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Year 1 - The Beginning

January 1, 400: The Apocalypse

Adventurers online found themselves teleported to their home town, greeted with a strange sound (A in C Major). A short time later, a wave coming from the direction of the Ezzo empire struck everyone, leveling them down to level one, and teleporting them again, to Alne. There, they were met with the glowing form of a man, amplified huge against the sky. A man who explained that they are now trapped in this world, and must find the 'Twilight Key' and climb to the top of Aincrad Tower. Those individuals from the Ezzo Empire had a slightly different experience:

  • The Ezzo Empire: Adventurers online found themselves teleported to their home town in the Ezzo Empire: Lia Fail, greeted with a strange sound (A in C Major). Near them, in the mountains, a large cannon appeared out of nowhere, then blasted a dark 'wave' across the land that, on contact, stole their levels and most of their gear and money. Mere moments later, they were being told by a Lander known as 'The Bandit King' to follow him to safety, as the city and landscape began to warp around them. Buildings coming out of buildings, ground splitting open randomly, most of the people managed to get out; constantly evading 'immortal mobs'. Passing through a tunnel beneath the mountains of the Ezzo Empire, and moving a far distance to the south-west, they manage to make it through to a southern point of the island - just as a large 'shield' goes up to surround the Ezzo Empire and hold the Infection at bay.

January 5, 400: First Respawn

Despite earlier rumors, the first Adventurer respawn was confirmed when Reika appeared at the church in the Town of Beginnings. She claimed to have fled with the rest of the Ezzo populace, following 'The Bandit King', arriving at a shrine in the Southern Mountains. There, they were attacked by a monster called a Guardian, which glitched and used a laser, cutting her in half. She woke up some time later at the church, having her connection to Ezzo forcibly cut by 'The Bandit King'. She showed no serious side effects from the death and respawn, other than some disorientation. This event confirmed that not only do Adventurers respawn at their Root Town (or the Town of Beginnings for Outcasts), but that there is now a 24 hour waiting period between death and respawn.

January 7, 400: Ezzo Rescue Begins

After almost a week of concerted effort, gathering supplies and seeking the aid from the Lander Kingdoms, the Adventurers are finally able to take the first ship to the Ezzo Empire in order to begin rescuing those trapped there. The journey is dangerous, with attacks from fish-folk as well as the looming threat of Leviathans, massive sea monsters which can easily destroy ships. Those from outside get their first glimpse of the Ezzo Empire's chaotic landscape, complete with glitched monsters and terrain generation run amok. Only a few thousand were able to be rescued on the first day, but the boats continue to run, risking the lives of Adventurers and Landers alike in hopes of bringing all those that remain to safety.

January 5, 400: Foundation of the Alliances

In a meeting between various Guild Leaders, the prominent guild representatives decide to help guide players through the unknown landscape of Elder Tale Online using the new Alliance System which came with the expansion. It is decided that they will work closely together, forming three Alliances, built around different focuses and priorities.

January 22, 400: Tri-Edge Player Killer

An Adventurer was killed in the town of Alne, revealing that while it may have many things in common with a Root Town, that the city does not share the Player-combat restrictions. A man bearing a striking resemblance to Kite was seen attacking a woman. When her health dropped to zero, she didn't drop a tombstone, but instead seemed to be absorbed by the Player Killer. It is unclear if she was an Adventurer or Lander, however. Stepping in to try and help, an Adventurer was killed, but he did not suffer the same fate. Instead, he respawned at the church in the Town of Beginnings a day later, without any memory of a woman who claims to be his real-world wife.

