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Xander Scaleharth


Race / Salamander

Crusader / Sorcerer

Holy Knight

Known as a PvP and heavy raid player, Xander gives no quarter in combat. He doesn't care if you are another player, NPC, or monster, there is no surrender in this man nor in his play style. He expects everyone to pull their own weight or get lost, though he does give some leeway to new players, and finds no enjoyment in PKing them. Another enjoyment is making brash bets for rare loot and high quality gear against other players in a pvp match. Either provoked or unprovoked, giving him the appearance of just being another PKer. Now with the inability to return to the real world, Xander's general behavior has not changed, but he has grown a little cautious and weighs his options more carefully.

"I am not perfect, but doesn't mean I have to accept imperfection. Push harder, get better, and don't ever surrender." - Xander Scaleharth

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: Scale Emblem Alliance
Kingdom: The Holy Empire Westelande
Skills: Iron will of scales, Living the dream, Dragon power, Military precision, Protect the people, Home is where the heart is.


Name Date Summary
Starting in Root Town 2020 July 11th
A peaceful gathering, in a normal game day.
Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? 2020 July 12th
Of new beginnings and people who didn't get enough sleep.
Duty Session 7: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2020 July 12th
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

(Note: This Duty has multiple possible paths/challenges/rewards.)
Ratbusters! 2020 July 12th
Bottle Of Jack 2020 July 12th
Another Round or Four 2020 July 13th
Meeting of the Craftsmen 2020 July 14th
That Cuts Deep, Man 2020 July 15th
Someone pushed the wrong button.
May Warm Sands Greet You 2020 July 16th
Floor 1: The First Push 2020 July 18th
Brave guilds, parties and soloers have been slowly poking at the first floor of Aincrad Tower. Progress has been slow due to uncertainty, low levels and a desire to avoid testing the Death theory. A wall has finally been hit where a larger push will be required to overcome it. As such, a strong, coordinated charge into the floor has been organized. Notices have been made. All Adventurers are invited.

Hellooooooo Adventurers! This is your host Misa Takayama. I'm going to be running a scene for the first major push into floor 1 of Aincrad Tower. THIS IS NOT THE FLOOR BOSS FIGHT. That will be coming later. But there will be fighting of mobs. EVERYONE IS INVITED. But I highly encourage to-be-eventually-formed Scale Emblem Alliance members to join in. It'll be a good hook for the formation of the guilds and subsequent alliance. After all, our whole alliance is basically focused on clearing the tower. But as I said, everyone is invited. I'm sure the majority of you have some reason to challenge the tower and the mobs inside.

It's unlikely to be card combat as I expect numbers to be too high for that... Though if the numbers do turn out to be small, I'm certainly happy to give a go at bossing in the card system. But I will try and come up with things to at least use dice rolls for.

I hope people will enjoy this!
Field Quest: Crab Tackle 2020 July 19th
** A notice sits up near the town of beginnings **

Are you inexperienced? Do you need helping getting xp? Want to also help your fellow adventurers, by making the "Landers" work for you? Just bored and want to kill something with people? Well here is just the adventure for you!

Meet up with Xander Scaleharth and we will be going over the basics of combat, killing some crabs, and brining back some crab meat to have a specific lander in a kitchen cook up some meat for some extra coin to boot!

See you all there!

