Thor Kingdom

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A Naturebound nation, Thor Kingdom takes up much of the South-Western part of the Palace Lands. It has plenty of towns and boasts a strong militia. It's most known for Agriculture, some unique guerilla style combat tactics by its mercenaries, and a large populace of Pooka - though it bids great reverence to the Gnome race. The Kingdom is governed from the largely underground Root City known as Dol Dona.

The Kingdom is currently ruled by King Potimas Harrifenas.

Member Concept Potential: Earth


Before The Apocalypse

The time before the Apocalypse is not well understood by most of the Adventurers of this region. But it's known that this Kingdom was part of a large war between the three controlling Kingdoms of the region. It is only recent that they've come to work together.

The Apocalypse

There are a few Uncrowned who escaped from Thor Kingdom, during the initial start of the 'war', if one could call it that. Yet, many remember very clearly what triggered it all. A few days after the Adventurers arrived and became stuck, they began to try and take over through means of Mercantilism and Politics. Potimas was welcoming to this at first, until one of the Adventurers decided to use his daughter for his maneuvering. This led to a conflict, and the murder of his daughter, Filimøs Harrifenas. What followed was an assault of the Guardians of Thor Kingdom, and the hunting of the Adventurers - too low level at the time to stop it all. They were hunted until some of them forgot even being an Adventurer. It is likely that some of their friends and family from this region seem to think they are Landers.

Many recall an adventurer suddenly showing up with the name of Filimøs Harrifenas - clearly having been turned by Potimas to replace his daughter as a punishment of the Adventurers. Many have been particularly hunted in this region, and have likely moved into the Eastern regions. The Uncrowned are as such always moving, and very careful around the far higher level monsters. The Uncrowned have been building up levels, trying to live in safety in this region, and using the presence of a mysterious 'Spider Goddess' to ward off Thor Scouts. Some of them moving into the ruined town between the bridge and the Seeker's Landing - at Camp White, led by Sophia Keren. But with the arrival of the Yamato Adventurers, and the eventual victories at Yamato, they've become more active.

Root City: Dol Dona