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Grandeur is a guild of merchants and social elites that permit newbies into their guild under a journeyman system similar to the medieval crafting guilds of old. They form the deepest of relations with the various kingdoms, and have an elite standing 'army' of members to protect their investments throughout the world of Elder Tale Online. Internally, they are known to be hierarchical in nature to their social interactions.

On a day to day basis, the Grandeur guild tends to play heavily into the mercantile and politics, and try to keep within the world's laws as to not disrupt the balance established by the People of the Land. They tend to get along rather badly with the Scale Emblem members that try to push hard on the Landers through political and economical might - especially as the climbs tend to endanger the Landers' holdings and economic stability.

Member Groups

Part of the New World Alliance.


Giganpor, Shiroe, Merek, Akatsuki, Cyrus, Bear, Mimiru, Hifumi, Rory Ejinn, Miho, Leona, Kuroyuri, Naniko, Lunaris, Brann, Shiroibara Natsume, Rhi, Allie, Prince Rafferty