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For more historical numbers along with uptime, please navigate to this site

Name Connected For Idle For
Miyako 53m 33s 53m 33s
Kotono 2h 55m 26s 2h 8m 20s
Yuuki 5h 21m 59s 5h 18m 0s
Liminality 6h 0m 44s 6h 0m 44s
Uta 2d 19h 43m 11s 5h 4m 11s
Jazuhanzu 3d 10h 31m 26s 2d 17h 52m 28s
Mizuki 4d 7h 19m 32s 5h 4m 37s
Demonrose Honami 9d 4h 3m 42s 13h 26m 30s
Pela Clarpuff 9d 4h 3m 42s 1d 13h 52m 16s
Merek 25d 0h 21m 48s 3d 0h 0m 27s
Fukaziroh 25d 11h 57m 5s 3h 31m 50s