The Player Killer was identified as Tri-Edge by his description. Haseo and other members of the Olympus Alliance seemed familiar with this infamous individual. What is known:

  • Tri-Edge was not leveled down during the Apocalypse
  • Tri-Edge has the ability to kill individuals, seemingly permanently
  • Tri-Edge has the ability to sap major memories from Adventurers upon killing them

January 24, 400: Food/Crafting Discovery

Following the opening of their workshop, Ikegai, Plant Hwyaden steps up it's game in regards to warning about shady guilds taking advantage of crafters. In an effort to foil the efforts of these groups, some of which may be hoarding both players and secrets, Plant Hwyaden under the authority of the Olympus Alliance representative Nureha, releases information to the entire playerbase through the Hunter's Guild and similar bulletin boards. It explains how, after the events of the Black Wave, ETO has become increasingly real. The rules we all took for granted are now under scrutiny. Including the crafting system.

Adventurers gain the knowledge that crafting through the menu commands will create items that lack a realistic feel or taste. In order to craft higher quality, more realistic items, including food, an individual must use their own physical actions to manually craft the item (called: Handicrafting).

January 30, 400: Aincrad Floor 1 - Boss

Lead by the Scale Emblem Alliance a party of brave Adventurers faced the boss of the first floor of Aincrad. Originally only Illfang The Kobold Lord, he was joined by Sickfang, a blue Kobold wielding a huge sling as a weapon. Focusing on Sickfang, the party seemingly triggered an enrage mechanic, causing the bosses to become more dangerous the lower their health fell. Upon felling Sickfang, Illfang's power also increased. The battle left the Adventurers on low health, but ultimately victorious.

The First Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Amalthea, Count V, Gwen, Kaydon, Kirito, Kita, Misa Takayama, Mizuki, Nureha, Shiroe, Wisteria, Xander, Zorin

February 03, 400: The First Wave of Calamity

After the defeat of the first floor of Aincrad, large, ornate hourglasses appeared in the Church of all Root Towns. The one in the Ninetails Dominion began counting down. When the sand ran empty, the skies turned dark, swirling purple portals appearing in the sky beyond the city limits. Adventurers and Lander armies banded together to protect the farms from what appeared to be a sudden Orc invasion.

Lead by Akumeiji of the Mage's Tower, a group of Adventurers sought the source of the invasion, tracking an Orc Shaman into the foothills. There, they were able to subdue the Shaman before his evil ritual could be completed. When the Shaman fell, the portals closed, the sky lightening as the Wave of Calamity faded.

The First Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Amalthea, BlackRose, Gwen, Hifumi, Kaydon, Mikage, Miyako, Mizuki, Nureha, Reika, Shaskur, Shiruba, Yuuki

February 25, 400: Aincrad Floor 2 - Boss

Deep within the desert, the Adventurers find a massive palace hall where they were met by Asterius the Taurus King and his army of Pillar Men. Armed with scouting information from Xander and details Wisteria managed to receive from King Gilgamesh, the team were prepared for a boss encounter where they needed to focus on defeating the adds before burning the main boss. The battle was fierce, but in the end, the Adventurer team was able to dispatch the Taurus King just before he got off a massive explosion attack that surely would have caused a wipe.

The Second Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Amalthea, Dareshetani, Dex Alruin, Giganpor, Goldenblade, Gwen, Kaydon, Kita, Merek, Misa Takayama, Mizuki, Prophylaxis, Reika, Wisteria, Zorin

March 04, 400: The Second Wave of Calamity

The Second Wave of Calamity impacted the Holy Empire Westelande, in the desert outside of Breg Epona. A massive Sandworm was accompanied by a number of beetles, splitting the party into two groups, each facing off against the different enemies. Eventually, one group was consumed by the Sandworm, having to carve their way out from the inside, while the other encountered a strange woman known as Glass, who seems to have something to do with the waves, and who vanished mysteriously.

