Were Fang

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The Taboo



Humans with a tattoo on their neck, but can transform into an upright anthropomorphic/bi-pedal monster. Land, investigation.

Created during the first departure of the Adventurers by The Ninetails Dominion, in order to create warriors to defeat monsters - infusing people with the genetics of beastlike monsters. They carry a tattoo on their neck of their beast’s sigil.

The Tale

Where the Cait Sith were the first successful experiments of combining Human lives with beasts, the Were Fang were not long to follow in the Ninetails Dominion. They were, instead of being infused with limited beast genes, those instilled with the genes of the very monsters they managed to capture.

At first, it felt like they failed in their experiments. But those humans infused with monster essence would find that, after a bit of time of concentration, they could transform to anthropomorphic/bi-pedal monsters. Still human, but with more monstrous instincts and with great power to come with that.

Yet, some of those who were thought to be failures had already left the Kingdom. And thanks to the existing monster races like Werewolves and Werecats, the Were Fang got a severely bad reputation. To the point that people wondered if those amongst them secretly were Fangs or not.

Not long after the first Were Fang successes, they began to be branded when created. And now, those who are either created or born these days, all have this brand.

However, regardless of the distrust that came with them. The power and advantage they gave the Ninetails Dominion at the time was overwhelming. And the monsters would, from then on, have a far greater deal of trouble invading their walls.

Now, with the return of Adventurers, their power seems to pale against those immortal warriors. But they are still respected for their brute force and resilience.