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The Weakest Race



Original Seven. Widely different hair-colors and builds. Political. Kingdom builders.

One of the most common races, they are the founders of the original Nine King Dominion, which came to be known as the Ninetails Dominion, and contributors of a knight Hero during the Scrapped Princesses conflict. They are remarkable in their skill with communicating with the various races, and are commonly seen as the ones who contributed the most warriors to the various wars over the centuries of conflict.

The Tale

One of the Original Seven races. The Humans are considered, both of the Adventurers and the People of the Land, to be the weakest race. They have to struggle for everything, as there is truly nothing special about them. They have existed as long as time can tell, but they’ve never held a ‘strong’ measure of history. They are just as plenty as any of the other races are, and are just as mortal as any of them.

Yet, their history has been one of building kingdoms. Of merchant Empires. As Gnomes are the creators of mines and exquisite pieces of art and weaponry, the Humans are considered the foundation of a lot of civilization. Those who, during and after the fall of the Alven people, maintained and raised new works of engineering.

They are the ones who formed The Ninetails Dominion and The Fourland Dukedom. They are the ones who, when asked for a mediator, are requested, for they are the weakest race. It is in their organization, in their need to come together to stand strong together, in their willingness to gamble when no other race is willing to gamble, that they survive even throughout these years.

During the Scrapped Princess war, they offered the most organized army into the war, and they send their mightiest Hero, the knight Lebelont Gervesin, to do battle and see the Scrapped Princesses’ defeat. They were however also the ones who were first fooled by the Scrapped Princesses, and first went to war against the Undine and Salamanders.

But with the First World Fraction, they saw their limits. And in an effort to make up for this, they created the Were Fang and Cait Sith races out of their own people. This protected their own people, their cities, and saw their race one of the ones that kept most of its number.

And while the Cait Sith and Were Fangs were the lowest of their rungs - leaving many humans as existing nobles - after the eventual return of the Adventurers, and lowering the need for Cait Sith and Were Fang development, human population quickly evened out across the bottom rungs of the hierarchy.