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Kita Blackthorne


Race / Imp

Sorcerer / Summoner


A fashionable Imp with gothic flair, Kita seems to be the epitome of your typical black mage. She wields dark elemental magic using elaborate hand gestures. Despite her allegiance to Scale Emblem, she doesn't seem particularly interested in pushing the tower. Instead, she heads up the Lost Adventurer Network, an unaffiliated volunteer group which does artistic missing person posters. Trapped along with her girlfriend, Jurou, the two are known to adventure together. She can sometimes be found strumming random riffs on a lute which sound oddly like melodies from the little known J-rock band Prophetic Underground.

"We are kind of trapped here against our will, so excuse me if I don't fart rainbows of enthusiasm for the the place." - Kita Blackthorne

Elder Tale Online

Additional Information

Alliance: Scale Emblem Alliance
Guilds: Odysseia Knights
Kingdom: The Realm of Uruk
Skills: They Called Me A Witch, So..., Fashionable Black Mage, You Say Dark Magic Like It's a Bad Thing, Revealing Clothing, Anime Haircolor, Sketch Artist, J-Rock Guitarist, Goth Arm Sleeves, Lost Adventurer Network, Battle Couple, Sword and Sorcerer, My Alliance & Guild are My Girlfriend's Fault


Name Date Summary
Walkabout 2020 August 1st
Jazz can get a moments peace, can she?
It Points West 2020 August 3rd
Jazz makes a compass for Xander.
A Missing Proposal 2020 August 4th
Kita makes a proposal to the people at the top about helping to bring missing people back to friends and family.
Hairpin Theatre 2020 August 4th
A Little Too Friendly 2020 August 7th
Xander catches up with Kita to inquire how she is doing, only to find the Imp to be a bit 'too' friendly in his opinion. This will not end well.
Long Awaited Reunion 2020 August 9th
After almost a month of separation, Kita and Jurou find each other again. At last.
Climb: The Floor 1 Boss 2020 August 9th
Various guilds have gotten together, led by the Scale Emblem Alliance, with plans to raid the first boss of the Tower. Formerly, it was always possible to open the doors and scout inside, and report on what is there. As such, the first team moves in, in order to get scouting under way.

But the plan goes awry.

Warning: As the boss system right now is a heavy weight on the system, and we are still balancing things out, we will be using Concept Roll based combat for this go around. Folk will be given 2 Evasion/Shield Failures during this battle, and a 3rd one if they wish to wager a Memory to stay in the battle.
Another Day In Paradise 2020 August 14th
Field Quest: The Misty Ruins 2020 August 16th
        << A new notice is on the quest boards. >>

I am looking for three adventurers who like to go with me on a little expedition. There has been a rumor of a place that appears when the mist is heavy and vanishes as the mist leaves the land.

I don't know what we may find there, if anything, but be ready for anything.

        Xander Scaleharth

        << Directions are given with the note. >>

(( This will operate somewhat like a +duty, as such I can only have 3 people with me, so first come, first serve. You will require cards, but not a deck. If the dungeon is successful; As you can fail; Rewards will be given out by staff discretion. ))
Musical Accompaniment 2020 August 25th
Kauchemar, Uta, and Kita share a love of music in the lead up to Valentine's day. Gwen joins them for a chat.
Voices on The Wind 2020 August 25th
Day Out n' About 2020 August 26th
Field Quest: Travel To The Misty Ruins 2020 August 30th
News has gotten out of a mysterious place that opens up during the early morning hours. A ruined city hiding in the mists. Tales of possible treasure could be inside. Hidden mysteries of this unknown place. Then there is stories of dark spirits!

Are you brave enough to journey into the Misty Ruins?

OOC NOTE: Cards required, not decks. There is no limit to how many people can join this, so come one and come all!
A Simple Request 2020 September 5th
A Job Prospect 2020 September 5th
Gwen approaches Kita with the prospect of helping with her new shop.
Tournament Art 2020 September 5th
Zorin, Kita, and Wisteria discuss options for tournament advertisements.
Climb: The Floor 2 Boss 2020 September 6th
Adventurers are looking a lot more confident, having beaten the first floor boss. It'd been different, so they're prepared to send more people in this time. No doubt, this is going to be easier than the first time! So goes the theory.

