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The Ocean’s Trident



Original Seven. Small fins or scales. Gills. Aquatic themed. Water, exploration.

Formerly, they were the rulers of the sea, and were seen as cruel. They were a powerhouse during the initial monster invasion. But when the Time of Darkness came, so came great ‘Leviathans’ that annihilated their underwater kingdom. They were driven to land, where they joined their former rivals, The Fourland Dukedom. A lone dragoon hero of theirs aided in the defeat of the Scrapped Princesses.

The Tale

One of the Original Seven races. The Undine have existed as long as the world has, as far as the Undine are concerned. Yet, much of their knowledge was lost with the arrival of the Leviathans that now rule the seas.

Before the Dark Ages, the Undine race were their own people, collected around a single Ocean spanning Empire. They traded with those across great distances and cared little for the alien land-masses beyond.

At times, there would be invasions of the land, come for their many powerful artifacts of old and ancient knowledge. Raids for their libraries from the surface-dwellers, which only got worse during the time of the Scrapped Princesses; as even they wished to gain hold of some of their power.

During that time, the Undine halted invasions and began to tear apart any who sailed the ocean near - caring little for whether these were the damned Spriggans or the other boat-faring races. Yet, eventually, some Undine lifted up onto the land as the Scrapped Princesses managed to steal a powerful shard that would be used as a Catalyst towards the first World Fraction.

Their Undine Hero, Ischüdien Amphite, along with a small group of elite, joined the Eight Heroes and sought to annihilate the Scrapped Princesses.

Yet, at the end of that battle, the World Fraction was unleashed upon the world, and the monsters rose up from the land.

It would take fifty years after the First World Fraction, before the Undine race saw the wisdom in using the second rare shard to execute on a Second World Fraction, against the constant urging of Ischüdien Amphite. With that casting, came the Adventurers. And the Undine thought themselves saved. They continued to push the Fourland Dukedom from their waters, as they constantly invade, aiming to take another Shard from them.

It is during the Dark Ages, that the Fourland Dukedom halts its attempts, and creates a tentative alliance with the Undine instead. They move together to defeat the monsters that are becoming more prominent on the waters. But ten years later, with the sudden rise of Leviathans coming from the lands beyond Yamato, the Undine see their Cities and Empire annihilated, and are forced onto land. And in doing so, lose access to much of their old knowledge and artifacts.