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It is important to note that these regions are heavily region locked. And due to how new Altimit is and the power of its security, getting around the region locks has not been possible to most, if at all, players. As such, one should expect to not know much about these regions beyond rumors and a few gameplay videos. Travel between them was impossible during the first year of Elder Tale Online, but there was a rumor that the new expansion was supposed to connect them.


[α] Japan Region: Yamato

The main region of play for this MUSH on the onset.

The area is based on the Continent of Japan, but has been split into multiple regions as separate islands, creating a unique experience centered around four massive kingdoms at odds with one another - while simultaneously forced to rely on each other in their battle against a massive monster invasion.

See all other theme files.


[β] North American Region: FM World

FM World is a Lost-Tech-Western styled region, akin to Wild Arms. It features higher technology than Yamato, like trains. In fact, trains are /the/ central theme, as they are the cities that run through the massive desert plains and occasional oasis areas. Zombies and other extremely dangerous monsters constantly threaten this realm. The capital of FM World is the City of Angels, a massive clockwork construct city that walks the desert with its enormous metal spider-like legs. People use steam-tech mechs on special missions. The nations are constantly seeking out resources and ways to survive, and will even raid each-other in an attempt to remain alive a while longer.


[γ] EU Region: The Ruins of Baal

The Ruins of Baal is a higher difficulty server that styles itself after the middle ages. It themes itself around demons and doppelgangers, exorcisms, and witch-hunts. It leans heavily into tales of Jean D’arc and the like, and the battle between two nations: The nation of Londonia and Franciscus. The region is one of the largest ones, and the back and forth winnings between the nations are enormous sieges. This region was hailed as the richest PVP region.


[δ] Latin American Region: Dark Water

The Dark Water region is built around large stretches of land interconnected with massive dark rivers from which evil monsters rise. An enormous monster the size of a small mountain walks the river, leaving behind monsters that grow on its back, causing a constant wave of preparation and battle depending on its movements. There are regions of the rivers known as ‘Gates’ that spawn more of them. Kingdoms rise and fall quickly in this land, some of them creating pacts with monster groups to live in a tense semi-alliance.


[ζ] China Region: The Palace Lands

The China region plays on the old Chinese myths, creating a sprawling land filled with high mountains and beautiful cities. Its focus is the battles between the various cities and city-states, while ancient dragons and their minions threaten the lands. This region has the least known about it, due to the China Firewall that was erected post-Pluto’s Kiss. But they were unable to deny Altimid and its influences, creating specific openings in its firewall to permit interaction. The Palace Lands host Chinese, Korean, and Mongolian populations.