Ninetails Dominion

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The Merchant Prince Domain


A sweeping nation of fertile fields, farmlands, and beautiful rolling hills. It is ruled by the Council of Nine, a group of powerful merchant-princes. Formerly known as the Nine King Dominion, before the monster invasion forced the birth of the now numerous numbers of Cait Sith, and Were Fang. The Dominion’s primary goal is the expansion of trade and the acquisition of wealth, in order to fuel the high lifestyle that its citizens have become accustomed to. The Dominion’s primary Wave element is Earth, displaying its sensibility and unyielding determination. Its Root Town is Dun Loireag, the Highland City, the City of Twilight. Its color is Yellow.


The Forgotten Time

The Ninetails Dominion was once known as the Nine King Dominion. A region of small kingdoms spread across plains, who competed through Mercantile and Acquisition. It was, and still is, undoubtedly the richest and most luxurious region in all of Yamato. The raw materials of this region have always been the most voluminous and highest of quality, and throughout history, Gnomes have been attracted to the Ninetails Dominion for its shiny materials when desiring to build something other than just weaponry. But beneath all that gold, there was always a darkness. Jealousy and slavery ran much of this region; races that did not belong often falling into the magical slave-collaring clutches of the nobles.

The Alv Genocide

The Nine Kings within the Nine King Dominion were always guided by jealousy, looking upon each-other and what they had. Always wanting to be better than the other. They ignored the Alv existence, until the Alv people erected Dun Loireag within their borders over the course of but a few days. A magnificent city, built at the edge of the ocean, ever awake by the strange neon magics that light its streets and casting a yellow-golden glow over the region, blotting out stars with its colors.

There were those who would aid them in learning of the new inventions and new things the Alvs would build, holding onto them privately in their pointy eared clutches. Eventually, the Nine Kings moved upon the Alvs with jealousy in their eyes, knowing they could never beat such an unfairly gifted race. They moved the largest army, and their greatest and most dangerous magical sciences, spreading a disease into the Alv people before their assault.

The Scrapped Princess War

When the Scrapped Princesses came, it was not hard for those devils to keep the Nine Kings’ eyes turned towards one another. To make them go to actual physical war, rather than their strange mercantile war. They watched as they burned each others’ villages for things they did or did not actually have. As nobles became soldiers, and the citizens and countless slaves were turned to pawns, things turned bloody.

But when the Imps came and revealed the many lies and the machinations by the Scrapped Princesses, the then remaining four kings -- the other five having fallen to war - resurrected beneath a collective banner and moved alongside the Fourland Dukedom to aid the Fourland hero in the massive battle to come.

The Monsters

With the defeat of the Scrapped Princesses, came a need to start rebuilding. But rebuilding became difficult with monster interference. The people were being pushed from their lands, and the Nine Kings dominion fell back to the Alv fallen city. From there, they focused on their more insidious magics.

During this time, the Nine King dominion created the Werefangs and the Cait Sith, and eventually would be dubbed the Ninetails Dominion due to the influence these Cait Sith and Werefangs would end up having over their image and politics.

The Werefangs would be their army, and the Cait Sith would become their civilians, while the humans largely rose to some level of noble or merchant status. The kingdom would resurrect its nine cities, and the Alv city would become the Capital of the Ninetails Dominion, which would be run by the Nine Merchant Princes that cropped up in the devastation that had followed the war.

The slavery situation never stopped during this time, their slaves are sent across the world to the Holy Empire Westelande, the Fourland Dukedom - and for the longest time, enjoyed across Ezzo by the Bandit Kings; the Eastal Free League refusing to accept slavery as part of its day-to-day events.

The Adventurers Arrival

When the Adventurers arrived, they did so in a separate region. Some rare few managed to make it to their borders, where quite a few of the Adventurers seemed to enjoy the company of these ‘slaves’, whilst others would resist the Dominion’s ways of life. This caused a chaotic time for the Ninetails Dominion, during which the Government itself was rewritten.

While monster nests were annihilated by the Adventurers, so too did the status of the Werefangs and Cait Sith, resulting in a measure of equality represented amongst the Nine Merchant Princes - some of them ending up being Cait Sith. Slavery was abolished during this time, and thought to be gone for a while.

The Dark Times

When the Adventurers suddenly left, the monster presence began to grow. Thanks to the continued existence of the Werefangs, the Ninetails Dominion continued to exist. It thrived on its trade, aided by the Fourland Dukedom for its ability to ship around the world. But when the Leviathans came, the Ninetails Dominions started to suffer.

It began to have to ‘hold out’ rather than to ‘thrive’ like it had during the time of the Adventurers. They kept up the fight, their fortifications. But being spread across nine the nine cities and the Alv city, they - over time - were forced to retreat back to a minimal existence when it came to their holdings. Slavery made a comeback, but only within the shadows.

The Return of the Adventurers

When the Adventurers returned, they were welcomed with open arms. The Nine Princes all saw an opportunity to thrive once more. To become a global powerhouse when it came to the economy, and to take back their cities!



The Nine Merchant Princes, a misnomer due to the female population at this echelon, are the ones who hold governance over the Ninetails Dominion. They constantly compete against each other, which manages to place an economic burden on the lower echelon population, but promises great wealth to those who are not mere unskilled labor.

The Ninetails Dominion is a plutocratic confederacy occupying a series of city-states. The capital of the Ninetails Dominion is used as the seat of government but is not the home to its rulers. The nine seats of government within the Ninetails Dominion are distributed through nepotism, regardless of the shakeup that occurred during the rising of the Cait Sith into shared power.

Due to the power each individual holds, it is generally considered impossible for there to be an economic rival.

Its current Ruling Body are made up by Otto Suwen and his Peko Army, Zanis Lustra of the Golden Lush Dominion, Litka Mofur and Lelia Mofur of the Tamers of Life, Jun Miruno of the Carnival of Dreams, Jered Gan of the Tower of Mages, Chuunen Shounin - Lord of The Trademen Dominion, Alicia Rue of the Golden Field Dominion, and Mia of The Merchant Blades.

Opinion on Adventurers

The human population is conflicted, as the Adventurers caused there to be ‘equal rights’ for the Cait Sith, and the loss of the economic advantage of slavery. On the other hand, they are dependant on the Adventurers to deal with the monster nests. Of course, the Cait Sith and Werefang opinions can be wildly different from this.