The Second Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Amalthea, Arashi, BlackRose, Goldenblade, Gwen, Kaydon, Merek, Mikage, Miyako, Mizuki, Prophylaxis, Proteus, Reika, Seliana, Vertina, Yuuki

March 13-April 07, 400: The Grand Balancing of the Scales Tournament

Link: https://wiki.eldertaleonline.com/Grand_Balancing_of_the_Scales_Tournament

The Grand Balancing of the Scales Tournament was the very first tournament run in ETO. It was a single elimination tournament with 16 competitors from various guilds and alliances. It was hosted by the Scale Emblem Alliance in cooperation with The Holy Empire Westelande with the hope to draw attention to SEA for recruitment purposes.

GBoTS Bracket.png

April 15-22, 400: Two Floor Push

April 15, 400: Aincrad Floor 3 - Boss
After meeting with the local landers, the Adventurers discovered that the people of Zumfit have been dwelling in the tower for hundreds of years, a contrast to the empty city in the trees they had experienced before the Apocalypse. The group gathered intel on the Treant boss, learning of it's weakness and a hidden 'core' which made the battle far easier than some previous fights. The 'core', which seemed to be some sort of fungal infestation, went down quickly, the land returning to green in the aftermath.

The Third Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Amalthea, Atif, Goldenblade, Gwen, Merek, Mizuki, Prophylaxis, Reika, Rylen, Syx, Tenix, Vertina, Yuuki, Xander

April 22, 400: Aincrad Floor 4 - Boss
Fourth Floor Event Description TBD

The Fourth Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: TBD

April 24, 400: The Third & Fourth Waves of Calamity

Calamity Event Description TBD

The Third/Fourth Wave of Calamity was defeated by: TBD

May 1, 400: Undead Forces Assault Ninetails Dominion

Status: Temporarily Resolved

Smaller villages and trade caravans within the Ninetails Dominion find themselves under attack by undead forces. At first, people simply went missing, taken to some dire fate, but it later became clear that they were being changed into undead to add to a growing army. Three Vampires were at the heart of the initial attacks, but were thrown out as cannon fodder before the Adventurers after they failed multiple missions.

Someone is at the heart of these attacks, and the army only grows bigger, swelled by Lander losses.

June 29, 400: Trials of Honor Interrupted

Status: Ongoing

In the lands of the Holy Empire Westelande, it is a summer tradition to test the skills of their young warriors as a rite of passage. This year, Adventurers have been invited to witness the trials, but what they find is more than they expected.

July 9, 400: Aincrad Floor 5 - Boss

The fifth floor boss had escaped the battle room and was wandering the massive ruins of Karluin, already home to massive groups of roving goblins and worse. Luckily, Scale Emblem Alliance has a new ally, and he really hates goblins.

The Fifth Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Kazuma, Att Syne, Prophylaxis, Erufu, Kita, Amalthea, BlackRose, Goldenblade, Aqua, Wisteria, Rizadoman, Syx, Merek, Vertina, Megumin, Proteus, Mizuki, Darkness

July 11, 400: The Fifth Wave of Calamity

The Fifth Wave of Calamity impacted Alne, coming more quickly than usual. Lightning courses along the walls of the Tower and the sky is blood red.

The Fifth Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Merek, Att Syne, Mikage, Schneider, Setsuna, Kauchemar, Prophylaxis, Whiskey Sour, Yobi Kin, Proteus, Estelle, Kaydon, Gwen, Sunshine, Mizuki

July 19, 400: The Elephant in the Plaza

The recent Wave of Calamity put a huge hole in the middle of Alne's plaza. But a man wearing an Elephant Mask has appeared, lifting rocks four times his size and working on repairs and rebuilding.

August 10, 400: The Mystery Spriggan

A mysterious Spriggan shows up at Tolbana to check out the community that is being built there.

August 20, 400: Aincrad Floor 6 - Boss

The sixth floor boss roams the frustrating maze that is the sixth floor. The Adventurers are frustrated but determined to push forward.

The Sixth Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Merek, Setsuna, Amalthea, Schneider, Xander, Kita, Lin, Prophylaxis, Vertina, Yuuki, Mizuki, Gwen, Syx, Jurou

August 25, 400: The Sixth Wave of Calamity

The Sixth Wave of Calamity impacted Ninetails Dominion, a ways northwest from the Root City, over the farmlands.

