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The Culture Immersion System

Every player, when they join the game, are analyzed and matched with a Patron. This Patron is a Person of the Land; an NPC. They can range from being a parent figure in one of the kingdoms to being a free wandering powerful NPC with a different outlook on the world.

A Patron will have insight into the world that the player may not have, but they may not always have the best intentions for the world around them. They will, however, have their own interpretation of the player’s interests at heart. Multiple characters may have the same patron.

This Patron system was introduced with the new Elder Tale Online expansion, and will, therefore, be new to all. Patrons are generally generated by the system - and when a player’s Patron has been destroyed or otherwise erased from detection - it is possible a new one is generated for them.

The idea of a Patron is something that may be 'noticed', but doesn't have an IC term to it. For most, this is just their 'go to Lander'. For the most part, it's an OOC term. Adventurers are not aware everyone has one.

OOC Information

When you apply for a character, you are giving us a hint towards an admin generated NPC that will generally benefit your character. Information about this NPC will be added to your player notes, which you will have access to. This NPC generally operates independently of your Adventurer and depending on their importance within the world of Elder Tale Online, a mush-player has more or less access to them. It is possible to Opt Out at chargen, and a player to point out an NPC they enjoyed in RP and request them to be a Patron instead.