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The New World Alliance believes that the world is their new home. Their intent is to make the world their own, with the intention of remaining there permanently. They accept the world for what it is, seek to support it, and want to be involved in the way the world works. This alliance is often home to those who have given up on real life, love the idea of being in a world like this for a longer period of time, just love to roleplay, or hate the grind that comes with the Aincrad Tower. They immerse themselves in the lore of the world, and actively seek to cement the world's protection against the unintended consequences of others' actions.

They push to increase the kingdoms' powerbase, and try to improve the magic of the world. While the Scale Emblem Alliance aims to take down the Aincrad dungeon, the New World Alliance seeks to protect the world against the consequences of such maneuvers. They often revere the complex NPCs, and interact with them as they would other players. Some might consider members of the New World Alliance to be those looking for an escape from the real world, while others may claim that they have simply adapted to the new reality they've found themselves within.

Internally, the leadership is concerned that irreparable damage may be done to this world by others. If the world is simply just a game, they fear what global governments might do to it when 'enough' players return to the real world.


Nyanta, William Massachusetts, Silver Knight, Silica, Subaru, Karaoke, Elrune, Nevarri, Marlo, Elk, Tsukasa, Jazuhanzu, Giganpor, Shiroe, Mikage, Kaydon, Shiruba, Balmung, Merek, Polaris, Akatsuki, Cyrus, Esclados, Bear, Mimiru, Cynwrig, Riko, Moriko, Sassaral, Miyako, Galen, Shaskur, Hifumi, Delphine, Bushi Kamuto, Pela Clarpuff, Arashi, Dareshetani, Rory Ejinn, Miho, Katherine Tanzer, Kotono, Tenko, Pyxis, Strawberry, Leona, Estelle, Onna Shinkan, Dowafu, Rizadoman, Erufu, Yeowang, Ayanna, Michio, Sasori Kuro, Phaedra, Kuroyuri, Ayame, Rori, Thalia, Eliza, Naniko, Wyldfire, Lunaris, Brann, Fukaziroh, Allynna, Inrit, Gallant, Garryck, Allia, Shiroibara Natsume, Rhi, Curtana, Allie, Himari Saito, Kana, Tanaka, Prince Rafferty, Samia, Nargalia

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