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The Midnight Blades



Original Seven. Demon-like features, small flightless wings, thin tails. Stealth, hidden.

Though not entirely trusted, the Imps were one of the most crucial races during the Scrapped Princess conflict, as they contributed an assassin hero, and managed to unravel the intricate plot that the various Scrapped Princesses created to set the various races against one-another during that time. They joined the Sylph in the founding of the Eastal Free League. They contributed a Rogue Hero.

The Tale

The Imps are one of the Original Seven races. They have been around as long as the world has known. Yet, oft they are considered the ones most shrouded in mystery.

A race of those who live in the shadows. Who watch with careful eyes. These are the ones who watched the Scrapped Princesses and ensured that their malicious plans would not come to be.

What the races of Yamato remember clearly - what the Imp ancestors remember - is the immense shift in the Scrapped Princess war that tore away the veil in front of their leaders. The Imps revealed the Scrapped Princess plans, and submitted their Hero to ensured the death of the Scrapped Princesses.

When the Adventurers came, they gave the Undine, Gnome, Pooka, all of them a place to found The Eastal Free League. Fort Ouph, as it was left behind by the Alvs - aiding in the push to eradicate the monsters that had pushed themselves from their pedestal.