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The following is a sample Application. This is meant to be used as a guide and example for Applicants, in order to see what sort of information we are looking for in the application process. The application process is handled via in-game commands, utilized by characters connected to the Mush.

Application Details - Concept

  • Applicant: John Smith
  • Player: Jun Sumisu
  • Adventurer: Hiro

The Applicant (John Smith) is new to Elder Tale Online Mush. They have chosen to play a Player named Jun Sumisu. Jun is a college student attending Tokyo University, who joined Elder Tale Online to spend time with his girlfriend who is going to a university in Osaka. Jun's Adventurer within the game Elder Tale Online, is a Paladin named Hiro, who enjoys exploration and cooking. After the Apocalypse, he was trapped in Elder Tale Online without his girlfriend. He is desperate to return to her, as he wanted to ask her to marry him. He has joined Scale Emblem Alliance in order to seek a way out of this world.

Applicant Fields

The fields below are all to be filled out as the Applicant. This is the human being that is currently sitting behind a computer, logging into Elder Tale Online Mush.

  • Alts - The Applicant must provide any in-game Alternate Characters they have. They may list characters from other Mushes if they believe that it will be helpful to their application (such as when applying for a Feature Character).
  • Email - The Applicant must provide a valid E-mail Address. This is used to contact you in the case of issues.
  • Over18 - The Applicant must verify they are over 18 years of age. They must select Yes. The Mush does not allow Applicants who are under 18 years of age.
  • Source - The Applicant may choose Elder Tale Online for an Original Character, or the Manga/Anime source material if they are playing a Feature Character.
  • Type - The Applicant may choose Original Character or Feature Character.


The Applicant (John Smith), will fill out the following commands on the game to set his information.

+app/set App/Alts=None.
+app/set App/Email=Jsmith (at)
+app/set App/Over18=Yes
+app/set App/Source=Elder Tale Online
+app/set App/Type=Original Character

Adventurer's Player Fields

The fields below are all to be filled out as the Player character. This is the character who is connected to the Virtual Reality Machine and is logged into the video game Elder Tale Online.

  • Age - The Applicant fills out the Age of their Player character as of the Apocalypse (Jan 1, 2013). This must be set to at least 18.
  • Name - The Applicant fills out the Name of their Player character. This must have first and last name, in Western order.
  • Sex - The Applicant fills out the Gender of their Player character.
  • Background - The Applicant fills out the History of their Player character. Backgrounds should include, at minimum:
    • A paragraph about the Player character's childhood.
    • A paragraph about the Player character's teenage years.
    • A paragraph about the Player character's adulthood/job life.
    • How the Player character's life was impacted by the major viruses (minimum Flash of Death and Pluto's Kiss)
    • What Region the character is from and how they came to live/work there if they were not born in that region.
      • Accepted Regions:
        • Japan / Oceania: (Yamato Server) Japan, Australia*, New Zealand* (Characters from Australia and New Zealand are uncommon and recommended only as alts.)
        • East Asia: (Palace Lands Server) China, Mongolia, South Korea
          (Applying to be from the East Asia region comes with certain plot-specific story elements and is not recommended to new players. Currently, we only have available slots for protagonist characters from this region. These slots come with benefits and drawbacks. Contact staff before applying.)
      • Foreigners:
        • Japan / Oceania: (Yamato Server) The primary nationality within the Yamato server is Japanese. While Foreigners are allowed, we ask that prospective applicants consider if being a foreigner is required for the character. We want to maintain an overall feel of Yamato being a Japanese-primary server.
          • Ways to come to Japan / Oceania as a Foreigner:
            • Military Duty
            • Work Visa
            • Family-based Immigration
            • Student Visas
        • East Asia: (Palace Lands Server) Foreigners are currently not allowed for Adventurers from the Palace Lands Server.
    • Reference the following wiki articles for information:
  • Personality - The Applicant fills out the Personality of their Player character. This should be a minimum of one paragraph.
  • Memories - The Applicant fills out the Memories of their Player character. Memories should include, at minimum:
    • 4 Minor Memories, 3 Major Memories, 2 Defining Memories
    • Memories should focus on specific events in the character's life, rather than facts.
    • Memories should include: What happened? Who was involved? What effect did it have on the character and/or how did it make them feel?


The Applicant (John Smith), will fill out the following commands to set information about his Player Character: Jun Sumisu.

