen visiting the Sword Maiden and something possed her about a goblin. She has since been seen, just what is going on?
Not on the Shelf 2023 March 30th
Erufu is busy working the inn so she can not be on the shelf. She also soon finds there's a few people there who are not her employees...
Elf in an Inn 2023 March 30th
Erufu, the owner of the Green Dragon Inn, encounters Nyanta and Lunaris as she goes about her workday.
Grabbing a Drink 2023 April 9th
Green Dragon Drinks 2023 April 18th
Duty Session 611: Windmill Menace 2023 April 21st
The Hunter's Guild has issued a request for Obsidian and Porcelain (read: Junior) Hunters to investigate a disturbance in the Ninetails farmlands. Reports are coming in that some maniac is attacking a windmill claiming it is a boss monster.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party: 3+
Rewards:       2
Duty Session 612 - Windmill Menace 2023 April 21st
Duty Session 616: Minecart Goblin Edition 2023 May 1st
Those pesky goblins are proving to be a threat once more, this time within the Eastal region. Growing in numbers within a labyrinthian cave network, they need to be dealt with by taking out the various goblin lieutenants that guide them. Unfortunately, there's far too much ground to cover on foot. Fortunately, there is a minecart system that runs through most of the tunnels.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
Duty Session 617: The Show Must Go On 2023 May 5th
The great concert hall of Eas has hired adventurers to ensure the production (Autumn Petals) goes off without a hitch. According to the posting, it is simple security work. No theater experience needed. While little trouble is expected, the key pledge for any who would take the job is that the production must not fail, no matter what!

In this first-of-its-kind duty, three players (ideal size) will take on persistent roles in a musical and, along with a supportive cast (for additional players or NPCs), bring to life a classic tale of love that breaks all boundaries. So, hitch a ride to Eas and get to the Grand Theater because THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

OOC: This duty is best done with an active and highly responsive group, as what others do each round and some OOC ideating is likely to lead to greater enjoyment for all (and sometimes required!)

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
Duty Session 568: Goblins are Forever 2023 July 1st
The Hunter's guild has gotten word from the temple of law that the Goblin Queen from Karluin is attempting to reform their army near the Great Tree of Lios. The Hunter's guild has set up a staging area near to where the goblin's have taken up residence. The adventurers

Difficulty:    Hard
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce Goblin Queen's army in preparation for the final attack.
A Night At The Pub 2023 August 18th