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The Nomad Souls



Original Seven. Draconic scales, clawed, sometimes tails. Physical, destruction, war.

A proud and powerful race, they formed the Holy Empire Westelande in the wake of the Scrapped Princesses’ destruction of their former nomad ways. The idea of their Empire being Holy is brought around the tale of the Salamander Hero Priest that aided in destroying the Scrapped Princesses - and was assassinated by the Spriggan traitor - and the fact that they contributed the most heroes to their fall, as the priest was joined by a great hero warrior.

The Tale

The Salamanders were a nomadic people that saw great wars between the various tribes to constantly vie for territory in the Western region of Yamato. They have been around as long as the land has, as far as the People of the Land are concerned. They had a mastery of the flame that went beyond any others and roamed desert lands with ease. They were - and still are - the most resilient race in existence, including Were Fangs, but excluding monsters.

In their territorial nature, and the constant need to fight over the west Oases, they would not respond well to the arrival of strange races back in the days. This meant that, both when the Alv seemed to ‘threaten’ their region by building structures of great architecture within, and when the Scrapped Princesses fooled them into thinking the humans planned to invade them, they reacted with violent force.

The most resilient force in Yamato. And while undoubtedly not well developed when it came to the quality of weaponry and armor, their mastery over the element of flame and their strong bodies allowed them to raze regions amidst flame. They were given the title of ‘the flame devils’ by the human kingdoms. What’s more, they held the power of two Heroes, which allowed them to project and defend both at the same time.

It was when the Imps came and revealed the hidden workings of the Scrapped Princesses, that those heroes and the Salamanders rose to the challenge. And at the end of the conflict, when they returned to their lands, their only remaining Hero ensured something that would decide their survival over the coming hundreds of years.

The foundations of the Holy Empire Westelande. Built around a faith aimed towards the fallen Priest Hero, Elgunaha Thrinima by the surviving Glenn Nestra, it promised a halting of the nomadic way of life. Agriculture, pastures became intermixed with larger monster-hunting parties due to the First World Fraction. The Empire built around the heroic strength and faith in fighting those who would endanger the Salamander people.

As their Empire grew, and other races eventually joined into their walls as all the races vied for survival together, this changed into a faith in fighting those who would endanger their Empire. A faith that monsters can be defeated, if they would follow the way of the fallen hero.

When the adventurers came, they continued to build on their Kingdom. Their people becoming warriors, and battling monsters became part of their culture. A trial by fire that all Salamander warriors must undergo truly became a trial by fire.