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The Hunters Guild is a non-partisan organization that was established by the various kingdoms working together in the wake of the monster plague beginning. It has a long history, sometimes wrought with political strife, but has managed to come out on top due to the critical function it serves.

The various Kingdoms have difficulty aiming their armies at smaller problems throughout the lands. And while their Heroes tend to tackle smaller problems with the speed needed, there are only so many of them. As such, the Hunters Guild provides a skill-based curated list of quests to those willing to take up arms and solve problems.

Inside larger settlements, this may be something like cleaning out rats, or collecting herbs. But it's not rare for requests to come in to take out a growing new nest of Dire Wolves, or to check out the kidnappings in an outlying region.

Curated Quests

The Hunters Guild curating process tends to be based on the insight of professional curators - often the branch managers and former high ranking Hunters Guild members - taking the requests from People of the Land. They mark them based on the Rank of a party of 3 Hunters of the same rank performing a task, and their ability to return with none of them dying; as such, the Hunters Guild is unlikely to pass out quests to 'slay' a Dragon, but it may give a quest to scope out its Lair or set fire to its eggs. It is possible for a Hunter to take a request one rank above their own, but such requests are first discussed between the Host on duty and the Curator on staff in a back room.


Membership to the Hunters Guild is an open process, during which the Curator personally interviews the member, and sometimes even spars with them to get a feel for their skills. With the new influx of Adventurers to their ranks, it has become more common practice to give three starting quests to get a feel for the skill of the applicant.


The ranks of the Hunters Guild are as follows, from lowest to highest:

  • Rank 10: Porcelain - The Entry Rank for both Adventurers and People of the Land.
  • Rank 9: Obsidian
  • Rank 8: Steel
  • Rank 7: Sapphire
  • Rank 6: Emerald
  • Rank 5: Ruby
  • Rank 4: Bronze
  • Rank 3: Silver
  • Rank 2: Gold
  • Rank 1: Platinum - Veteran Heroes tend to be rated at this rank.

Rank Promotions

Rank promotions are done through an interview process after completing enough sufficiently difficult quests. At higher ranks, a rank-quest may be given to a Hunter before they are allowed to proceed further up the ranks.