The Scale Emblem Alliance once again leads the charge into another Boss Room, crossing the desert, expecting to battle Asterius the Taurus King; an enormous armored humanoid taurus.
The Jig with the Jug 2020 September 8th
Tournament - Signup Open 2020 September 14th
+scene/schedule Sep 13 16:30/Tournament - Signup Open=The Scale Emblem Alliance is hosting a tournament that will take place in Breg Epona at the Dragon Palace Arena - The Grand Balancing of the Scales. The tournament will be open to everyone. The week long signup period has begun and can be done at Hunters Guildhalls in the Root Towns of every kingdom.

The SEA HQ in Alne is a busy place and another location that individuals can come to signup for the tournament. In addition to the signup, the distribution of posters and advertisements continues along with various members working out final details and plans for the upcoming tournament.

((OOC: This is also the OOC Signup to become an MC for the upcoming tournament! Want to have some fun commentating other people's matches for an audience? This is your chance!))

((OOC: You don't need to participate in this scene to sign up for the tournament. Check full tournament details with +bbread Public/Scene Announcements/3))
A Working Workout 2020 September 18th
Tournament: Cyrus vs Jurou 2020 September 22nd
The first round of the tournament has begun. In this match, we see a fight between Cyrus and Jurou.
Field Quest: Misty Ruins Finale: All Hail The King 2020 September 27th
The adventurers have come to this place once more. The princess is in a crystal and locked away. The king of the lands is fully twisted by the taint.

The kingdom is crumbling into oblivion.

This is the final battle to set these people free...

... And open a new chapter to the story.

Prepare for battle Adventurers, for on this day, you fight the Tainted King.

(( Cards required, not decks. Open to all who can make it. This will be a straight up boss fight with defense and attack rolls. I might just fully GM this one, so no Xander (possibly). When this is done, a new adventure will open up, but those details will be explained at the end! ))
Of Border Walls and Slimes 2020 October 9th
Kita and Vertina work on repairing guard walls in Tolbana, but other arrivals derail the conversation onto slimes.
Scale Emblem Meeting: Advance 2020 October 11th
A few of the big names in the Scale Emblem Alliance are being called to join a meeting in Tolbana. The agenda is being kept on the downlow at the moment.

OOC: Scale Emblem Alliance event, social and on the smaller side. Come meet your Alliance Leaders.
Combat: They Came From The Mist 2020 October 13th
Fishermen and Hunters, rest by the sea. No concern do they have, no concern should there be. Though from the mist, growls do they hear.

For soon the Fishermen and Hunters fear they will be no more.


Calling Adventurers to arms! Come save some Landers from a dreaded horde of undead! Bring your axes, bows, swords, magics, and whatever else you can find.

There is some undead to crush!

This scene will be a combat scene. It will be using concept rolls vs the undead horde. There will be an HP Bar present to track everyone's health, along with the horde.

Any questions, do feel free to ask.
+Duty: Ezzo Rescue 2020 October 22nd
There is a last push to get the remaining refugees off of the Ezzo continent. The Landers are looking for Adventurers willing to help with the perilous sea voyage.

OOC: Max Party size 6 (GM Included)
Duty Session 110: Spinner's End 2020 October 22nd
The Landers in the Town of Beginnings seem to have a never ending string of trouble that comes their way. A few of the local Lander blacksmiths have complained that they are struggling to get the raw ore that they need. Apparently, the nearby mines have been overwhelmed with beasts and monsters, making it hard for the miners to continue their excavation efforts. It blips as an optional side-quest with a reward of improving the available resources in the Town of Beginnings.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Increases in mining efficiency in Town of Beginnings.
Duty Session 113: Bun-Bun Festival 2020 October 25th
Once a year, the Bun-Bun Festival brings with it a sense of cheer to the peoples of Yamato. The Landers prepare for a huge banquet, asking Adventurers to aid them in the task. It's bound to be a hopping good time. Right?

