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Llyn Cefnfor


Race / Undine

Acolyte / Godhand


Llyn is a healer and Godfist of some renown with a hunger for life on the seas only outdone by her hunger for knowledge of the world in which she's trapped. She loves information, stories, and lore just about as much as she loves treasure and magic items. As an Undine, she has a love for the sea and was quite the Pirate before and after the Apocalypse. She's known for being chipper and very social as well and perhaps likes partying a bit too ... much. She's an adept healer and caster along with being a serviceable combatant when she has to be as well. She's also a surprisingly skilled ship captain. She also has a habit of ruin diving to sate her hunger for information.

"The freedom of the open sea is no lie even in this world. Even better when one has a tale to tell you and I do." - Llyn Cefnfor

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: Scale Emblem Alliance
Kingdom: Rosenheim Kingdom
Skills: WOMAN OF THE SEA, Pirate Booty, Asken Questions, The Facts Just the Facts,Yar Har, Where Has The Rum Gone, Oh I Drank It all!, Sea Shantie, Got Crowned, Vengeance, Tower Climber, MEDIC!?!,Chipper Undine


Name Date Summary
How it Started 2022 November 20th
Flash back Scene. During the start of the Palace Lands plans to kill, control or enslave all the Adventurers. Llyn contacts her friend Daiyu with a plan for them to escape to the sea...she has no idea her friend is already enslaved.
Pirates of the Palace Land 2022 November 20th
With the power of the Statue of the blind one having been unleashed many crowned have been freed from their bondage. Though there are some who have not yet been freed, such as Llyn Cefnfor who is now a ship captain for the Rosenheim Kingdom navy.

Information has been passed to the Yamato Alliances about her ship's current location. It's had to be docked in a small bay for repairs after a monster attack. Now would be the time to strike to rescue the crowned members of the crew.

10:00 AM Sunday Nov 20 all welcome. This is Lynn's intro. :D
Freedom, but now what? 2022 November 29th
Llyn has been freed but now what? She still figuring things out in Tolbana thankfully there is a bar or two...
What go go wrong in an Bathhouse 2022 December 14th
What could ever go wrong in a Bathhouse, it's not like this world is anime inspired.
War of Dragons 2: Shipwrecked 2022 December 18th
On a journey up to Camp Wrath, one of the shipments of the Yamatoans meets its end under heavy fire by Rosenheim's fleet. By sheer luck, the crew finds themselves shipwrecked somewhere unusual.

OOC: Please take note of the time. This scene is scheduled for European times / US early afternoon.
War of Dragons 2: A Way Home 2022 December 21st
A brilliant idea leads those who were Shipwrecked within the ruined city of Dragon's Eye with a way home.
Duty Session 543: Investigating Payon Cave 2022 December 30th
This quest has been placed with the Hunters' Guild on behalf of the New World Alliance. This Obsidian quest begins in rural Ninetails, in areas under threat by the undead who have been plaguing the region. If they can be dealt with quickly, they will not become a complicating factor in the war with the Palace Lands.

Difficulty: Easy
Rec. Party: 2+
Rewards:    1
World Rewards: Multiple successful runs may reduce undead influence in Ninetails.
Landlocked 2023 January 8th
A Pirate is landlocked but she doesn't seemt to down about as she explores the Tolbana.
Completely Expected Beach Party 2023 January 13th
Beachside Wandering 2023 January 17th
Drinking Troubles Away 2023 January 29th
Duty Session 562: Fireball Solves Everything 2023 February 5th
Scattered throughout the forests of Eastal, a number of structures which are believed to have been used for religious rituals in honor to The Burning Goddess lie abandoned. It is said that some of them still contain Igneous Stones, specially crafted rocks used to stabilize and control flames. The secret of their manufacture has been lost to time, and scholars all over Yamato are willing to pay well for some samples to study in the hope to re-discover how they were made. As usual, the encountered challenges will require a variety of skills and ability to be overcome, but due to the special attunement of these structures with the element of Fire, the cooldown time for flame-related Artes is reduced dramatically, thus making this mission a favorite of people who specialize in this style of combat.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Prove once and forever that Fire is superior.
Pirates and Pens 2023 February 18th
Llyn is taking a break from grinding to work on things from the old world just to keep herself sane. Where she will meet someone very interesting.
Duty Session 571: Hungry Like a Wolfgarm 2023 February 26th
The mayor of Rovia, located on the fourth floor of the tower, has requested the aid of adventurers in thinning the population of the wolfgarm monsters in the nearby forest. These monsters have been attacking the town and, if nothing is done, it'll only be a matter of time before lander blood is spilt.

