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This page is intended to point out the things that may not be easily apparent in the theme files, but should be kept in mind.

The Application Process

Alternate Character Rules (Alts)

Character Limits:

  • Account Creation:                           1 Character
  • Account Creation + 21 days:          Up to 2 Characters
  • Account Creation + 49 days:          Up to 3 Characters
  • Account Creation + 180 days:        Up to 4 Characters
    (If applying for a fourth character slot, at least one character you play must be a character from the Palace Lands.)

Feature Character vs Original Character Alts:

  • Feature Characters: When applying for a FC slot, your current activity on existing characters will be taken into account.
  • Original Characters: There are no activity requirements to qualify for additional original character slots, other than the waiting period from the time of account creation.

Feature Characters

FC Application

When applying for a Feature Character, create a character at the login screen named, say, <Feature Character Name 1>.

create "Shiroe 1" mypassword

And to connect:

connect "Shiroe 1" mypassword

Note that if there is competition for an FC, after the 'winner' is chosen, all old character bits are deleted, not just the winner's.

FC Activity Requirements

Feature Characters have a requirement to remain at least somewhat active in the game. Currently, our preferred minimum participation for Feature Characters is two scenes per month, with a minimum of one scene per month before the character is considered 'IDLE'.

FC Idle Policy

  • Feature Characters who have gone idle will get one idle warning via e-mail and be given the opportunity to return to the Mush and meet the activity requirements.
  • After the first warning, any Feature Character identified as 'IDLE' a second time will be automatically re-opened when staff does a sweep for FC Idle/Activity.

Key Points

There are certain things we will be on the lookout for. This includes, but is not limited to, the following list:

  • The Alliance: A key aspect to this MUSH is your character's mindset towards life, the world they are trapped in, and how well they align to their alliance's ideals. We understand that this may be a bit hard to predict at the onset of a character, so choose what seems to fit best at first. There will be opportunities to shift alliances during game-play if needed. Your character's views are important for driving the MUSH's In Character drama and bringing your character together with like minds.
  • The Guild: This is in the same spirit as The Alliance. There are three Guilds in each Alliance, which each tackle the Alliance's core goal from a different angle. See if your character aligns best with the behavior of one or the other. Know that it's okay for your character to be friends or acquaintances with characters in other Guilds or even other alliances! Friends don't always need to agree on everything.
  • Memories: They should escalate from low to high in importance, and cover major events that shape what your character is like. Their loss should be meaningful to your character. The loss of a Minor memory might not be notable to others, but a Defining memory ought to be something that those around you pick up on due to its loss affecting your character's personality, or perhaps just the way they act in general.


All characters, Adventurer and their player both, are expected to be aged 18 or above. We have as such aged various FCs up to match this as well. For the most part, this should not affect a character's concepts and themes.

Limited Concepts


All characters that play on the Yamato Server, which is the location for the initial chapter of the MUSH, are connected there via hard lines in Japan. There are no Proxies or VPNs capable of breaking this security barrier, thanks to ALTIMIT. Characters are not required to be Japanese, but should have a reason to be living permanently in the country. We expect most characters should be Japanese, but we play by the 'rule of fun' and good concepts for foreigners will be allowed.


There is space for the concept of a Hacker on Elder Tale Online. You'd likely want to look at power paths, but there is a thematic note that is important: ALTIMIT has proven to be quite unhackable, unlike its predecessor. It's only been out for a year. However, as an in for Hacker concepts; The best way to attack an operating system is often the software that is licensed to run on it, and as such, this would give a good reason to join Elder Tale Online. Hackers are a limited concept, and we suggest talking to staff prior to application for guidance.


We are not allowing A.I. Adventurer applications. We are aware that there are some canon characters who land under this concept - many of which can be adjusted into actual players.

Character Prompts

Salary Men

Business People make use of Elder Tale Online in order to run meetings because it is more expressive than telecommunication. Commonly, these are not very high level, or very familiar with the game itself outside of some of its Trade and former teleportation systems.

Gold Farmers

The Salary Men often use gifts such as player housing or furniture in order to get a leg up. Some players have built an economy around hosting such events, and exchanging real-life money for these virtual items. These people usually know a very particular part of the game very well or are focused on 'market PVP' and tradecrafts.


Check out the Real World Culture for information about a phenomenon called 'Nero Idols'. This new up and coming group of people have moved to perform shows within Elder Tale Online, and are commonly social busybodies. Working with People of the Land as well as other players to set up their venues. Though some may see the Apocalypse as a way to get out of this line of work or happen to be ducking their responsibilities.