The Sixth Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Giganpor, Kotono, Mikage, Rizadoman, Merek, Kaydon, Baroness Wake, Miyako, Yeowang, Miho, Hifumi, Prophylaxis, Estelle, Proteus

September 14, 400: Castle Eas: The Final Battle

Now-Baroness Wake leads a team of Adventurers to relieve the castle and defeat the Orcs and their Lord that have plagued that once-idyllic fortress.

October 18, 400: Aincrad Floor 7 - Boss

Adventurers reach farther up, passing through the town of Monster Arena into the depths of Wyvern-Infested Lands, seeking out the dangerous twin Wyverns that are rumored to serve as the Floor Boss.

The Seventh Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Setsuna, Kita, Syx, Michio, Goldenblade, Vertina, Gwen, Wisteria, Lin, Mizuki, Prophylaxis

October 22, 400: The Seventh Wave of Calamity

The Seventh Wave of Calamity loomed over the southern Fourland Dukedom, over the Rulid Kingdom, and on a very short timer!

The Seventh Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Merek, Kaydon, Mikage, Giganpor, Kotono, Arashi, Sasori Kuro, Amalthea, Miyako, Rizadoman, SpritesHero, Yuuki, Schneider, Miho, Kauchemar, Proteus, Jazuhanzu

November 6, 400: Aincrad Floor 8 - Boss

Adventurers pass through the eighth floor with very little resistance. The Gnomes that live theree tell the Adventurers that the Tower has had its doors remain closed. There is no hint of what awaits them beyond.

The Eighth Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: Vertina, Kita, Schneider, Gwen, Setsuna, Prophylaxis, Amalthea, Syx, Mizuki

November 10, 400: The Eighth Wave of Calamity

The Eighth Wave of Calamity loomed over an oasis in the southern part of the Holy Empire Westelande, and on a very short timer!

The Eighth Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Merek, Baroness Wake, Kotono, Mikage, Giganpor, Nami, Miyako, Yeowang, Miho, Kauchemar, SpritesHero, June, Kaydon, Proteus, Yuuki, Rizadoman

December 12-13, 400: Aincrad Floor 9 - Boss

Adventurers continue the climb, and are faced by a massive wall that halts their progress. The wall is not undefended, but the Adventurers must pass the wall to face the Dark Pooka Queen beyond.

The Ninth Floor Wave of Aincrad was defeated by: Schneider, Kita, SpritesHero, Amalthea, Vertina, Mizuki, Setsuna, Prophylaxis, Gwen

The Ninth Floor Boss of Aincrad was defeated by: Mizuki, Setsuna, Amalthea, Vertina, SpritesHero, Gwen, Kita, Prophylaxis, Shiroe

December 14, 400: The Ninth Wave of Calamity

The Ninth Wave of Calamity loomed over the port of Kogushi in the Holy Empire Westelande, and with only thirty nine hours!

The Ninth Wave of Calamity was defeated by: Merek, Miho, Mikage, Shiruba, Kotono, Miyako, Lin, Yeowang, Kaydon, Proteus, Eliza, Rizadoman, Wyldfire

December 20, 400: War in the Waterpocket

The New World Alliance begins to move upon the Leviathan's coils in order to reach their hidden goal.

December 28, 400: Aincrad Floor 10 - Boss

The Scale Emblem Alliance storms the icy cave castle of the Tenth Floor Boss, ready to put an end to the boss that had plagued peoples' minds for so very long. This does not work out as planned, but the party is rescued! They will have to come up with a new plan before they try again.

Year 2: The War of Dragons

January 1, 401: A New Year

New years festivals occur all over Yamato, bringing new stories and new adventures. A new showing of the mysterious old man announces that there are in fact more Twilight Keys than just the one known to be in the Tower of Aincrad - leading to an expansion of exploration efforts by the various Alliances.

