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The Race Exemplaries


Though there have been exceptions in the past, there’s generally been a rule within the world. There is always one Hero to each Race - if there are two, it is seen as a good omen, and are often born under the same circumstances. And recent history has proven that this does not only include the Original Seven.

Each Hero can be recognized by the symbol they carry upon their upper chest; a blooming lotus flower.

The moment a Hero dies, another member of their race is immediately born as a Hero, as long as there is not already another.

Heroes are generally lauded by those of their race, and the Kingdoms they largely represent, over and beyond Adventurers. Though it should generally be assumed that they are more aligned with a Kingdom than their own Race due to the culture they were raised in.

Current Heroes

Adlet Mayer.pngAdlet MayerSalamanderHoly Empire WestelandeThe bold and outspoken Hero born to the Holy Empire Westelande region. Adlet has a strong will, never giving up even in the most dire situations, as well as a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship. He frequently calls himself "the strongest man in the world." He is one of the Heroes who tries to calm down others when they start in-fighting.
Chamo Rosso.pngChamo RossoPookaEastal Free LeagueChamo is a proud and selfish girl. She is uncooperative and gets easily bored or angered. Born to the Eastal Free League, she is often considered an unwanted hero. She also gets the urge to kill anything angering or bothering her. Because of Chamo's grotesque and tremendous power, she is extremely feared by her enemies and allies both. She is considered incredibly out of sorts for her species.
Fremy Speeddraw.pngFremy SpeeddrawSylphRealm of UrukFremy has the appearance of a frail girl with white skin and light white hair, an eye patch covering her right eye, leather clothes, and a black cloth with a blue and pink flower on her head. Fremy comes off as a girl whose cool indifference will not allow other people to get close to her. She also seems very strange to social norms and the like - commonly failing to grasp cultural references.
Goldof Auora.pngGoldof AuoraHumanFourland DukedomGoldof is tall, with black hair and is always seen with a stern look on his face. He is the Human Hero born to the Fourland Dukedom. He wears heavy and extremely resistant black armor with dark green accents and wields a giant spear in battle. His helmet has two curved horns mimicking a sheep's horns, and his spear is linked to his gauntlet by a heavy chain used like a lanyard. He's known to have a bit of an attitude problem.
Hans Humpty.pngHans HumptyWere FangNinetails DominionHans is a man with long disheveled hair that covers his eyes, born as the Hero of the Were Fangs to the Ninetails Dominion. His clothes are simple and patched-up. His appearance is also reminiscent to that of a cat. He also has a tail, unusual for Werefangs. His speech pattern is inspired by cats, as he based his fighting style on the way cat moves. He is quite strong, despite how skinny he looks under his clothes.
Mora Chester.pngMora ChesterImpEastal Free LeagueAn extremely serious and intellectual Imp woman, born to the Eastal Free League. She has a calm and composed attitude, as well as a natural sense of authority. She has trouble admitting when she is wrong, and would do anything to win. She doesn't shy away from applying some rather deplorable tactics in order to do so.
Nashetania.pngNashetaniaCait SithNinetails DominionNashetania is a Bun-Bun Cait Sith female with long flaxen hair, big red eyes, plump lips and a charming pale face. She was born to the Ninetails Dominion as one of the Lords' daughters - and got adopted by Jered Gan. In battle, she wears white armor, and wields a rapier with a jewel mounted on the grip. She's known to be a sweet and noble outgoing personality, though has a healthy wariness of strangers. She is the Cait Sith Hero.
Rolonia Manchetta.jpgRolonia ManchettaGnomeHoly Empire WestelandeRolonia is a short girl wearing heavy cow-themed armor and glasses, originating from the Holy Empire Westelande. She's friends with Adlet Mayer. Rolonia has a timid personality and is used to be blamed for her mistakes, so she apologizes constantly. She is very good-natured and likes to be able to help others no matter what. The problem is that being a chronic people-pleaser is bound to get her into trouble, and sure to get onto peoples' bad side.
Toulo Maynes.pngToulo MaynesUndineFourland DukedomToulo Maynes is a tall and slender Undine woman. She's of dark blue skin and pale spots, and was born ot the Fourland Dukedom as the daughter to one of the Dukes. Her personality is extremely calm and collected, and she has little interest in the ways of the nobles. She prefers to head out and see the sights and do her own things. Responsibility is something she prefers to avoid.