** With directions written down, the start point is the town moving to the meeting spot on the beach. **

OOC NOTE: Deck is not required, just cards. We will be using the dice system. +help Card GM to read more.
Peace Within Chaos 2020 July 20th
Herbs & Spices 2020 July 21st
A Good Day For Fishin' Aint it? 2020 July 22nd
Welcome to the Overworld outside of Alne, where the fish are biting and it's a lovely day for it.
Lakeside Memories 2020 July 24th
Duty Session 28: The Ezzo Rescue 2020 July 24th
With the successful organization of a multi-ship fleet, it's going to take a long time to get everyone off of Ezzo Empire's island. It's not just a case of having to bring people off of the island, but also bringing enough food to make sure those that are there do not starve to death.
Just A Normal Day 2020 July 26th
The Calm Of The Forest 2020 July 27th
Duty Session 37: Still Water Bandits 2020 July 28th
With the increased trade between the various cities and kingdoms, the Lander traders have also been reporting an increase in Bandit activity. A group that calls themselves the 'Still Water Bandits' has begun raiding caravans and ships. This has caused a slowing of supply lines, as well as damage to the lives and livelihoods of the traders. They are seeking help from capable Adventurers to help clear out a number of bandit camps.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Increase in trade route efficiency
You Thinking What I'm Thinking 2020 July 29th
Fielding Some Downtime 2020 July 29th
Cliff By The Ocean 2020 August 1st
Walkabout 2020 August 1st
Jazz can get a moments peace, can she?
Tower Run: Crocman Patrol Control 2020 August 2nd
Patrols in the tower have located a patrol of crocmen that are camping out to close to the parameter of the town that everyone worked so hard to seize on Floor One.

While no one is sure what these Crocmen are planning, Xander has decided that he won't let them push any closer than they have and will force the crocs to think a bit more carefully on their choices of camping locations; Or getting any bright ideas about pushing back in!

As such, a notice goes out to any willing adventurers to join in taking out this Crocman Camp and any of their patrols in the area.

OOC NOTE: This will be a Concept Rolled Event. No Deck required, just cards.
It Points West 2020 August 3rd
Jazz makes a compass for Xander.
Duty Session 58: Goblin Scouts in the Field 2020 August 3rd
A porcelain quest has been offered to the Hunters Guild. There's reports of Goblin Scouts in the Eastal Free League region, close to the ruins of a place called 'Shibuya'. The region is largely open fields, with a lot of tall weeds. But there's old roads in the region that still carry some people who go to that region to gather some special herbs that can't be found anywhere else. The request requires the disposal of these goblins.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Field Quest: The Cave Of Unknown Treasures 2020 August 5th
        << A notice is posted >>

Looking for three (3) willing adventurers to dive into a cave located near the beach. Dangers unknown. Possible treasure to be found.

If the treasure is real, what we divy out will be yours to keep, but most importantly, at least folks will gain some experience points!

        << Signed by Xander Scaleharth >>

OOC NOTE: This will be a GMed event, using concept rolls. No decks required. I can only take 3 people for this event, so first come, will be first serve. Also might be a reward by the end of this scene, though what that might be is up to staff agreement & discretion.
A Little Too Friendly 2020 August 7th
Xander catches up with Kita to inquire how she is doing, only to find the Imp to be a bit 'too' friendly in his opinion. This will not end well.
Grass Whistle 2020 August 7th
I'll Make A... Pixie Out Of You? 2020 August 8th
Climb: The Floor 1 Boss 2020 August 9th
Various guilds have gotten together, led by the Scale Emblem Alliance, with plans to raid the first boss of the Tower. Formerly, it was always possible to open the doors and scout inside, and report on what is there. As such, the first team moves in, in order to get scouting under way.

But the plan goes awry.

Warning: As the boss system right now is a heavy weight on the system, and we are still balancing things out, we will be using Concept Roll based combat for this go around. Folk will be given 2 Evasion/Shield Failures during this battle, and a 3rd one if they wish to wager a Memory to stay in the battle.
How many boars does it take... 2020 August 10th
Over The Bridge 2020 August 12th
Goodbyes Are Not Forever 2020 August 12th
Mikage explains to Xander that she's leaving to explore the world.
Another Day In Paradise 2020 August 14th
Never Forget 2020 August 15th
Of remembrance, odoriferous necromancy, and the looming threat of the Tide of Change.

