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There are six main 'system powers' that stand central to the game world that can be picked up by characters through various means that will be made clear over the course of the game's plot. In general, a character holding one means they are excluded from holding any of the others.


The sources of these powers are multiple, but not all of them can be discussed without revealing much about the metaplot except for one at this time, as it related to our integration files.

Unique Item

A Power can be obtained by holding Unique Objects, such as Kite's Twilight Bracelet: granting him the power of Data Drain.


A Power can be granted by a being that is able to make such a connection with a person.

Notes on Power Use

In general, it's best to make sure a GM is available. Overuse and abuse of a Power Path can have negative effects ICly. In general, a Power Path's power can remain 'active' for as long as the user focuses only on that power.

The Six Great Powers

System Protection

A Stalwart World
When chaos reigns, only System Protection can reinforce law where there is none. System Protection grants the user the ability to lock a piece of the world away from harm and alteration for a limited period of time for as long as they focus on that task, and only that task.
Innate: Once a day, can create a room-sized area around them to clear & protect against the effects of Power Paths that do not pierce protection.
Use: Activation is a DC 7 roll, with the DC going up by 1 each time it is used in a day. The moment a roll fails, the person is no longer able to use it that day.
Examples: Onna Shinkan


  • Protect Object: Protect an item from Damage and other Powers over a long time, or across multiple chosen targets. This is generally used out of combat to protect an object like a door, or a sword, from any kind of interference from the outside.
  • Protect Being: Protect a being from Damage and other Powers, over a medium time or across multiple chosen targets. This can be used to protect up to 3 people from damage, where the DC is raised by +1 for each person past the first.
  • Create Barrier: Protect a smaller area with a powerful barrier, protecting against Damage and other Powers for a short moment. This can be used to protect up to 5 people in a small area from damage, with a DC of +3.
  • Protect Place: Protect an area against other Powers. The larger the area, the more time it takes to set up and refresh the protection. This barrier cannot be easily moved.
  • Enhance Time: Enhance the duration of an Aspect.
  • Enhance Protection: Increase the Protection Level against Pierce Protection.

The Loremaster

The World Laid Bare
Sometimes, knowledge is the greatest weapon. For what lies hidden, may become seen only by you. Loremaster permits the user to glean knowledge that might otherwise be hidden, by understanding the data that underlies the world around them. They can discern Rumor from Fact, and Truth from Secrets.
Innate: Knows the reputation of a person or object as if they were an acquaintance when seeing them, as long as they are not protected.
Aspects: Know Being, Know Event, Know Object, Enhance Time Range, Enhance Distance, Pierce Protection
Examples: Shiroe


  • Know Object: Learn the history, creation, function, etc of an object.
  • Know Being: Learn the history, creation, function, etc of a Beast, Monster, Adventurer, etc.
  • Know Event: Know the cold hard factual information about an Event, though sometimes lacking the context.
  • Enhance Time: Enhance an Aspect's reach into time.
  • Enhance Distance: Enhance an Aspect's reach across physical distance.
  • Pierce Protection: Decrease the Protection Level that might resist an Aspect.


Change The World
Unlock places that were previously locked, and change the properties of existing objects. Hackers are able to adjust non-living objects and alter them in meaningful ways, or open doors that were once left locked.
Innate: Can touch an object and manipulate it without tools; locks, simple mechanical devices, etc.
Note: Objects can be anything with Integrity Power (Equivalent to an HP bar) or Physical Presence such as a Spell.
Examples: Helba


  • Enhance Object: Enhance an existing 'statistic' or 'aspect' of an item. A sharper blade, a spicier spice, a deadlier poison, a brighter light. Turn something to 11.
  • Modify Object Function: Change the function of an object, as long as it has a related function. Make a bomb into a mass heal, turn a sharp sword into a blunt one. Make a plank sink, or a stone boyant.
  • Modify Object Appearance: Change the appearance of an object. This changes all aspects of that object, from the sound it makes, to how it reflects light. Commonly used for perfect illusions.
  • Dupe Basic Object: Create a duplicate of an object up to a certain level of power. Relics cannot be duplicated.
  • Enhance Time: Enhance an Aspect's duration.


The World Trusts You
People of the Land are said to look up to those known to be legends in the world. Legends influence People of the Land in ways that others can not without significant work. They are not just 'well known' throughout the land, but garner innate recognition.
Innate: Any non-special Landers will recognize them and treat them as a Legend, showing them deference appropriate to the character.
Note: A Legend can target themselves as well.
Examples: Balmung


  • Enhance Being: Enhance an ability a being already has. In general terms, this means giving someone a +2 to a Concept they already have, temporarily. Due to OOC system limitations, this is not capable of being used in Duties.
  • Teach Being: Teach a being an ability they did not already have, even if the user of this ability doesn't know it, temporarily. Due to OOC system limitations, this is not capable of being used in Duties.
  • Imbue Sensation: Imbue a being with an emotion of sensation. This can range from 'Pain' to 'Fear' to 'Happiness', and lasts for a longer time than Command Being.
  • Command Being: Commands a being to act on a command. Depending on the 'risk' or 'threat to their sense of Self' is involved, they are more likely to resist. This generally lands for a short period of time.
  • Enhance Time: Enhance an Aspect's duration.
  • Pierce Protection: Decrease the Protection Level that might resist an Aspect.


The World's Speaker
Permits limited communication beyond the normal limits. The Oracle's role is the most mysterious of all. Seeing beyond what even Divination could possibly discern, and speaking beyond what a normal Chim-Link might pull off.
Innate: Can communicate with anyone they are aware of, and is willing and capable of communicating back, as if they had a direct Chimlink. Including Landers, Monsters, Beasts, Divine Beings, etc. Awareness includes uses of their Sense abilities.
Aspects: Far Sense, Future Sense, Historic Sense, Enhance Time Range, Pierce Protection, Enhance Distance
Examples: None

Data drain

Extract The World's Data
Battle ‘indestructible’ beings of the world, and take what data those around you carry by force. Those who hold Data Drain have historically been known as those who eradicate bugs and extract information from living beings directly.
Innate: Once a day, can see someone's memories by a mere handshake, if the target is unprotected. Including their real-life ones. Though the memory they get is not always the one they seek.
Aspects: Steal Memory, Seal Power, Level Down, Remove Corruption, Pierce Protection, Enhance Time
Examples: Kite