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Discord Integration

The game promises Discord integration for multiple features, each on their own channel:

  1. Channel Reflection
    1. Some public channels will be visible on the Discord channel to enable easier catchup on discussions - and you can communicate on them. You can find these under the 'In Game Channels' Category.
  2. Codex (Lore) Updates
    1. As information becomes public to the characters, they are announced.
  3. Scene System
    1. The Scene System will post changes to Discord.
    2. If you have Discord Integration set up on your MUSH account, it will notify you of scenes about to begin.
  4. Wiki Updates
    1. Wiki Updates, when not minor or without change, will post to Discord on the #wiki-updates channel.

New Generation Scene System

Though little changes are needed of the Scene System, Elder Tale Online MUSH promises a new Scene System with a better calendar integration than previous and easier hooking.

Codex System

An in-game Codex system allows characters to pass around in character information in order to help perpetuate rumors, facts and other types of knowledge. The bulletin boards will allow for easy read-to-learn interactions.

Card Based Resolution System

Elder Tale Online MUSH is scheduled to feature a Card Based resolution system. It will represent combat, as well as efforts characters put into seeing projects into reality - such as research, city building, or other larger scale efforts.