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The Olympus Alliance see themselves as the change this world needs. As this world was introduced to them as a game, they feel that there should be a focus on players as instruments of change. The world should be shaped to their vision, molded by their actions, and always pushing towards advancement. This is the Alliance for those who are not content with the world as it is, and welcomes those who would reform the world through politics and war into a world of their own creation. They actively work towards change and player-led innovation.

This is also sometimes considered the Alliance of 'Players', often keeping a clear separation between their character and the real-world person behind it. They commonly participate both in the Aincrad Tower climb and the world's events, splitting their time in a more balanced way. They are prone to see the NPCs as lesser than themselves, and are often the first to point out that the NPCs are merely simulations and are predictable. They are also the first ones to declare that player actions should have emphasis and meaning in this world. Their focus is on what it means to be 'human', and that - if this is going to be their world - it should function 'fairly'.

Internally, the players have a heavier support towards reinventing technology from their own world. The leadership would love to see a future where players could travel between the real world and this one freely. They seek to make this world the best reality, built in their image.


Haseo, Silabus, Gaspard, Phyllo, Sinon, Yuuki, Gabi, Kuhn, Reika, Ragna, Wynfei, Nuke Usagimaru, Kaleido, Megumin, Kazuma, Aqua, Darkness, Att Syne, Uta, Yumi, Nureha, Rachel, Gwen, Naotsugu, Proteus, Tadaya, Kyo Kirin, Agil, Blossome, Kasai, Dex Alruin, Shin Heno, Kauchemar, Whiskey Sour, Count V, Valciya, Atif, Rylen, Goldenblade, Seliana, Fukasa Yuri, Tenix, Wake, Yobi Kin, June, Sunshine, Verasyn, Bell Cranel, Vafrum, Lin, Viceran, Nami, Jimmu, Showtime, Stellar, Hanzo, Nariko, Haru, Chikako Douji, Sumisu, Hyuga, Viviene, Toshiro, Eirik, Carbon, Skaranda, Pitohui, Wukong, Raiza, Dosbox, Lauren, Narii Tidesong, Wyllow


The Olympus Alliance is currently situated in the Fourlands Dukedom, within the area of Eas.

Prominent Guilds