Also, terrible puns.
Field Quest: The Misty Ruins 2020 August 16th
        << A new notice is on the quest boards. >>

I am looking for three adventurers who like to go with me on a little expedition. There has been a rumor of a place that appears when the mist is heavy and vanishes as the mist leaves the land.

I don't know what we may find there, if anything, but be ready for anything.

        Xander Scaleharth

        << Directions are given with the note. >>

(( This will operate somewhat like a +duty, as such I can only have 3 people with me, so first come, first serve. You will require cards, but not a deck. If the dungeon is successful; As you can fail; Rewards will be given out by staff discretion. ))
The Philosophy That Got Away 2020 August 18th
In The Wilds 2020 August 20th
Nothing Changes 2020 August 21st
In The Fields Of Gold 2020 August 22nd
Voices on The Wind 2020 August 25th
Day Out n' About 2020 August 26th
Taking a breather 2020 August 29th
Dramatic Tension 2020 August 30th
Xander awakens after a night of drinking to a new 'friend', who has learned a bit too much from his drunken ramblings.
Field Quest: Travel To The Misty Ruins 2020 August 30th
News has gotten out of a mysterious place that opens up during the early morning hours. A ruined city hiding in the mists. Tales of possible treasure could be inside. Hidden mysteries of this unknown place. Then there is stories of dark spirits!

Are you brave enough to journey into the Misty Ruins?

OOC NOTE: Cards required, not decks. There is no limit to how many people can join this, so come one and come all!
Square Talk 2020 September 1st
Internal Struggles 2020 September 3rd
After Xander angers Rylen, the two have an emotional talk about their shared trauma and maybe... just maybe learn from it?
Super Secret SEA Strategizing 2020 September 4th
Another regular day at SEA HQ
A Simple Request 2020 September 5th
Morning Time Blues 2020 September 5th
Field Quest: Caravan Escort 2020 September 6th
There is a few Landers that need willing adventurers to aid them! They need escorts to walk alongside their caravans from Carmina Gadelica Marina to Alne, as they move supplies from one town to the other.

With the rumor of possible goblins, Gnolls, and bandits about, these landers don't want to take any chances.

Will to you be willing to aid in the escort question for a possible reward in the end, along with some silver?

((OOC Note: Cards required, not decks. No limit to participation, beyond need at least 4 to earn reward, as I will be focusing on DMing (aka Xander won't be there), but I can handle more than just 4. Any questions, please feel free to contact me in advance. ))
Heartstopping Performance 2020 September 7th
Xander visits the makeshift 'circus' set up by Rylen, and witnesses Uta's debut performance. Which doesn't go quite as planned.
Standing on The Bridge 2020 September 8th
Meeting the Landers: Mizufa Trude 2020 September 11th
A few Adventurers find their way to one of the massive Colloseums within Breg Epona, and meet with one of the most important Generals of the Empire.

OOC: For people who have Mizufa Trude as their Patron, or have specific goals regarding her.
Morning Desert Sun 2020 September 11th
Duty Session 93: Escort Quest: Artificial Stupidity 2020 September 12th
A Lander stands just at the exit of town with a familiar quest marker being offered. Apparently, they need to travel to a nearby location which requires traversing through rough terrain, filled with monsters. So, they have reached out to brave Adventurers to help guide them on their way!

It's just a simple escort mission. What could go wrong?

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: None
Blade In The Sand 2020 September 17th
Tournament: Goldenblade vs Xander 2020 September 21st
It's tournament time, as Goldenblade takes on Xander. Who will be victorious! Let's find out!!!
Beach Things 2020 September 25th
Dealing with Goodbyes 2020 September 27th
Rylen heads back to the Isle of Beginnings to check on a project, while Xander struggles with goodbyes.
Field Quest: Misty Ruins Finale: All Hail The King 2020 September 27th
The adventurers have come to this place once more. The princess is in a crystal and locked away. The king of the lands is fully twisted by the taint.

The kingdom is crumbling into oblivion.

