The Divine Dragons

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The Divine Dragons guild is known as the guild that goes one step beyond the others. It isn't afraid to put pressure on kingdoms and other players to help the effort in climbing the towers, and in return, delivers results. They play the markets and politics, and are commonly seen more as a 'support' guild than most of the typical climbers. However, they are seen as indispensable for the climb's success, as the Alliance needs funding to run its raids and keep their people well stocked and armed.

On a day-to-day basis, the guild runs backroom deals, tries to spread influence, and tries to push Alliances out of their sphere of influence. They run afoul with both the New World Alliance and the Olympus Alliance due to the way they are ready to break things if needed to ensure everyone can go home.

Member Groups

Part of the Scale Emblem Alliance.


BT, Naobi, Thinker, Prophylaxis, Riveria Ljos Alf, Arianne, SpritesHero, Kuroyukihime, Daiyu, Tian, Shenmi, Gao, Taiyo, Kirara, Ameia, Dosbox