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The Silver Sword is a guild well known for its former Raid clearing expertise. It is said they have not lost any of this skill, but have not engaged in the Aincrad Tower climb. Instead, they have set their sights on creating relationships with the Heroes of the Yamato Region and their military campaigns. Internally, these players tend to compete against eachother quite heavily, and it's not unlikely for them to occassionally show up in tower raids to practice their skills. They're not just focused on combat these days however, they also have a heavy exploration based membership. However, the main guild charter tends towards monster clearing outside of the tower.

On a day-to-day basis, Silver Sword members scour the land of Elder Tale Online for challenges and new discoveries. They are more combat focused than most of the New World Alliance guilds. They tend to rub both Scale Emblem and Olympus Alliance the wrong way to an extent, as they are so focused on protecting the lands, rather than players' attempts at Tower Climb events. And they have even been known to combat Scale Emblem members for a variety of reasons.

Member Groups

Part of the New World Alliance.


Nyanta, William Massachusetts, Silver Knight, Nevarri, Marlo, Jazuhanzu, Mikage, Kaydon, Shiruba, Polaris, Esclados, Riko, Miyako, Shaskur, Bushi Kamuto, Pela Clarpuff, Arashi, Dareshetani, Katherine Tanzer, Kotono, Sasori Kuro, Phaedra, Ayame, Thalia Maxwell, Wyldfire, Fukaziroh, Allynna, Haru