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The topographical world of Elder Tale Online is a fragmented one, designed and built as it is upon the foundation of numerous small-time games that threw in their lot with Altimit in the wake of Pluto’s Kiss. Primarily utilizing the Half Gaea Project, each Elder Tale Online server is founded on elements of both its home nation and an ancient and obscure web-novel known as Epitaph of the Twilight, as well as generic “high fantasy” elements that were popular in MMOs before Pluto’s Kiss.

The primary setting of the MUSH is the Yamato Archipelago, within the World of Alba. A planet with two moons, a Red and a Green one. Based heavily on the real-world nation of Japan, it is an island chain comprised of six kingdoms: the Eastal Free League, the Ninetails Dominion, the Holy Empire Westelande, the Fourland Dukedom, the now fallen Ezzo Empire, and the recently established Realm of Uruk. Unlike the real Japan, however, these islands are arranged in a ring. At the center of the ring lies the mysterious Aincrad, the impossible tower. It is said that at the top of Aincrad lies the key to the universe, the secret behind all things in the world of Elder Tale Online, but no one has ever reached its peak and lived to tell the tale. The five kingdoms are locked in a difficult struggle, while the three guild alliances seek to impose their own vision on the world and acquire the secret of Aincrad.

The ring motif is repeated in several other places throughout Elder Tale Online, most notably the Chaos Gates - the spinning travel system once used to move from kingdom to kingdom. In the wake of the Apocalypse, the Chaos Gates no longer serve their original function.

Technologically, the Yamato region has not reached the age of Gunpowder and Steam Engines yet. It is still in a period before that time. Magic, Magical devices, and relics are not exceptionally common either, which is part of what makes the Adventurers so special within this particular region for their extreme prowess. Economically, it uses Gold and Silver for trade.

The Key of Twilight, said to be at the top of Aincrad, is rumored to be able to give some unique power to 'change the world'. And though the existence is but a rumor, its power is enough to draw people from far and wide.


The Ninetails DominionThe Holy Empire WestelandeThe Land of BeginningsThe Fourland DukedomThe Ezzo EmpireThe Eastal Free LeagueMapDraft1.png


  • Southwest: The Fourland Dukedom. A region of rivers and old cities.
  • West: The Holy Empire Westelande. A desert region of nomads and a growing expansionist Empire.
  • Northwest: The Ninetails Dominion. The largest region, known for its mercantile roots.
  • Center: The home to Aincrad and the Town of Beginnings, Carmina Gadelica. Now part of the newly formed Realm of Uruk.
  • Northeast: The Ezzo Empire. A region known for its flood lands and useless land filled with dangerous monsters.
  • Southeast: The Eastal Free League. A heavily forested area with lost old knowledge.


Each square is a bit over 10km in diameter and thus takes about 2 hours to travel ICly.

Palace Lands

Thor KingdomRosenheim KingdomKallamore KingdomBabel TowerSeeker's LandingPalace Lands.png


  • Southern Region: Thor Kingdom. A region of forests, mountains, great farming communities, and mercenaries. Home to the Uncrowned Camp White.
  • Northern Region: Rosenheim Kingdom. A region of plains and farms. A region separated by a dangerous mountain area. Home to the Uncrowned Camp Black.
  • Western Region: Kallamore Kingdom. A region that consists largely of desert lands and plains. Home to the Uncrowned Camp Wrath.


Each square is a bit over 15km in diameter and thus takes about 3 hours to travel ICly.