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Professions are what allow a character to excel in another field outside of combat, giving them more ready access to participation in certain kinds of jobs. A profession can heavily inform the kind of approach you wish to take to certain roleplay situations. There's rumors of mysterious 'EX Professions' which are supposed to be special.

All characters begin with 1 profession at application.

Profession Grants Concept Potentials
Farmer Farming Herbology Physical
Trapper Hunting Capture Animal Physical
Animal Handler Capture Animal Handle Animal Physical
Alchemist Herbology Alchemy Physical
Miner Mining Metalworking Physical
Sculpter Woodworking Artisany Physical
Maid Cooking Tailoring Physical
Doctor Pharmacy Etiquette Physical
Messenger Song Etiquette Physical
Scribe Scripture Appraisal Magical
Blacksmith Weapon Forging Armor Forging Physical
Jeweler Accessory Forging Enchanting Magical
Friar Brew Divination Physical
Craftsman Construction Mercantile Physical
Ombudsman Law Negotiation Physical
Archeologist Cryptography Cartography Magical
Investigator Searching Ledgerdemain Physical
Tracker Tracking Searching Physical
Monster Handler Capture Monster Handle Monster Magical
Scout Searching Sneaking Physical
Thief Legerdemain Sneaking Physical