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The Loathed Race



Dark haired, dark skin, elf-like ears, winged. Scouts, exploration.

A race created by the Scrapped Princesss to fight for them, made by kidnapping and experimenting on the Sylph race. When one of the first Scrapped Princesses fell, they were freed. A loathed race, who were forced to create the Empire of Ezzo, partially for the ‘dishonor’ of one of theirs joining the Heroes after the release of the Scrapped Princesses’ control, and still attempting to kill one of the Salamander Heroes.

The Tale

The Spriggan were born from the stolen Sylph, by one of the Scrapped Princess. The Sylph remained out of the conflict, but that didn’t mean they were free from harm. The Scrapped Princesses stole those on the edges of their beautiful forests, first in small numbers, then in droves.

Spriggans are also referred to as the Dark Sylph, a race that came out of experimentation, and has not been able to ward away the dark genetics that came at the hand of this.

The original Spriggan were created, and then put under a powerful spell that held them under The Scrapped Princesses’ control. They were the brutal and more merciless warriors that were seen during that war. The only race at the time capable of flight on the enemy side, they were able to swoop into kingdoms and strike. Assassinations, aerial drops into camps to massacre unwitting sleeping troops… they were considered a nightmare.

When The Scrapped Princess that bound them fell, the Spriggans refused to keep fighting for the Scrapped Princesses, and joined the other kingdoms in the short stretch of time between that one’s fall and the rest of the Scrapped Princesses.

One Spriggan in particular, formerly one of their generals and one of the most feared warriors, joined the heroes on their final infiltration into the Scrapped Princesses’ fortress to fight alongside them. A name that now all refuse to speak.

But amidst a fierce battle, it would have seemed this ‘hero’ turned against the other /true heroes/, killing the holy salamander priest hero in a ruthless strike. At the end of the battle against the Scrapped Princesses, during which he still contributed, the heroes turned on him and ensured his death beneath the rubble of the Scrapped Princesses’ fortress.

The betrayal by the fake ‘hero’ ensured that the Spriggan, created by the hated Scrapped Princesses, brutal murderers, and killers of one of the greatest heroes, became the most loathed race even to this very day. Bearing the curse of their history everywhere they go.

After the events of the Scrapped Princess war, the Spriggan - cursed to be bound to the ground - were forced out of every kingdom and pushed to the east. There, they established the wasteland Empire of Ezzo. But due to the lack of trade and being joined by criminal individuals who like them had been pushed out to the east - banished ones - a Bandit Kingdom rose instead of a true one.

Now, over 350 years later, there are some Spriggan who have managed to integrate into other kingdom societies. But most of these are Adventurers, rather than People of the Land. There are small colonies of Spriggan that live in various regions, but they are considered unwanted.

Yet through all these tribulations they survive and have managed to thrive to an extent. That is, until the day of the Apocalypse...