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The character application process is an in-game experience. Commands will be provided to you to perform this work. We highly recommend applicants review the Sample Application on this website, which includes detailed information on how to fill out each field. This is a rough overview of all the fields in the application process.

Applicant Information

  • Age - Are, the person connecting to the Mush, 18 or over? Yes or no.
  • Email Address - How should we contact you? Your alts will be registered under this email address.
  • Alts - Only Elder Tale Online alts are requested but can list out elsemu* alts. This is helpful for those applying for Feature Charactrs.

Character Information

Player Character Information

  • Name - The player character's name, in the IC real world.
  • Age - The player character's age.
  • Sex - The player character's physical characteristics. Male, Female, Neuter, or Other.
  • Bartle - Bartle taxonomy of player type. A required In-Game Quiz, answered from the perspective of the player-character, not from the MMORPG character persona.

Adventurer Information

  • Name - This will be the name used for your character bit as well.
  • Race - Your chosen Elder Tale Online Character Race
  • Sex - Your physical characteristics. Male, Female, Neuter, Other
  • Finger Summary - What would others players know of you? Public knowledge and rumors.
  • Primary & Secondary Class - Affects your Concepts and stats. See: Game Code under the Resolution System's Concepts and Classes tabs for an explanation. See the Codex entry on Classes.
  • Profession - Affects your Concepts. See: Game Code under the Resolution System's Concepts and Professions tabs for an explanation. See the Codex entry on Professions.
  • Kingdom - Affects your Concepts. See: Game Code under the Resolution System's Concepts and Kingdom tabs for an explanation. See the Codex entry on Kingdoms.
  • Short Description - A single sentence that describes the Adventurer.
    • Example: &shortdesc me=A green-eyed blonde Sylph in armor.
  • Description - A few paragraphs on your character’s looks.
    • Example: @desc me=An awesome guy.

Memories in History

We request that you create multiple entries detailing important moments in your life. While not all personality traits of a character can be trailed back to some defining memory, we expect that there were moments of some measure of importance to your character. These should detail what occurred, who was involved, and how this made them feel or impacted them. This isn't intended to be the all-encompassing list for Major and Minors, but a character most likely does not have more than two Defining Moments in their life. You are required to put in exactly the amount shown for each. See Death and Memories for their relevance.

The summary is that when a character dies in the world of Elder Tale Online, they will respawn within 24 hours. However, depending on the emotional investment and the circumstances, they may lose one of these memories; something that impacts the character on the long run. Death is considered a very uncommon element in Elder Tale Online. The memory lost - within its tier - is decided by the player. In general, they serve as important 'bargain chips'.

  • Critical Memories: These moments likely shaped your character. Also referred to as Defining Moments.2
  • Major Memories: These moments helped build your character. 3
  • Minor Memories: These moments are ones of emotional value. 4

History Writing Prompts

These are example thoughts to go over when thinking about your 'Memories in History'. Check out Application Tips for more tips. We use this information to ensure our players have a mutual understanding of the world. It helps drive characters towards certain Alliance within the world of Elder Tale Online - with a particular importance to their experience of the viruses and other world-wide impacts. Their history in schooling, job, and former MMORPG involvements can also come up within play.

  • Three major viruses affected the world; economic crisis, disability causing, and the big data wipe. How have these affected your character and their view on social games, or their family, if at all?
  • As a player, you play the MMORPG character. These two are not necessarily the same. Why?
  • How is your interaction with people in the real world, do you get bullied, or are you popular? How was this defined?
  • Did you play on Fragment, Sword Art Online, or Elder Tale ‘Offline’?
  • What kind of player were you then, years ago?
  • What is your fondest memory?
  • Does anyone have any grudges towards you? Or do you have any grudges. What is their source?
  • Do you have a hobby you love most? What got you into it?
  • Have you experienced romance? What is the most stand-out memory.
  • How did your interactions with these worlds shape you and your view on games?

Character Personality and Background

Both of these use the +bg command during application time. Feel free to interleave one with another. The general target is to give a summarized idea about your character. Feel free to use your Memories as a guide on how your character came to be the person they are today.


Give insight into your character and their personality. The focus should be on the player persona, not on the characters they played on the various games and MMORPGs; unless they’ve strongly defined them. About the player’s feelings, and how they interact with the world around themselves. Things we expect to see here are their future Goals, and their general personality. A paragraph or two is usually fine.


Give insight into your character's background. Important things to touch on, even if they didn't have any defining memories, are things like: The impact of the Viruses on their lives. How have they been treated for their entire lives in Japan? What were their favorite genres? Did they have a lot of friends, or were they more of a loner? Did they prefer the VR worlds over the real one?

Patron Information

Pick up to 5 keywords for your Patron. You may choose to let us pick by selecting as many traits of these as you wish by denoting ‘Admin Pick’. It is possible for multiple characters to have the same Patron. Know that the ability to pick here is guided by you as the MUSHer, not by the player of the adventurer. Alternatively, a player can choose 'Opt Out' to pick a Patron later - either through encounter or otherwise.

  • Race
  • Sex
    • Example: Male
  • Kingdom
  • Occupation
    • Example: Alchemist
  • Personality Trait
    • Example: Brooding


Power Path

Indicate a Power Path you are interested in, and why it would apply to your character. In general, unless you are applying for very specific PCs, Power Paths will not be gained until a while into the existence of your character. But this gives staff the opportunity to pick up on your desire and plan ahead.