Difficulty:    Medium
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduced danger from monsters on the fourth floor.
Flight Experiments 2023 March 5th
Schneider's latest plan is to see if the Tower anti-flying monsters will come after flyers after they've landed. At least one wave of monsters will be induced. No in-flight meal will be provided.
War of Dragons 2: Act of Rebellion - Light - 1 2023 March 31st
The Light Team Adventurers fight a series of Ice & Barrier machines which seem to be hunting the strange 'Spider Goddess' of the Thor Kingdom. They manage to come out ahead.
A Long-deferred Meeting 2023 April 5th
Duty Session 607: Clearing Dragon's Eye 2023 April 19th
In the center of the Palace Lands is the island of Dragon's Eye. Monsters roam the ruins and the mountains. Adventures are being hailed to clear the beasts out, allowing the Olympus Alliance to begin restoring the strange root city in earnest.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
Aschente! 2023 April 23rd
The town square of Dun Loireag has transformed over the course of a week into a festival dedicated to games of chance and skill. Everything from paying to food and drink to winning carnival prizes to ending up the next subject of the dunk tank is up to the whims of fortune. The only overarching rule is that each game is preceded by a binding oath of 'Aschente'... and that getting caught cheating is strictly not allowed. This isn't necessarily bizarre in and of itself, but the identity of the one sponsoring and organizing the whole thing /is./

That person: the Doctor of Tolbana, Prophylaxis.

What mischief is he up to? Will Alicia Rue lose it all in a game of strip poker!? (Probably not, rating is as rating does) And most importantly, who will go home with the mysterious grand prize!?

Find out here!!

(Scene will be full of games of chance (and skill(?)) in the style of carnival shenanigans. You might lose your shirt. You will probably lose your dignity. But it's all in good fun, probably.)
Return of the Son of Explosion Man 2023 May 6th
Operation Hat Get 2023 May 19th
Llyn and Jayu talk about a plan to save some Crownless from captivity.
In the Dark 2023 May 27th
Meet the Author: Rizadoman 2023 June 8th
Rizadoman has been deep in work writing what he claims to be the next masterpiece in literature. A fictional tale that will have love, action, adventure, taking place a long long time ago. Before his book goes to the presses he has scheduled a reading of the first few chapters in Fort Ouph's square, to the children of Fort Ouph and all others who may be interested.
Captain of the Ship and Vice Versa 2023 August 30th
Morri's totally going to ship the Captain (with someone).
Festival: Charity Date Auction 2023 September 16th
Gwen Pendragon is organizing a fundraiser for the Red Chain (in-world equivalent of the Red Cross). To tie into the spirit of the Bonded Hearts festival, she is setting up a date auction! With a twist, to appeal to a gamer audience.

If you want your character to be up for auction, you can volunteer for charity or be voluntold by one of the organizers. Bidding on those up for auction is open to all.

This scene will focus on the potential dates being pitched; it will start at the listed time, and in the spirit of Festival-themed Socials, there will be opening poses, then it will be kept going for at least one day to allow all timezones to take part."
Ala Carte Blanche 2024 January 28th
Something Of Note 2024 February 9th
Ameia wanders into the Music Conservatory at Eas. There is discussion of Lore, regarding Music.