Rosenheim Kingdom

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A waterbound nation, Rosenheim Kingdom takes up most of the north-western part of the Palace Lands. It has a large agricultural community, and a large standing army, both naval and trained on land. It's most known for its strong architecture, its walls, and advanced tactics. It has a large population of Undine and Humans. Its root town, Naval Monte, is a massive in-water marvel of a city, with enormous walls and advanced canon emplacements, and is largely considered even harder to attack than Fort Ouph.

The Kingdom is currently ruled by Laira Lorelei, an Undine Queen.

Member Concept Potential: Water


Before The Apocalypse

The time before the Apocalypse is not well understood by most of the Adventurers of this region. But it's known that this Kingdom was part of a large war between the three controlling Kingdoms of the region. It is only recent that they've come to work together.

The Apocalypse

There are a few Uncrowned who escaped Rosenheim Kingdom during the initial event. In fact, the Rosenheim Kingdom was the first to act. In the early days, a lot of Adventurers were dying in the Rosenheim Kingdom. They sealed up the Church and flooded it, and employed Undine to crown the confused and disoriented Adventurers on respawn. Outside, they rarely actually hunted them directly. Instead, they let them die naturally to the monsters. It was almost subtle of a change. Many Adventurers who returned to the city uncrowned wouldn't even notice what was happening, before it was too late, and they'd be led into the waters or crowned in the evening.

Many have seen the Crowned Ones obtain an intense sense of 'love' and 'loyalty' to the leader of Rosenheim Kingdom; Laira Lorelei, believing her to be some kind of prophet. Many of the Crowned Adventurers here still remember their past, which makes them that much more emotionally dangerous. As it is easy for them to lure the softer ones back to their city and turn them as well. The Uncrowned have seen it happen. The Uncrowned have lost friends that way, and quite a few of them have hidden within the dangerous mountains to the east - in Camp Black, headed up by Weed. But they've come to understand that those from Rosenheim think that one day, there will be Adventurers who will come from the East who will 'destroy the world'. And now, the Yamato Adventurers have arrived, making it almost seem like perhaps… There is something to that prophecy. Especially with their victory at Yamato proving their threat quite real.

Root City: Naval Monte