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  • Adventurer - A term for the 'players' of the world of Elder Tale Online. Historically defined by their ability to automatically resurrect.
  • Alliances - While a broader term normally, this is used to refer to the three larger philosophical Alliances that are born in the wake of the early events of the Apocalypse. A group of Guilds that work together and follow a certain charter - their guild leaders usually coming together to have meetings on moving forward.
  • Guild - An organized group of Adventurers under the window of the Guild function in Elder Tale Online.
  • Hunter - A member of the Hunters Guild. A common way to refer to both People of the Land and Adventurers who go out to slay monsters.
  • Lander - See: Person of the Land.
  • Party - A team of Hunters working together in a local area, using the Party function of Elder Tale Online to share XP and keep track of each others' status.
  • Person of the Land - A term for the 'NPCs' of the world of Elder Tale Online.
  • Raid - A team of Parties working together to a common goal, using the Raid function of Elder Tale Online. This allows the party leaders to keep track of each others' status.
  • Scrapped Princesses - Beings of great power, historically defeated by the heroes 300 years ago. In their dying breath, they cursed the land and brought forth the monsters.
  • Uncrowned - Adventurers (and Landers) who do not bear the 'Control Crowns' within the Palace Lands. Considered 'rebels' against the governments of Thor Kingdom, Rosenheim Kingdom, and Kallamore Kingdom.
  • Traveler - There are a small group of unique individuals who seem to call people of a certain Race one of their Children. Most of them live in Alne.