January 6, 401: A Distant Voyage

After making preparations, a group of Adventurers heads out by ship to try to discover new land. There is no telling what sort of challenges they will face, or if they will even find their way, with a vast ocean stretching out as far as the horizon. Eventually finding the Palace Lands.

Soon there-after, the first wave of Adventurers makes land at the Palace Lands. The New World claims a camp and is named 'Seeker's Landing'.

January 23, 401: The Tower of Babel

Traveling westwards across the bottom of the Palace Lands, a traveling team discovers the Palace Lands#Tower of Babel.

February 22, 401: Discover Dol Dona

The travelers in the Palace Lands discover Thor Kingdom's Dol Dona for the first time. They are seemingly welcomed with open arms by the Palace Landers, though they notice some unusual things, such as there being practically no Adventurers in Dol Dona. Though they do find large new camps of Landers.

March 4, 401: Visit from the Palace Lands

Using absolutely massive battleships, the Palace Land people visit Yamato. Their first visit of note being to Shibuya, learning about the town run by Adventurers.

March 7, 401: Visit from the Palace Lands

The Palace Land people - members of Rosenheim in particular - visit Castle Eas in order to learn more about it.

March 9, 401: Discover Naval Monte

Taking a boat over from Dol Dona, the Adventurers discover Rosenheim Kingdom's Naval Monte. There's a plentiful of Adventurers there, and they all appear to love the ruler of the Root Town.

March 19, 401: Discover Naval Monte

Taking a boat over from Naval Monte, the Adventurers discover Kallamore Kingdom's Lumina Cloth - a technologically rather advanced city focused on mercantile and entertainment. There's a plentiful of Adventurers there as well, though they cannot own anything within the Root Town, much like in Naval Monte. Many of them appear to be Arena Fighters or go out adventuring as part of specialized combat forces. Others are dedicated to gambling.

March 6-April 6, 401: The Journey to Eas Tournament

Link: https://wiki.eldertaleonline.com/Journey_to_the_Eas_Tournament

The Journey to the Eas Tournament was the second tournament run in ETO. It was a single elimination tournament with 14 competitors from various guilds and alliances. It was hosted by the Baroness Wake in Eas castle in Fourland.

JTE Bracket.png

April 26, 401: Teratect Village

A group of explorers led by Setsuna discover a strange ruined city westwards of Kallamore, overrun by an army of Teratects: a spider-like monster. One of them remains hidden, but seems to be able to speak to the group telepathically and warns them to stay away, and curses them for bringing a great evil to the Palace Lands.

May 6, 401: Aincrad Floor 10 - Boss - Round 2

Scale Emblem Alliance has a plan and new allies. The feeling is that this time they can succeed!

The Tenth Floor Boss of Aincrad was defeated by: Setsuna, Amalthea, Kita, Vertina, Yuuki, Prophylaxis, Schneider, Gwen, Arianne, Mizuki, Taggart

May 10, 401: The Tenth Wave of Calamity

The Tenth Wave of Calamity strikes well beyond the borders of Yamato - near Lumina Cloth in the Palace Lands. Only a few Adventurers are close enough to get there in time. But they're not prepared for what happens! The Palace Lands suddenly turns on them, as a prelude to the War of Dragons!

The Tenth Wave of Calamity was faced by: Proteus, Rizadoman, Yeowang, Mikage, Shiruba, Merek, Miho

May 14, 401: The War of Dragons Begins

With an assault on Seeker's Landing, the Yamatoan Adventurers are pushed out of the Palace Lands. Thanks to strong tactical actions, their losses are minimal. And due to quick thinking, the Yamato area is forewarned.

May 31, 401: Sealing of the Vampire Court

With the approach of the Palace Lands coming for an all-out war, all of Yamato bands together to try and seal the Vampires of the Ninetails Dominion, slowing the undead assault temporarily, allowing them to focus. Spending valuable Relics in the process. Rylen becomes a Legend of note.

