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The Hidden Blacksmiths


Dwarf Shaman.png

Original Seven. Short-ish, burly, with various colored hair. Basically dwarves and gnomes. Underground, Blacksmithing.

The gnomes, like the Sylph, aimed to remain out of the conflicts above. But, through the manipulations of the Scrapped Princesses, they were lured to the surface in war against the Salamanders. When the Imps eventually unraveled these political moves, they were the ones to construct the various powerful weapons and armors that led the heroes to victory. They joined the founders of the Eastal Free League. Contributed a Blacksmith Hero against the Scrapped Princesses.

The Tale

The Gnome are one of the Original Seven Races. The Gnome are a prideful and intelligent race that has always focused on the culture of the Craft. For generations, they were alone. At times, the Alv would come to their mines, speaking to them about their artifacts, exchanging some knowledge.

Eventually, when the Imps came to them and explained that the Alvs had stolen their ideas, it was easy to stoke their sense of pride and lift them onto the land and rise to battle the Alvs in the combined alliance.

When the Scrapped Princesses came, they used that same pride to convey that the other races vied for their things. And when the Salamanders came and raided some of their weapons and armors, all that was needed to be shown, had been shown.

When the Imps eventually came and showed proof of the lies and the ways in which the Scrapped Princesses had turned them on each other, they finally shared their equipment and weapons and spread them to the world.

However, this meant that when the Monsters came, dwelling in the underground, they were forced from their caves, from their homes. They were forced onto the surface and high up caves in the mountains. There, they met with the Imps, Sylphs, Pooka and formed The Eastal Free League. Together with the Adventurers of those days, they recovered some of their old ways from the mines and underground cities, and recovered weapons and armors and techniques and metals… and they would come to aid in building the world’s armaments. But even now, those dangerous mines are domain of powerful monsters.

Now, on the floating city of Fort Ouph, their furnaces burn.