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Acceptable Use Policy

  • By logging into the game, you acknowledge understanding and agreement to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Character objects on Elder Tale Online Mush are a privilege, not a right. Access to characters and to the Mush as a whole may be removed from players who have shown disruptive behavior or have broken Mush rules. Players will receive a warning and will likely be subject to other disciplinary measures before this happens.
  • Content created on the game or submitted to the wiki such as rooms, logs, global code, character pages, etc - become part of the game community as a whole. Content may only be permanently removed at staff discretion.
  • This game follows the policy of ICA=ICC (IC Actions = IC Consequences). Please familiarize yourself with our policies on Consent. This general rule still applies even though we have a combat system.
  • There is a Combat System available to help conflict resolution and create a fun aspect of game-play within a role-play scene. However, this does not mean that you are forced to use it. Scenes may be resolved by role-play only, or by other means such as dice rolls, etc. just so long as all those participating agree to it.
  • Players are expected to communicate with each other before taking actions that could be potentially debilitating or life-threatening to a character. Do not invite characters to a social scene, with the intention of turning it into a capture or PvP combat without telling them in advance. If you want to do something that might incapacitate, or otherwise affect them long-term, make sure you clear it with them first. In general, refer to the Consent and Behavior policy.
  • Player/staff abuse/harassment/bullying will not be tolerated. Feel free to @mail our PR staff with a log if you have issues with another player or admin, or use +request Gripe/Subject=Description.


Consent is one of the major tenets of Elder Tale Online MUSH. Consent play requires some give and take from each player in RP, and to streamline this, we do offer a combat system for conflict resolution. However, certain extreme actions can result in a waiver of consent for a scene or action - which admin or GMs are to warn the player of.

Such situations are things like: Not running away from extremely dangerous monsters, pissing off a Kingdom’s leader in his own home, wading solo into a military camp, etc.

Due to how death functions on this game, this rarely will result in the permanent loss of a character. And if a non-standard result would come off such a direction, GMs and Staff are once again expected to warn the player of this. However, there is a certain amount of long-term consent that is waived upon the loss of all of a character's Memories. If you have concerns with your character approaching this point, reach out to staff.


We expect players to act like adults. Be excellent to each other. If something bothers someone, and they raise it as such, try to halt such behavior within reason. Admin will be available for mediation where needed, but we prefer not to get involved if we don’t have to. We favor players resolving their own differences, but we understand that a neutral party is needed at times.

In general, the RP can be considered R rated, for violent content, and some swearing. Otherwise, PG-13. OOC Public channels are expected to be generally kept PG-13 and empty of excessive swearing and troll-like behavior. This includes our Discord.

Typical taboo topics such as Politics and Religion should also generally be kept off of both our public channels, and our Discord. There are other avenues for them, and we are not one of those.

IC Adult behavior should be kept out of the logs and out of public areas. We don’t care what you do in private, as long as the private things remain private, and do not have ramifications in public. This is not the focus of this game, and we don't want to have to start policing this.

Channel Behavior

We ask that players refrain from unsolicited guild recruitment on the newbie channel.

Job Time

Admins are expected to keep to the turnaround time on jobs, or at least keep a player appraised within the turnaround time of the status and why something may take longer. There will be a focus given on things like Character Applications and Player-Run-Plot Requests. Requests for Staff-Run-Plot requests should be assumed to be at a premium, due to the time required from said staffers; as such, responses may be slower, or a guide may be given on running it as a player.

Codex Information

Codex Information is considered IC knowledge, and players are highly recommended to promote Codex information. However, it should be noted that if you feel you should have a codex entry, and don’t, you should reach out to staff about such a thing; try not to act on codex information you don’t have, that someone else might.

But we understand that you don’t know what you don’t know. And not everything needs or is a codex entry.

As such, assume that ‘secret information’, ‘sensitive information’ or declaring matters about the metaplot as ‘fact’ are the main item where one should consider: do I have a good reason to know this?