June 4, 401: War at Aincrad

The Palace Lands raids near Carmina Gadelica, going on the offensive.

June 12, 401: Shibuya Invaded

The player town of Shibuya, owned by the New World Alliance, is invaded by the Palace Land forces. Forcing a retreat of the Alliance out of their own township and allowing new resources to the Palace Lands. They're met with fierce enemies from Kallamore.

June 17, 401: The Uncrowned Arrived

A group known as the 'Uncrowned' arrive to Yamato, and explain more about what happened in the Palace Lands, detailing the Landers suddenly turning upon the Adventurers. In some cases, not fully unprovoked. They learn that the Landers of the Palace Lands used something known as 'Crowns' to control Adventurers and turn them to be loyal to their own Kingdoms.

July 17, 401: War at Carmina Gadelica Port

The Palace Lands continues their assault, attempting to take hold of Carmina Gadelica Port. Significant damage is incurred, but the Palace Land forces are repelled.

July 21, 401: Tear of Ice

An unusual occurrence below Karluin. A powerful proto-Machina is released by an unknown enemy, by the name of Tear of Ice. With its Black rating, it causes extreme devastation in the region. Scale Emblem is forced to retreat after doing some damage to it.

July 27, 401: Mac Anu Takeover

A sudden chaos breaks out within and around Mac Anu, as the Palace Landers manage to invade the Root Town. Instead of the Guardians protecting the city, they somehow end up turning on the Yamatoans. The Lander army of Fourland's Mac Anu and the Adventurers are forced to retreat. Mac Anu ends up occupied by the Palace Land forces.

August 10, 401: Invasion of Eas

The Palace Lands attempts to invade Eas. With Eas largely abandoned by citizens, the Adventurers are still willing to fight back. And after an extremely hard fought battle, and against all odds, Eas still stands at the end of the battle, forcing the Palace Landers to retreat to Mac Anu.

August 11, 401: Tear of Ice II

The Tear of Ice continues to be a major problem within Aincrad Tower, keeping much of Scale Emblem occupied. It somehow manages to tear through the otherwise considered 'indestructible' floor of the 5th floor, and gets to the 4th floor. There, after a long battle, the Major of Rovia finds a way to have the Whale devour the Tear of Ice temporarily.

August 14, 401: The First Uncrowning of Yamato

Scale Emblem Alliance, with a captured Palace Lander bearing a crown, manage to uncrown an enemy Adventurer. But they find this task to be incredible difficult to perform - making it seem like uncrowning the large enemy forces of the Palace Lands may not be viable.

August 16, 401: The Council

A large council is help in Yamato on how to approach the invasion and repel them. They learn that there are places beneath each city that 'control' the Guardians and the rights of the city. Plans are made to find these places beneath each city.

August 23, 401: Tear of Ice (Finale)

The Tear of Ice breaks out of the Whale, and Scale Emblem Alliance manages to put down the proto-Machina - which ends up getting 'absorbed' back into the tower by strange mechanical wires. This particular matter being over with, Scale Emblem Alliance's resources are being able to put towards the war itself again.

September 27 - October 21, 401: The Kunie

The Adventurers of Yamato discover beings known as the Kunie beneath the Root Towns, who control who is considered the 'ruler' of a region. With that, comes the control over the Guardians as well, along with other factors.

October 21, 401: The Realm of Uruk

As part of these discoveries above, Gilgamesh is crowned the king of the newly formed Realm of Uruk, with Carmina Gadelica as its city. The Outcasts of Yamato are automatically wrapped into this newly formed Kingdom.

November 21 - October 11, 401: Conquer Shibuya

The Adventurers of Yamato, with the aid of Landers and an unexpected set of allies, defeat one of Kallamore's most dangerous Crowned and retake Shibuya. Pushing Palace Lands out of a comfortable position in Yamato.