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Unusual Moods 2020 October 28th
Uta spots Kita obsessively working on her statue, only to realize yet another person has been taken over by this strange need to craft.
+duty: Slime Dungeon 2020 November 6th
GM-Run of the +duty Is It Wrong to Pick Up Slimes in a Dungeon? Running earlier in the day for those with earlier time zones. Would prefer to keep the group size to no more than 7.
Lunch and Learning 2020 November 14th
Kita and Goldenblade share a lunch, and a conversation about themselves and their lives.
Duty Session 131: Totally Typical Tomb 2020 November 18th
Landers don't leave bodies to bury, but graveyards are still created as a place for them to mourn the departed. For some reason these places are randomly becoming infested with undead. The Hunter's Guild has an open quest available for clearing these infestations.
Duty Session 141: Spinner's Deep 2020 November 27th
After the efforts of many Adventurers to finally clear out the creatures from within the mines on the Isle of Beginnings, the Landers are finally able to return to their work. However, the first miners have reported an unusual room within the first levels of the mine.

The room seems to be the source of the previous infestation, but now shows a strange glowing arcane circle that refuses to allow them to pass. The Landers have reached out to the Hunter's Guild, seeking capable Adventurers to find out what lies beyond this strange device.

What is certain, is that the spiders in the mines now known as Spinner's End, had to have come from somewhere. Danger lies on the unknown path ahead. Are you brave enough to face it?

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: None
Festival at the Dragon's Larder 2020 December 2nd
Alchemy and Brewing would not be possible without the abundance of herbs, grains, fruits and spices provided by the flourishing botanical world. So Vertina is holding a celebration at her newly established Tavern in Tolbana, the Dragon's Larder, to celebrate both it's opening and the Living Green Festival.

(A simple come-and-go-as-you-wish social RP, to celebrate both the tavern opening and the festival. A chance to get in some Festival RP.)
A future in the pawn of your hand 2020 December 2nd
Rocks and Relationships 2020 December 11th
Kita picks out some rocks for a project. Schneider is guarding the shipment. Uta and Vertina join in to socialize.
Gobi-Go-Boom 2020 December 13th
Xander wants to continue to see just how intelligent the Goblins are and if he can do a trade with them. Uta may have decided to go along to give the Goblins some Valentine's cheer.

This does not go as planned and they both may need some help as they get chased by the zerg of Goblins.

Yep. Just another day!

OOC - Will be using the Goblin NPC, though depending on how many show up, will depend if we will do concept rolling or actual combat, since I know that the boss mechanic is kinda broken past a particular point.
Duty Session 159: Still Water Bandits 2020 December 14th
With the increased trade between the various cities and kingdoms, the Lander traders have also been reporting an increase in Bandit activity. A group that calls themselves the 'Still Water Bandits' has begun raiding caravans and ships. This has caused a slowing of supply lines, as well as damage to the lives and livelihoods of the traders. They are seeking help from capable Adventurers to help clear out a number of bandit camps.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Increase in trade route efficiency
Duty Session 162: Undead Defense Force 2020 December 16th
New World Alliance along with local people of the Ninetails Dominion are attempting to protect the homes from the undead hordes that are trying to take over! Help defend their villages and push back the undead by successfully keeping the horde at bay.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Success slowly decreases undead presence in Ninetails Dominion.
Duty Session 167: Gnoll it All 2020 December 22nd
A powerful Gnoll has been reported as creating havoc within one one of the low-level Forest zones. The Berserker and his allies have been making things difficult for both Adventurers and Landers. This encounter seems to only appear at night. The Hunter?s Guild has posted an Obsidian-level Bounty for any brave Adventurers who can defeat Haggar the Gnoll Barbarian.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Duty Session 172: Goblin Scouts in the Field 2020 December 28th
A porcelain quest has been offered to the Hunters Guild. There's reports of Goblin Scouts in the Eastal Free League region, close to the ruins of a place called 'Shibuya'. The region is largely open fields, with a lot of tall weeds. But there's old roads in the region that still carry some people who go to that region to gather some special herbs that can't be found anywhere else. The request requires the disposal of these goblins.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
The Cream of the Crop 2021 January 7th
How can one avoid sunburns in this new world? It's easy! Just pretend you're salad!
Duty Session 188: For Whom the Bell Gnolls 2021 January 16th
Recently, there has been a shift in the behavior of the gnolls who dwell within the forests close to the newbie leveling areas. They had always been a threat, but it seems as if they have started to change their tactics as a result of Adventurer activity in the area. They no longer strike only at night, meaning that the forests are now a dangerous place, even during the daylight hours. With a number of both Lander and Adventurer deaths attributed to the gnolls, the Hunters Guild has put out a call to thin out their numbers, in the hopes it might return gnoll activity back to normal levels.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce gnoll activity in new player leveling areas.
Climb: The Floor 5 Boss 2021 January 17th
A good amount of time has passed, but the Fifth Floor has so far gone undefeated. It appears the Floor Boss escaped to battle room and is wandering the massive ruined city of Karluin - occupied by massive roving groups of Goblins. Luckily, thanks to Prophylaxis' negotiation tactics, the Scale Emblem Alliance has a new ally in their search to continue their climb.

