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This page outlines the various contributions and influence that Adventurers have had on the world of Elder Tale Online. This page is open to edits/maintenance. This document includes the following:

  • Adventurer-Controlled Cities & Settlements
  • Adventurer-Owned Businesses, Facilities & Organizations
  • Adventurer Renowned Discoveries, Breakthroughs, and Crafts (Strange Moods)
  • Adventurer Technology Advances
Adventurer-Controlled Cities & Settlements
City Alliance Location
Tolbana Scale Emblem Alliance Aincrad (Floor 1)
Karluin Scale Emblem Alliance Aincrad (Floor 5)
Eas Olympus Alliance The Fourland Dukedom
Shibuya New World Alliance The Eastal Free League
Seeker's Landing New World Alliance The Palace Lands
Adventurer-Owned Businesses, Facilities & Organizations
Business Owner Location Details Bonus
Ironscale Outpost Scale Emblem Alliance Aincrad (4th Floor) Outpost, train stop, mines: iron and coal. Mining
Chain Mail Bikini + 1 Gwen Alne Clothing and light armor shop. Tailoring
Crimson Scale Dojo Jurou Alne Lander military training. Shield
Elixir Emporium Merek Carmina Gadelica Potion shop. Alchemy
Crescent Burger Crescent Moon (Guild) Carmina Gadelica Marina Yamato's first hamburger joint. Cooking
Crescent Academy Goldenblade Carmina Gadelica Marina Training academy. Law
Quick-Feather Peko Ranch Rylen Carmina Gadelica Marina Peko supply, rental, boarding, sales and training. Handle Animal
Crescent Herb Farm Gwen Carmina Gadelica Marina Healing Herbs other potion herbs Pharmacy
Slime Labs Uta Carmina Gadelica Marina (within the Peko Ranch) Appreciation and study of gelatinous creatures. Also rental (contact Yeowang) Handle Monster
Isekai Ryokan Hifumi Dun Loireag Inn and restaurant. Cooking
Mithrilscale Ironworks Miho Dun Loireag Armor and weapons shop. Weapon Forging
The Conservatory Uta Eas Institute for the preservation, study, and advancement of music. Develops and sells small numbers of high end instruments and phonographs. Song
Shadow Aegis Academy Giganpor Fort Ouph Military training academy. Shield
Olympus Mines Olympus Alliance Fourland Dukedom (Central) Coal Mine. Mining
Green Dragon Inn Erufu Shibuya Inn. Mercantile
Pelapuff Cafe Pela Clarpuff Shibuya Restaurant. Cooking
Game Reserve Mikage Shibuya Wild animal reserve and hunting ground. Hunting
Astral Athenaeum New World Alliance Shibuya Library. Goddess' Clarity
Shibuya Cultural Museum Shiruba Shibuya History museum. Scripture
Steam Workshop Olympus Alliance Susaki Workshop/factory for producing steam engines/ships. Metalworking
Igneous Temple Scale Emblem Alliance Tolbana Temple to the Burning One. Goddess' Favor
Igneous Library Scale Emblem Alliance Tolbana Library dedicated to the Burning One. Scripture
Clinic Prophylaxis Tolbana Medical clinic. Pharmacy
The Dragon's Breath Scale Emblem Alliance Tolbana Bathhouse. Water
The Dragon's Larder Vertina Tolbana Tavern. Brew
Dragonstooth Farm Syx Tolbana Farm. Farming
Steam Workshop Scale Emblem Alliance ??? Workshop/factory for producing steam engines/trains. Metalworking
The Red Chain New World Alliance Mobile Relief Agency Pharmacy
Hot Wings Flight School Schneider First Floor Teaches how to fly gliders Air
Atelier Nox Haru Shibuya Accessory and Alchemy Shop Accessory Forging
Chill Caravan New World Alliance Travelling Caravan equipped with enchanted ice boxes Mercantile
Adventurer Renowned Discoveries, Breakthroughs, and Crafts (Strange Moods)
Adventurer Concept Description
Att Syne Artisany Statue of The Burning One
Fukaziroh Enchanting Refrigeration; Load lifter
Goldenblade Armor Forging Tethered diving suit
Goldenblade Construction Road to Eas
Goldenblade Sneaking Camouflage face/body paints
Gwen Tailoring Denim Cloth
Haru Accessory Forging Crown of Control removal (with Tian)
Haru Accessory Forging Designed/created signet rings for the Realm of Uruk
Haru Enchanting Enchanted Glass
Hifumi Cooking Freeze-drying
Kauchemar Song National anthem of Eas
Kaydon Weapon Forging Creation of the Gunblade
Kita Artisany Designed/created the national flag for the Realm of Uruk
Kita Artisany Designed/sculpted the Light of Hope Statue (Tolbana)
Miho Weapon Forging Created A new kind of Material that allows enchanted weapons to be easily recharged.
Miho Weapon Forging Forged A Set of Enchanted Weapons for The Lander Hero Mia
Mikage Sneaking Elemental camouflage
Miyako Song The Ballad of Operation Anchor
Pela Clarpuff Enchanting Spell Batteries
Pela Clarpuff Herbology The Beauty of Life: Herbs of Yamato
Rizadoman Scripture Published Breath of the Divine, book on Divine beast
Schneider Cryptography Deciphering Chaos Gate missing symbol
Schneider Scripture History of the Scrapped Princess War
Shiruba Tracking Locating Source of Demon Worshiping Gnolls
Tian Accessory Forging Crown of Control removal (with Haru)
Uta Handle Monster Encyclopedia of Slimes (published) + scrubber slimes + heal slimes
Uta Song The Conservatory (institute for music)
Uta Pharmacy Anesthetics and painkillers (mostly useful for landers -- adventurers already have pain dampening)
Vertina Brew Signature drink (brewing techniques)
Yeowang Mercantile Ninetails bank
Adventurer Technology Advances
Inventor (Group/Person) Alliance Description
Alliance-wide Project Olympus Alliance Developed steam engines.
Alliance-wide Project Olympus Alliance Developed steam ships.
Alliance-wide Project Olympus Alliance Enhanced farming techniques/fertilizers
Alliance-wide Project Scale Emblem Alliance Developed steam trains.
Alliance-wide Project Scale Emblem Alliance Developed magical land mines.
Alliance-wide Project Scale Emblem Alliance Developed parachutes.
Alliance-wide Project Scale Emblem Alliance Developed lighter-than-air transportation.
Plant Hwyaden Olympus Alliance Developed stone lithography.
Plant Hwyaden Olympus Alliance Developed arcane monitoring system.
Plant Hwyaden Olympus Alliance Developed arcane locks.
Kaydon New World Alliance Developed wootz steel.
Merek New World Alliance Discovered coffea.
Merek New World Alliance Developed Goblinbane poison.
Uta Olympus Alliance Developed (but not mass-produced) the phonograph.