December 28, 401: Navy at Mac Anu

The Fourland Navy moves to cut off the Palace Lands from getting more supplies into Mac Anu, and begins setting up sea mines to cut off their retreat.

Year 3: War of Dragons - The Counterattack

January 1, 402: New Years

With hope in sight, people look forward to a change in momentum against the Palace Lands. At a particular showing of telescope, some people learn of 'movement' upon the Red moon of Alba. Suggesting there's life beyond Alba.

January 5, 402: Aincrad Floor 11: Boss

Taking a chance after a particularly spectacular Oracling of the future, Scale Emblem Alliance takes a chance on the 11th floor to create chaos near Mac Anu.

The Eleventh Floor of Aincrad was defeated by: : Setsuna, Prophylaxis, Syx, Mizuki, Vertina, Soujiro Seta, Yeowang, Kita.

January 8, 402: Breg Epona Raid

The Palace Landers make a raid upon Breg Epona, trying to secure their position within Yamato. But the Yamatoans are well prepared and resist their attempt to take over another Root Town.

January 12, 402: Karluin Dungeons Freed

The Dungeon Heart in Karluin's catacombs, on the 5th floor of the Aincrad Tower, is destroyed, preventing further monster spawns in the region. In order to do so, they defeat ancient prototype Machina that are even older than Tear of Ice - thanks to the efforts of Uta, Soujiro Seta, Prophylaxis, Tian, Gwen, Fukaziroh, Vertina, Syx, and Setsuna.

January 15 402: S'yne Lokk

Finding a devastated floor without life, Scale Emblem Alliance finds only one 'survivor' on this floor. A Lander suffering severe PTSD named S'yne Lokk. Generally only known by Scale Emblem

January 18 - January 22, 402: Free Mac Anu

A team of Adventurers gets beneath Mac Anu in order to free the Kunie that was Crowned beneath. At the same time, a big battle plays out aboveground - distracting the Mac Anu forces. And the moment the Kunie is uncrowned and the Guardians turn back to the side of the Rightful Owners of the Fourland Dukedom, the Palace Landers are forced from the city and made to retreat. A retreat most costly thanks to the Scale Emblem's mines planted in the ocean.

February 16, 402: Return to Seeker's Landing

The Yamato Adventurers retake Seeker's Landing in the Palace Lands, and start making contact with the rebellions in the Palace Lands thanks to their Uncrowned Allies.

March 25, 402: Spider Goddess

The Yamato Adventurers discover a strange being known as the 'Spider Goddess' at the edges of Thor Kingdom. They seem to be able to just barely be able to communicate with it - while protecting the town from the Thor Kingdom army.

March 28, 402: Lonfa Bale (I)

Rylen and Prophylaxis find out through Fremy Speeddraw that there exists technology to 'help' people such as S'yne Lokk and their fellow Adventurers.

April 1 - May 3, 402: Break the World

A massive statue to the Blind Goddess West of Kallamore's Lumina Cloth, creating an enormous zone in which the Crowns cannot function. This causes severe disruptions within the Palace Lands, and a more defensive stature from the Palace Land armies.

June 1, 402: Meeting of the Camps

The three Uncrowned camps, Black, White, and Wrath meet to discuss how to continue their battle against the Palace Land armies. Kallamore is identified as the easiest target, followed by Dol Dona and Naval Monte.

June 8 - June 11, 402: Eye of the Storm

Shipwrecked, a team of Adventurers from Yamato find a hidden 'city' called the Dragon's Eye, seemingly bearing notable structures from the real world's China. They find a Chaos Gate, and thanks to an application of Setsuna's Oracle skill, they manage to get it activated and return to Yamato. This is the first known activation of a Chaos Gate in 3 years.

July 10, 402: Preparations under Dol Dona

A team of Yamato Adventurers finds a route to get to Dol Dona's great underground gates, and creates preparations in case of an eventual assault on the city.