And their new ally has a particular dislike for Goblins.
Duty Session 197: Goblins in Mac Anu 2021 January 24th
The sightings of Goblins have raised significantly within Mac Anu. Nobody has figured out the source of the Goblins yet, but the Hunters Guild is sending teams down into its sewers to lower its monster numbers and get an idea where the movements are coming from.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Reduce Goblin Presence in Mac Anu and unlock a plot project.
Impressionist Arts 2021 January 28th
Att Syne (and friends) travel up to Fort Ouph in order to explore it, and investigate the old ties to Imps in that region with the various works of arts and architecture that is in the region.

OOC: Generally open for people with Moonlight Artisany or are looking for related answers.
Duty Session 212: A Dark and Stormy Night 2021 February 7th
During the Storm Festival, it is common for Adventurers to gather indoors at a local inn or tavern. Any place to get away from the heavy rains and piercing wind. However, on one such Dark and Stormy Night, a Lander has come inside from the storm, bringing with them an unusual quest. They are tasked to brave the storm and face wind elementals in order to gather some strange alchemical ingredient.

OOC: This quest is only available during the Storm Festival. This quest is largely 'Combat'-concept based, with some minor uses of other concept types.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Duty Session 216: Is It Wrong to Pick Up Slimes in a Dungeon? 2021 February 13th
There are plenty of places in Alne that seem to have been left abandoned up until recently. The influx of Adventurers and Landers have caused empty areas of the city to become occupied in quick order. As the city is surrounded by water, it is also particularly prone to infestations of slimes. Landers are reporting that they are having trouble getting water into some areas of the city. They are asking for Adventurers who might be brave enough to face the sewers and waterways beneath the city to clear out some of the slimes in order to help get the water flowing again.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Increases in clean water availability in Alne.
Meeting the Landers: Mystery Spriggan 2021 February 18th
A mysterious Spriggan shows up in the middle of Tolbana to check out the community that is being built there - their presence making a 'splash' due to their unusual INSPECT information.

Note: A short scene meant for the Scale Emblem Alliance due to all of their work on Tolbana.
Duty Session 227: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2021 February 27th
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
A Little Comfort 2021 February 27th
Climb: The Floor 6 Boss 2021 February 28th
Adventurers continue the climb, and through the rather frustrating Maze that is the 6th Floor of Aincrad Tower. The roaming Boss that seems to walk the entire floor is getting scouted out, and the Raid Party has prepared to push on to the next floor.
Duty Session 231: Grunty Drive 2021 March 3rd
A porcelain quest has been offered to the Hunters Guild. A small consortium of Lander ranchers would like adventurers to drive their Grunties to market. The party will have to cover a fair distance, involving camping outdoors, warding off predators, and negotiating the sale of the grunties at the end destination. The request requires the delivery of the majority of the herd to the market town and their successful sale.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Festival: Shoot the Moon 2021 March 11th
An old diviner, considered too odd and 'mad' by some, requests adventurers Escort him towards a particular tall mountain within the Fourland Dukedom. He declares that, once a year, on this date, his telescope shows something absolutely amazing he thinks they should see.
Curing the Wood 2021 March 30th
Prophylaxis leads a team with the support of the Hunter's Guild and the Goblin Slayer Team to try and clear out the Goblins that have infested the region beneath the forest to the west of Fort Ouph.