+app/set Player/Age=22
+app/set Player/Name=Jun Sumisu
+app/set Player/Sex=Male

+bg/set 1=Background:%rJun Sumisu was born in a small town outside of Osaka, Japan. He grew up in an aging community which largely was made up of the elderly, who often considered him like a grandson, even if there was no blood relation. From a young age, he had to travel long distances by bicycle and train in order to get to school. Living so far away from other children his age often made him feel a bit isolated, causing him to latch on to friends he did have quite strongly.%r%rIn his teenage years, he began to live with an Aunt who lived in the city of Osaka. For the first time, it allowed him to stay close to others who were going to the same school. He developed a strong group of friends, who did everything together. It is also how he met his girlfriend. She was a shy girl in the year behind him, who he bumped into one day while running through the school yard. Her smile melted his heart, and from then on, he dragged her into his friend group, drawing her out of her shy nature. While Jun was lucky enough to avoid the Flash of Death virus, himself, his girlfriend's younger brother was struck by it, causing him to have severe tremors and meaning that more of her time had to be spent taking care of family.%r%rAfter highschool, he managed to get good enough grades to attend Tokyo University. Unfortunately, his girlfriend wasn't quite so good with academics. Though it was hard, they decided to try a long distance relationship. He would take the train back to Osaka on some weekends, while living and studying in Tokyo. With Pluto's Kiss preventing much in the way of internet contact, telephone calls became their lifeline. The two spent long hours talking when they couldn't be together.%r%rWhen ALTIMIT came out, the two decided to join Elder Tale Online together, in order to have a way of doing things with each other during the week, despite their distance. They played side by side for the first year of the game, but when the Apocalypse happened, his girlfriend hadn't been online. Now, separated by more than just distance, he is desperate to find a way home.

+bg/set 2=Personality:%rJun is a charismatic and enthusiastic young man. He pursues his goals with a single-minded determination. He is quick to form connections with other people. Friends become important to him. He is willing to put himself at risk in order to protect them. Being separated from his family has been the most difficult thing in his life. He struggles without their support. He worries about his ailing mother and his girlfriend, unsure if either of them will still be there waiting for him when he manages to escape the game. He struggles with downtime, as that is when he thinks about those he misses most. This drives him to always be pushing the tower floors, not wanting to face his own doubts.

+memory/set Minor=1=Jun's earliest memory is a day that he was running along the side of his neighbor's garden and slipped. He fell off and broke his arm. The elderly neighbor heard his cries and stayed with him while his mother was called. From then on, he always trusted that people would be there for him, even when he made stupid mistakes.

+memory/set Minor=2=Jun's parents were never the sort to have pets. All his childhood, he'd wanted a dog. However, when he moved in with his Aunt, she had a cat. At first, he tried to ignore it, but the cat was relentless, always purring or nuzzling up on him. Eventually, the animal found a way into his heart. That is how Jun learned that he really loves cats.

+memory/set Minor=3=Jun moved into his Aunt's house when he went to highschool. The day was hard, saying goodbye to his parents, but the prospect of living closer to school made him happy. He loved his Aunt's little apartment as the balcony looked out over a playground. The sound of other children made him feel that, for the first time, he might not be alone.

+memory/set Minor=4=Jun has a terrible sweet tooth. When he was a kid, he broke into his mother's pantry and ate an entire bag of chocolate chips. His mother found him, fingers coated in melted chocolate, groaning about a stomach ache. From then on, he knew that while sweets are delicious, there are limits to what his belly can handle.

+memory/set Major=1=They were playing. A ball being tossed between him and his friends as they raced through the school yard. He wasn't looking where he was going. Suddenly, there is a girl, and he couldn't stop fast enough. They end up tumbling to the ground. There are many apologies on both sides, but when she laughs in that shy way, it catches his attention. He'll never forget that first smile, or the bright look in her eyes.

+memory/set Major=2=The smell of the hospital is stale. He hated coming here as there was always bad news each time the doctors spoke. They had thought his mother's cancer was in remission, but it seemed to have returned, again. Her room is filled with flowers. He would forever hate the smell of antiseptic and flowers. 

+memory/set Major=3=The mail had come late that day. The anxiety of waiting made him antsy. Quickly, he tore open the letter, grinning ear to ear at the acceptance into Tokyo University. He had worked so hard, and there it was! A bright future was waiting for him. Yet, the sad look on his girlfriend's face gave him pause. She wouldn't be coming with him... yet, she still smiled for him. It taught him that those who really love you, will always support your dreams.

+memory/set Defining=1=Jun's bags were heavy. He stood in a cramped train as it took him into Tokyo. It was the first time going into the city that would be his home for the next few years. Finally, the train stopped and he got out, taking a deep breath of air that wasn't quite so clean as what he remembered from back home. Excitement and fear raced through him as he checked the map, ready to take the first steps into the next part of his life. He knew, from then on, that he could face anything with a grin on his face.

+memory/set Defining=2=Jun was standing at the edge of one of the piers in Osaka, his arm around his girlfriend. Her head was warm against his shoulder. Fireworks exploded in the night sky. Everything felt perfect. He thumbed the ring in his pocket. Clearing his throat, he turned to her, but as soon as he opened his mouth, one of the fireworks went off a bit to close. They both jumped. She laughed. He lost his nerve. He can't seem to escape the regret that he never got the chance to ask her to marry him...