This is the final battle to set these people free...

... And open a new chapter to the story.

Prepare for battle Adventurers, for on this day, you fight the Tainted King.

(( Cards required, not decks. Open to all who can make it. This will be a straight up boss fight with defense and attack rolls. I might just fully GM this one, so no Xander (possibly). When this is done, a new adventure will open up, but those details will be explained at the end! ))
Tournament: Xander vs Cyrus 2020 September 29th
The Grand Balancing of the Scales Tournament continues into round Two, with Xander vs Cyrus!
Broken Mind 2020 September 30th
Where Exhaustion Leads 2020 October 6th
An exhausted Rylen meets with Xander, who seems to be keeping his distance, despite Rylen's tired ramblings.
Fishing Is Relaxing... Right? 2020 October 8th
Field Quest: Trouble On The Farm 2020 October 11th
A local small farm village is having some trouble. Their livestock has been getting killed off at night and no matter what they do, they can't seem to catch the predator who is doing it!

So the farmers have got together their coin and have sent out a request to any adventurers who are willing to help. After all, if anyone can solve what is killing their livestock. It would be adventurers!

(( Make sure to have cards ready, cause here we go again on another duty-like crazy adventure! ))
Down By The Marina 2020 October 19th
To Feel Again 2020 October 20th
Xander lets down his guard and attempts to connect with Rylen.
Pleasant Awakenings 2020 October 23rd
Rylen rouses Xander to head out to Floor 3. And badly burns breakfast.
Climb: The Floor 3 Boss 2020 October 25th
Departing from Zumfit with advice from the Elders, Scale Emblem continues on their coarse to get out of this world and try to get home. With their people well over the level of the 3rd floor by now, they intend to push straight through and bum-rush the boss with extra forces, holding the information they need to take down Nerius the Evil Treant.
Ranch Work 2020 November 2nd
Duty Session 123: Undead Defense Force 2020 November 9th
New World Alliance along with local people of the Ninetails Dominion are attempting to protect the homes from the undead hordes that are trying to take over! Help defend their villages and push back the undead by successfully keeping the horde at bay.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Success slowly decreases undead presence in Ninetails Dominion.
A Little One On One 2020 November 11th
Morning Activities 2020 November 12th
Glitched Memories 2020 November 17th
Rylen gives Xander a heads-up on what happened during the boss battle, and how it influenced his memories.
A Momentary Breather 2020 November 19th
+Duty: Undead Defense Force 2020 November 21st
Ninetails Dominion is seeking the aid of Adventurers to protect their villages against the undead who seem to be pushing forward with their bold attacks.

OOC: Scheduled +duty run of Undead Defense Force. Max Party size: 8
Mood Ring 2020 November 22nd
Thanks to Chimlinks and Alliance members and friends, Giganpor and Uta get a meeting going in Isekai Ryokan along with some others as they discuss a few things!
Wiskey & Wine... But Probably Sake 2020 November 29th
Three Alliances Meet 2020 November 30th

    After meeting with the Undead Queen, Giganpor has chosen to share the information with the other Alliances besides just the New World Alliance. Among this is also the chance for all three Alliances to share information if they so wish besides just the Undead Army threat. Since it is a large group of people, Giganpor has secured Isekai Ryokan for the purpose of it.

    OOC: Social scene. Tentative date. Since it is after IRL Thanksgiving if people can not make it and want to be there, @mail Giganpor and he can reschedule. Time is earlier to allow people time and such due to IRL work. Can be even earlier if people want. Have at thee!
Soldiers and Demons 2020 November 30th
Just Another Day 2020 December 4th
Missure Fisher (AKA - When You Fail, You Still Need To Heal) 2020 December 9th
Gobi-Go-Boom 2020 December 13th
Xander wants to continue to see just how intelligent the Goblins are and if he can do a trade with them. Uta may have decided to go along to give the Goblins some Valentine's cheer.