> Completion of this scene will result in the closing of the 'Goblins in the Rotting Forest' Duty. So be sure to run it before then!
Duty Session 259: Karluin Reclamation - Keep 2021 April 15th
With the goblin forces largely cleared out of the bulk of Karluin Castle Town, and without any means of penetrating the fortress' mysterious underground yet, the reclamation effort has now moved towards taking back the main keep at the city's easternmost side. But with the goblins backed into a corner, and their new leader surely commanding the keep's defenses personally, reclaiming the citadel will by no means be a small task. Still, the quest to clear Karluin at the Hunters Guild remains open, with a new list of terms promising salvage rights of the valuable loot hidden away within the castle's ancient coffers.

Difficulty:    Hard
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       4
World Rewards: Progress on freeing Karluin
Climb: The Floor 7 Boss 2021 April 30th
Adventurers reach further up. Passing through the town of 'Monster Arena' into the depths of Wyvern Infested Lands, seeking out the dangerous twin Wyverns that are rumored to serve as the Floor Boss of the region, and blocking their move to the 8th floor.

Prepare your Switch-Axe, grab your Dual Blades, and leave the Insect Glaive at home because it's still not a viable weapon... it's time to slay some Wyverns!
Festival: Kitty Candy 2021 May 7th
In the Firefly Alley, within Dun Loireag, a single shop has been passing out a specific kind of candy for many years now. But recently, a fake product has reached the streets, and this 'Cat Cat Candy' that is being released by a mysterious second party is causing significant problems - poisoning people and lowering their trust in Kitty Candy. The Adventurers are hired to investigate.
Duty Session 286: Still Coast Pirates 2021 May 13th
After many raids by capable Adventurers, the Bandit camps along the shoreline around the Isle of Beginnings have all but been wiped out. However, the source of the Bandits still remains. A pirate ship has often been spotted along the waterways, taking advantage of the increased trade between the Kingdoms following the Apocalypse.

After a recent plunder of intoxicating beverages, the pirates are in high spirits. It is the perfect time for the Adventurers to sneak onboard and investigate the source of the pirate threat. The Hunter's Guild is offering a reward for such intel.

Note: This is a lighthearted investigation duty.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Improve efficiency of trade by waterways.
Climb: The Floor 8 Boss 2021 May 17th
Adventurers pass through the eight floor with very little resistance. The Gnomes telling them of the Tower that has had its doors remain closed.

What lies waiting for them within the climb to the 9th floor?
Meeting the Landers: Mystery Spriggan - III 2021 May 25th
The Mystery Spriggan has remained within Tolbana for quite a while now, awaiting the return of the beasts that chased them. But it seems the time has finally come, and the Scale Emblem Alliance is prepared to deal with the approaching creatures.
Duty Session 306: Escort Quest: Artificial Stupidity 2021 June 2nd
A Lander stands just at the exit of town with a familiar quest marker being offered. Apparently, they need to travel to a nearby location which requires traversing through rough terrain, filled with monsters. So, they have reached out to brave Adventurers to help guide them on their way!

It's just a simple escort mission. What could go wrong?

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: None
Climb: The Floor 9 Boss - Part 1 2021 June 6th
Adventurers continue the climb, and are faced by a massive wall that halts their way to the Tower's Exit to the tenth floor. They have all heard the rumors of the Dark Pooka Queen, but first they must pass through the gates to her domain, so they may reach the Floor Boss.
Climb: The Floor 9 Boss - Part 2 2021 June 7th
Past the wall lies the Pooka Queen. The troops enter her ruined castle, and seek to rise up against her so they may lay foot upon the dreaded Tenth Floor.
Climb: The Floor 10 Boss 2021 July 8th
The Scale Emblem finally storms the icy cave castle of the 10th floor boss. Various high ranking members of the Alliance are joining in on this first raid against the boss of the 10th floor, ready to put an end to the boss that has plagued peoples' minds for so very long.