Adventurer Fields

The fields below are all to be filled out as the Adventurer. This is the character who exists within the world of Elder Tale Online. They are the character who wields weapons and/or magic and fights monsters.

  • Alliance - The Applicant fills out the Adventurer's Alliance. This is required. Options are:
  • FullName - The Applicant fills out the Adventurer's Full Name.
  • Kingdom - The Applicant fills out the Adventurer's Kingdom. This is required. Options are:
  • Powerpath - The Applicant fills out their request for their Adventurer's future Powerpath. This represents future progression options for the character, allowing them unique powers to influence the world. This will not happen quickly, and staff is not required to honor this request. This field is optional. Information can be found:
  • Profile - The Applicant fills out a brief blurb of publicly known information (Profile) for their Adventurer. This should be roughly one paragraph and describe the character's race, fighting style, and what they tend to do in Elder Tale Online.
  • Quote - The Applicant fills out a Quote that their Adventurer would be likely to say.
  • Race - The Applicant chooses their Adventurer's Race. Information can be found:
  • Sex - The Applicant fills out their Adventurer's Sex, this does not have to match the Player's gender/sex.
  • Description - The Applicant provides a Description of the Adventurer. This should be a minimum of 4+ lines which include details on: gender, height, weight, hair-color, eye-color, clothing, notable features, or notable items.
  • Shortdesc - The Applicant provides a Short Description of the Adventurer, usually no more than one sentance.
  • Skills - The Applicant provides a list of tropes associated with the Adventurer.
  • Primary Class - The Applicant chooses the Adventurer's Primary Class.
  • Secondary Class - The Applicant chooses the Adventurer's Secondary Class.
  • Profession - The Applicant chooses the Adventurer's Profession.
  • Bartle Test - The Applicant fills out the Bartle Test as their Adventurer. (See +help Bartle on the Mush)

Special Notes - Uncrowned/Palace Landers: Existing Applicants who are seeking an alt may apply for an Uncrowned/Palace Land character. This will generally not be allowed for new players due to the plot-sensitive elements of these characters. Those applying for Uncrowned/Palace Land alts may leave Alliance and Guild blank during application, and may choose between the three Palace Land Kingdoms of Thor, Rosenheim and Kallamore.


The Applicant (John Smith), will fill out the following commands to set information about his Adventurer: Hiro.

+app/set Adventurer/Alliance=Scale Emblem Alliance
+app/set Adventurer/Fullname=Hiro Shieldwarden
+app/set Adventurer/Guild=Odysseia Knights
+app/set Adventurer/Kingdom=The [[Ninetails Dominion]]
+app/set Adventurer/Powerpath=Not sure. 
+app/set Adventurer/Profile=A [[Salamander]] Paladin, Hiro Shieldwarden is a minor member of one of the Odyssia Knights raiding parties. He is always up for a fight, ready to face whatever Aincrad throws at him. Some might call him obsessed, with a single-minded drive to escape this world and return to those he left behind. In rare moments of downtime, he can become quite melancholy, though he often sinks into cooking sweets in order to lift his own spirits and those of others.
+app/set Adventurer/Quote=I am going to get home, and nothing is going to stand in my way.
+app/set Adventurer/Race=Salamander
+app/set Adventurer/Sex=Male
@desc Hiro=Hiro is relatively short for a Salamander. Despite his diminutive height, he carries himself with strength and self-assuredness. Red hair is clipped short to the side of his head, yellow eyes peering out from his tanned features. Red scales line his cheeks and coat the length of his long tail. He wears a heavy set of metal armor, which seems to be dented in a number of places from many battles.  
+app/set Adventurer/Shortdesc=A blue-scaled Salamander with black hair, wielding a longsword and shield.
+app/set Adventurer/Skills=Generic Character,Example Character,Boring Paladin, Fights for Love,Tower Climber, Hero named Hiro, Lizard Breath
+app/class Primary=Crusader
+app/class Secondary=Heavy Blade
+app/profession Maid

Patron Fields

A Patron is an NPC Person of the Land that is matched with your Adventurer upon creation. This functionality was introduced with the same expansion which trapped players within Elder Tale Online. All Adventurers have a Patron, but as an Applicant, you may choose to Opt Out of this interaction. Opting out of the Patron system is NOT recommended. If you do not have any specific requests for your Patron, you may choose Admin Pick for any or all of the options below.

  • Kingdom - The Applicant chooses their Patron's Kingdom.
  • Occupation - The Applicant chooses their Patron's Occupation.
  • Personality - The Applicant chooses their Patron's Personality.
  • Race - The Applicant chooses their Patron's Race.
  • Sex - The Applicant chooses their Patron's Sex.


+app/set Patron/Kingdom=Admin Pick
+app/set Patron/Occupation=Scribe/Librarian
+app/set Patron/Personality=Shy/Quiet
+app/set Patron/Race=Admin Pick
+app/set Patron/Sex=Female