Scale Emblem Alliance

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The Scale Emblem Alliance are those who strive to find a way to escape this world. They believe that they do not belong within this world, be it as their player or character, and thus seek to circumvent the rules of the world whenever possible. This alliance is home to the largest of the 'clearing' guilds, aimed at beating Aincrad Tower and gaining the means to leave the game. As such, they are most often found within the confines of the Tower. They seek to build power and control over strategic points within the Tower.

In order to beat the Tower, they aim to ensure that the various Kingdoms give them the resources they need to achieve their goals, through whatever means necessary. They aren't generally interested in the lives or development of the Landers beyond what is useful towards progression. Their home being the Tower means they are heavily familiar with its ins and outs. They are not beyond using contracts, challenges, planning, or even exploits and the like to get a leg up. They are often opportunists, willing to use whatever they can to their advantage.

Internally, members of the Scale Emblem Alliance feel out of place in this world. Even if they may eventually get 'used' to their new surroundings, they feel homesick. They recruit actively, going out amongst the player base to put more people behind their goals. If the world is simply just a game, the leadership fears what the global governments will do in response to their 'absence'. They believe that everyone within the world is on a timer.


Kirito, Heathcliff, Kite, Krusty, Gardenia, Mistral, BlackRose, Mizuki, Asuna, Klein, BT, Naobi, Xander, Jurou, Karoshi, Thinker, Crim, Vespa, Misa Takayama, Taggart, Zorin, Kita, Wisteria, Amalthea, Kureba Gyaru, Prophylaxis, Hisame, Vertina, Syx, Setsuna, Schneider, Ainkli, Ais Wallenstein, Riveria Ljos Alf, Bete Loga, Arianne, Demonrose Honami, SpritesHero, Kuroyukihime, Oniblade, Elafidel, Daiyu, Tian, Shenmi, Gao, Taiyo, Kirara, Llyn, Arioch, Soujiro Seta, Ameia, Woden, Akikoji, Creed, Xenphia, Jayu

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