Warning: Chance of character death and consequences is high on this one.
Capturing the Heart of Things 2021 July 23rd
Temp Desc
Labyrinth Forest: Baphomet 2021 July 31st
Setsuna and the crew enters the Labyrinth Forest in order to hunt the being known as Baphomet, in order to figure out the matter of his nightmares.
Fourth Floor: Missive 2021 August 7th
A missive reaches the Scale Emblem Alliance from the Mayor of the fourth floor town, Lord Roswaal L Mathers. It explains that he has to travel for a while, and that there has been a strange sighting of dangerous beasts around his mansion. He wishes for the Scale Emblem Alliance to safeguard the town while he is away on business - as a good faith gesture towards his people.
Meet the Landers: Mora Chester 2021 August 21st
Kita is visited by her mentor, Mora Chester, within the town of Tolbana, inspecting the city she protects.
Special Mission: Ezzo Investigation 2021 September 6th
Kita and her friend are sent on a journey to Ezzo to investigate an unusual occurence.
Tournament Battle - Jurou vs Syx 2021 September 9th
Seeking an Artist 2021 September 21st
Robert (aka SpritesHero) seeks out an Artist and reaches out to Kita.
Monster Nest: Karluin 2021 October 4th
The Scale Emblem Alliance commit to their final assault upon the Karluin's Monster Nest, aiming to take down its presumed heart.
Climb: The Floor 10 Boss 2021 November 15th
The Scale Emblem Alliance has been making preparations. Sending in some more scout teams, and gathering new allies in order to deal with the unusual battle at the floor 10 boss. They finally have come to a point they consider themselves to be ready... and move out.
Meet the Landers: Mora Chester 2021 November 26th
Kita returns to Mora Chester to report her findings.
Duty Session 390: Obligatory Rat Maze 2021 December 1st
It has been a year of Adventurers delving into the underground of various cities across Yamato, seeking to eliminate the rat infestation that has caused so many shopkeepers trouble. After all this time, something finally seems to have changed. The shopkeeper's dialogue has changed, explaining that while repairing their cellars, they found a passageway into a deeper part of the underground. Since then, rats have been finding their way up through the previously sealed passage.

Now, they are seeking brave Adventurers who are willing to, once again, explore the tunnels beneath the city, in order to seek out this new source of rats.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
Aincrad War Preparations 2021 December 10th
War is looming on the horizon, and Aincrad must be prepared.
Carry On My Wayward Song 2021 December 19th
Ever since discovering that Gwen's strange mood would medically inspect as Resonating with a Song, Uta has been obsessed with finding out more.

A bunch of discoveries later, the time has come for Uta to share her findings with a circle of trusted people. She has been reaching out to friends trained in Song (and/or have researched Strange Moods from a medical standpoint) and are willing to join her open research to crack this mystery.

OOC: contact me to see if Uta would invite you just in case, but if you've interacted with Uta in the past and you're trained in the Song concept (doesn't matter if through class, profession, or Relic), you almost certainly qualify automatically. Prophylaxis is also welcome because of his medical interest in the subject. While the scene is -ICly- restricted, I'm trying to keep it OOCly inclusive of everyone, newbies as well. Contact me (@mail/page/etc.) and we'll try to work out a reason for you to be there!
Duty Session 399: Karluin Reclamation - Town 2021 December 23rd
Even with the defeat of the fifth floor boss, Karluin is still a monster-infested ruin filled with precarious traps, ancient dangers and just plain old fashioned half-collapsed architecture. Though dilapidated, the goblin settlement in the area is deeply rooted and will need a good deal of effort from intrepid Adventurers to clear out... But it'll all be worth it. Once reclaimed, the fortress of Karluin will be a second or third home for Adventurers making their way up the tower. It's not like they have much choice; the way up is right smack dab in the middle of the old fort, and leaving it to rot will just make getting to the sixth floor that much more difficult.

The long task begins with exterminating monsters still lurking in the castle-town surrounding Karluin's mysterious central keep. Only then can the walls be secured and progress can begin on securing the fortress' heart.

Difficulty:    Medium
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Free Karluin's Ground Level
Shoot out at the Tower Entrance 2021 December 30th
People are going in and out of the tower every day. Merchants, refugees, adventurers just looking to get away from it all. It is just a casual day in June, where nothing could go wrong. Until it does.

