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The Graceful Ones



Original Seven. Light haired, light skin, elf-like ears, winged. Nature bonds, land’s bounty.

A race who beloved nature, and were considered peaceful and remained neutral during the Scrapped Princesses’ reign. But with the coming of the monsters, they were forced to take a stand. They are most thankful to the Adventurers that rescued them, and are founding members to the Eastal Free League to create a Bulwark between nature and the monsters. A sylph druid Hero aided in the defeat of the Scrapped Princesses.

The Tale

The Sylph are one of the Original Seven. For the most part, they were a peace-loving race throughout the centuries. They were considered friends to the Alvs, together with the Pooka. They cared for the forests and saw to nature’s bounty in the eastern lands. They saw to nature’s magics…

When they were told that the Alvs were aiming to destroy their forests and had been exploiting them for centuries - they were not ones to believe easily. But the Pooka and Sylph Heroes were more easily swayed in their desire for justice.

When the Scrapped Princesses came, however, the Sylphs and Pooka remained neutral. Their heroes were seen with some measure of suspicion due to what they’d done the Alvs and the plague that now walked the earth.

When the Scrapped Princess war began, they remained in their forests. They were plentiful. Loving. But their numbers began to decline. First, far-away regions had people disappear. Then, this came closer and closer to their central regions. Yet, the Spriggans never came to their doors. Instead, the Spriggans tore apart their Pooka friends, with faces of their former friends.

Eventually, their Hero departed from the forests, as the Imps offered them a chance to end the war for-ever. And so, just their Hero departed, along with their Pooka friend.

And on their return, the Monsters came - as did a curse that bound them to the ground. And their numbers already so low, their desire to fight so low, they were getting annihilated. But then, the Adventurers came. The human adventurers who used the Power of Resurrection to destroy the monsters. And with the Gnome, the Imps, and the Pooka, they formed The Eastal Free League.

At first, they were pushed back to the Imps’ Fort Ouph, until they finally joined the heroes and learned to fight. Their culture was forever changed in their alliance with the other three races. Once peace-loving, led by their heroes, they struck back at the monsters and begun to push them back.

And when the Adventurers disappeared the first time, it was thanks to their lessons, and the new generation of heroes, that they managed to survive in the Dark Times. The Sylph ensured that, when the Adventurers returned, they had a place to come back to.