Odysseia Knights

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The Odysseia Knights are focused on finding their way out of the world of Elder Tale Online, and do so by thrusting themselves into battle, believing that any sacrifice is worth it to save the people in the world. They are commonly seen in the Aincrad Tower, as well as out in the high difficulty zones, throwing themselves at the problem with everything they've got. Where the Divine Dragons take a more support role, and the Aincrad Liberation army organizes into squads, the Odysseia Knights can be considered the 'irregular squad'. The guild with the people who enjoy making a real name for themselves while getting things done - to the point that some might suggest that if there isn't a problem, the Odysseia Knights will make one.

On a day-to-day basis, the guild is the most highly diverse group that looks to break the game over its knee in order to get out. The look for exploits, and spread as far out across the land as they can. They run afoul with both the Olympus Alliance and New World Alliance, as the Odysseia Knights diametrically oppose what both of the Alliances stand for.

Member Groups

Part of the Scale Emblem Alliance.


Kirito, Kite, Gardenia, Mistral, Black Rose, Mizuki, Klein, Jurou, Vespa, Taggart, Kita, Wisteria, Amalthea, Hisame, Vertina, Syx, Setsuna, Schneider, Ainkli, Bete Loga, Demonrose Honami, Oniblade, Elafidel, Llyn, Arioch