OOC: This is scene where memories are at risk.
Duty Session 408: Sher Kar Challenge 2022 January 4th
The Holy Empire Westelande has a proud tradition, the Trial of Honor, where young people go into a nest, and those that come out have proven themselves to be stout-hearted and valorous. But recently, something has happened. It seems that somehow, giant ants have colonized Sher Kar - The Sher Kar nesting areas underground, and they are a threat to both Sher Kar - The Sher Kar and the Westelanders as well. So, a hunt has been organized through the Guild to cull these ants, so the ceremony can be held in its accustomed gravity. This is an obsidian-level quest for three or more offered through the Guild, Completion will make the site of Sher Kar - The Sher Kar ritual less dangerous to the Landers who have used it for their coming of age tradition for many years.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Westeland's gratitude.
The Weight of War 2022 January 16th
Kita has a long overdue conversation with Jurou about the their life in Elder Tale as well as the war facing Yamato.
War of Dragons: Amidst The Tower 2022 January 30th
Strange things are happening on the 5th floor of the Floor. Bright lights showing in the night. The Scale Emblem Alliance investigates.
Meeting of Shadows 2022 February 9th
Yeowang reaches out to Kita about a secret problem brought forth by their mutual secret connections.

(OOC: 1:1 scene unless others are specifically invited by one of the two parties.)
War of Dragons: Breach 2022 February 20th
The Tear of Ice breaches through from the Catacombs of Karluin, and manages to tear down into the Fourth Floor - entering the Domain of Rovia. The battle continues.
Instruction in Wood 2022 March 2nd
Shiruba reaches out to Kita for instruction on the art of woodworking.
War of Dragons: Tear of Ice 2022 March 31st
The month has expired, and the Whale upon the fourth floor is looking worse for wear. The Scale Emblem stands ready to try and make a final stand against the powerful Machina. But will they have enough people and plans ready to finish it off?!
War of Dragons: Carmina Gadelica 2022 April 17th
With the aid of Gilgamesh, Adventurers delve into the depths of Carmina Gadelica - not just to find the 'Old Man' thought to be hidden beneath, but also to turn Carmina Gadelica into a proper Kingdom. With Gilgamesh at the lead, this is sure to be an interesting event.

This event is open to all. Take note of the earlier time.
Nailing Down the Primum Mobile 2022 April 29th
Art will have to do until someone invents duct tape as part of a Construction strange mood.
LOONS Assemble! 2022 May 1st
An irregularly scheduled meeting of the Loosely Organized Open Network of Students (we need a name with a better acronym...)

Open social meant to continue as long as people want to keep it going, so it's possible the scene might be going even a long time after the starting time (to accomodate different timezones).

OOC: Scene to discuss findings and Lore. Open to anyone who's willing to participate in the cross-alliance effort to crack the Alv Language with the main goal of getting the Chaos Gates working again. Other related Lore (especially about Song) is likely to turn up. The only requirement for taking part to the group is accepting the principle of open research with Responsible Disclosure (results deemed potentially dangerous will not be published for the public at large) and sharing of any information found.
Climb: The Floor 11 Boss 2022 July 17th
In the hopes of forcing the matter against the Palace Landers, the Scale Emblem Alliance moves to try and fight the 11th Floor Boss.
Meet the Landers: S'yne Lokk 2022 July 29th
The Scale Emblem Alliance seeks across the newly unlocked 12th floor, hoping to find out what happened! Eventually, amidst the ruins, they come across a woman...
Search the Fifth 2022 September 13th
The Scale Emblem Alliance begins a search hoping to find something deeper and below the catacombs of the Fifth floor, hoping to find hints of what was once the Crystal Tower, or signs of the Tear of Ice.
War of Dragons 2: Break The World II 2022 November 12th
Weed's Project, did it get completed in time, or is this plan doomed to fail?!
Those Things that Weigh on Us 2023 January 23rd
Yeowang is missing someone and Kita offers to help, while struggling with her own internal issues.
Nerding about Fashion 2023 January 23rd
Gwen, Kita and others nerd about nerdy things, and possibly other things.
A Calling of Black Mages 2023 April 20th
In the Dragon's Larder, an artist draws Borywick and the two discuss ... sharing techniques while Asuna cooks and Lauren joins them.
Lessons in Darkness 2023 May 11th
Kita offers Dosbox some instruction on certain arcane magical techniques.


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