This does not go as planned and they both may need some help as they get chased by the zerg of Goblins.

Yep. Just another day!

OOC - Will be using the Goblin NPC, though depending on how many show up, will depend if we will do concept rolling or actual combat, since I know that the boss mechanic is kinda broken past a particular point.
Long Time No See 2020 December 25th
We were like grunties in the night: inside a barn, surrounded by strange creatures.
One Night In Tolbana 2020 December 26th
Duelist League: Goldenblade vs Xander 2021 January 3rd
These Four Walls 2021 January 8th
Duty Session 181: Grunty Drive 2021 January 11th
A porcelain quest has been offered to the Hunters Guild. A small consortium of Lander ranchers would like adventurers to drive their Grunties to market. The party will have to cover a fair distance, involving camping outdoors, warding off predators, and negotiating the sale of the grunties at the end destination. The request requires the delivery of the majority of the herd to the market town and their successful sale.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Musing Shadow 2021 January 14th
Duelist League: Setsuna vs Xander 2021 January 17th
Goldenblade asks tactical questions 2021 January 21st
Two Tanks & A Bottle 2021 January 25th
Taming The Beast 2021 January 31st
Date Pending, as I need to make sure I have sunday off (not trusting my job atm). Should things go right, the general gist is Xander is gonna be breaking the Dread Branch and capturing a new mount. He also might be trying to show Uta a thing or two on monster handling & capture /while/ doing this.

I'll write up a better desc once I know what RL is doing.
Morning Life 2021 February 4th
Goblins & Blades 2021 February 13th
The goblins are proving to be a problem on the fifth floor, making travel between the fourth and sixth an issue. While more adventurers have been called to arms to help deal with the situation, is it really enough?

What about those who go scouting to the sixth floor, can they make it back safely to safer floors below?

One such group finds out the hard way, that even with experience on their side. You can't ever let your guard down around goblins.

(( Scale Focused, others are welcome though. Boss fight will be happening. ))
Meeting the Landers: Mystery Spriggan 2021 February 18th
A mysterious Spriggan shows up in the middle of Tolbana to check out the community that is being built there - their presence making a 'splash' due to their unusual INSPECT information.

Note: A short scene meant for the Scale Emblem Alliance due to all of their work on Tolbana.
Duelist League: Xander vs Uta 2021 February 19th
First of all, let us set things straight: he's not her dad, and she's not his daughter. Despite him taking this weak defenseless thing under his wing, her complaining about the smell and suggesting deodorant, him teaching her to fight and enduring the harsh reality of this world with all its mortal dangers, first among them the lack of deodorant, and her getting toughened up, going from being a squishy newbie likely to be killed by the first bottom-level monster she encountered to being a squishy newbie who can contribute to boss fights yet actively seeks and pokes the bottom-level monsters she's just as likely to be killed by.

It's a complicated relationship, okay?

Come witness this majestic spectacle of nature, where gratitude and mutual caring is exchanged in the form of unleashing wanton violence on each other!

Because that's the shounen way.

WARNING: due to the participants' unpredictable Real Life schedule, the scene might be move about, even (and especially!) at the last minute.
Legging Around 2021 February 23rd
A Little Comfort 2021 February 27th
Climb: The Floor 6 Boss 2021 February 28th
Adventurers continue the climb, and through the rather frustrating Maze that is the 6th Floor of Aincrad Tower. The roaming Boss that seems to walk the entire floor is getting scouted out, and the Raid Party has prepared to push on to the next floor.
Twice In A Lifetime 2021 March 1st
The Principal's Office 2021 March 15th
Consequences Breed Actions 2021 March 21st
Xander decides to have a 'talk' with Giganpor.

Closed scene, mostly put up here as a reminder marker.
Standing Still 2021 March 26th
Fang Fubar 2021 April 15th
Kaydon goes tracking down Xander for a 'talk'. That is all. Just a nice.. Little... Talk. What could possibly happen!
Two 'Troublemakers' in Alne 2021 May 7th
Its Been Awhile 2021 May 14th
Duty Session 321: Travel with Triffids 2021 June 22nd
The Mage's Tower has put out a request through the Hunter's Guild. There is a rare monster migration, a rare subspecies of ambulatory water dwelling Triffids are traveling to their ancestral breeding grounds. These carnivorous plants have become very hard to gather given the Leviathans, their rare components are much in demand. Where they come ashore and where they're traveling to are both known, but the route they take wanders so there may be some trouble locating them in transit.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Safer routes near Ninetails Dominion.
Duelist League - Kauchemar vs Xander 2021 July 8th
Who will win between an armored lizard and a dance dodger? Two different styles of defense, but only one can come out on top!
Ranch Life 2021 July 28th
Tournament: Setsuna vs Xander 2021 September 9th
Xander is taking on Setsuna, as a Scale on Scale action takes place to see who will be moving forward and who will be going home!

Can the tank have a successful defensive, or will the 'Necromancer' put his opponent in the 'grave'. Be there to find out!!

OOC NOTE: Scene may start a bit early or an hour late. We are kinda playing this a bit by ear since I am juggling last minute prep for trip and family wanting to spend time before I vanish for several days.

It also may get moved completely, so we will see what happens!
R-n-R 2021 September 23rd
Trouble Drags You Back In 2021 December 1st
Xander can't escape trouble forever.
How to Catch A... 2022 January 10th
War of Dragons: Mac Anu - Chaos 2022 February 7th
As a result of some of the Palace Landers having snuck into Mac Anu, chaos suddenly breaks out.

> Warning, high risk of Memory Loss.
That Was Probably Only The Start 2022 February 7th
Elfevensies 2022 March 15th
A Spriggan, an Elf and possibly a Lzrd walk into a bar. If a fourth individual joined our group to sing merrily and sell bears, we'd have a Bar Bear Shop Quartet.
Wartorn 2022 April 29th
Lost To The Sands Of The Mind 2022 May 14th
The Three Ts 2022 August 2nd
Training, Tea, and TBD
Swarm Get Some 2022 August 14th
There's a shadow swarm monster lurking in the Eastal forests. Kauchemar might be able to fend off its voracious attacks but she's going to need help taking it down.
Hard, But Good Work 2022 August 16th
Rumble at the Ranch 2022 August 24th
A 'friendly' spar at the Quick-Feather Peko Ranch.
Dreams Of A Thousand Bandits: Part 1 2022 September 7th
Out in the deserts of the Holy Westelandes, there is trouble brewings on the trails between port to city. It is here that Xander has sent out a request for assistance to help deal with some bandit troubles and help clear the path of the trouble.

There will be more parts of this and this scene will be like a duty.. Possible gifts at the end.
Dreams Of A Thousand Bandits: Part 2 2022 September 18th
On the last adventure, a group of adventurers managed to capture one of the bandits. He was taken to a near by village and held their not only to pay for his actions, but to be softened up for his eventual questioning.

The plan was to get this bandit to talk about where their hideout was.

What they didn't know was the bandits might have plans of their own....
Dreams Of A Thousand Bandits: Part 3 2022 October 2nd
The adventurers have now kept two bandits within a small town, in an attempt to figure out where the bandit hideout was. The woman gave them a warning that a wreckoning would come and it seems that day has come.

Defend the village and at last discover where the bandits are coming from by the tracks they leave in the sands.
Dream Of A Thousand Bandits - Finale 2022 November 27th
It is time to end the bandit threat by going into the bandits own den. How are these adventurers getting in to end the bandit king? Simple! By disguising themselves as the bandits, bringing back his 'queen', and putting an end to this group once and for all.

They know the location, they have a key thanks to a captive, now they just need to finish what has started.

It's going to be a battle event. Come one and come all!