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Race / Cait Sith

Sorcerer / Enchanter


Nureha is the mysterious young guild master of Plant Hwyaden, a Fox-traited Cait-Sith whose appealing looks and humanitarian efforts melt even the coldest reserve. She genuinely cares for her people, offering them a guiding hand just as Plant Hwyaden offers a hand to this new world. Underneath her perpetual melancholy is a fiercely brilliant mind, though driven by resolve or some quiet, inner desperation is a matter of rumor. Originally a solo player, she still retains many of those habits even when surrounded by a crowd.

"Be near to me. Walk with me. Fight for me.. and let me be your Reason." - Nureha

Log Horizon


Additional Information

Alliance: Olympus Alliance
Kingdom: The Ninetails Dominion
Skills: A Gentle And Proper Lady, Who Has Everything Under Control, Provisioner Of High Spirits, Crowd Controller In More Than One Sense, We Can Live Happily Ever After, A Tail Has Many Layers And A Broken Bird May Still Sing But Air Is Just Air


Name Date Summary
Apocalypse I-a - Apocalypse Now 2020 July 12th
10...       9...         8...

The old year is coming to an end. Some players are gathered in the various Kingdom squares. There are no guilds here. Only people celebrating the coming of a new year. Comraderie.

7...        6...         5...

The excitement rises with each number subtracted. People hold eachother by the shoulders, smiling up at the enormous letters displayed in the skies by the administration. Other people are at various New Year events. A group of Grunty Races try to make it over the finish line in time to win their prize!

4...        3...         2...

The visual display grows dim for a moment. A little flicker. And then... a sound.

A single tone.



As all realize they are in their Kingdom of origin, gathered throughout the city...

As something is happening in the skies.
Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? 2020 July 12th
Of new beginnings and people who didn't get enough sleep.
Duty Session 7: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2020 July 12th
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

(Note: This Duty has multiple possible paths/challenges/rewards.)
Ratbusters! 2020 July 12th
Bottle Of Jack 2020 July 12th
Another Round or Four 2020 July 13th
Alne Investigation 2020 July 14th
A group of players trying to gather more concrete information about their situation investigated around Alne, discussed with other players, and tried to use their real world skills to determine what may be occurring.

After some digging the information that transpired between Balmung and Kite was recorded and another player who may have a new clue was found - Masaharu Ogata.

Those who are interested are welcome to join as the results of this investigation are discussed.
On the Horizon 2020 July 14th
Nureha and the first wave of ships arrive in Ezzo to pick up those still in the afflicted region.
Alliance: Roundtable 2020 July 15th
The heads of various functional Guilds call together an initial meeting to talk about how to tackle the current crises that the players find themselves in.

OOC: This scene starts the building up of the Alliances, and is Invite Only. If you believe you should be in this event, @mail Liminality.
Duty Session 19: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2020 July 16th
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

(Note: This Duty has multiple possible paths/challenges/rewards.)
Duty Session 13: Goblin Scouts in the Field 2020 July 17th
A porcelain quest has been offered to the Hunters Guild. There's reports of Goblin Scouts in the Eastal Free League region, close to the ruins of a place called 'Shibuya'. The region is largely open fields, with a lot of tall weeds. But there's old roads in the region that still carry some people who go to that region to gather some special herbs that can't be found anywhere else. The request requires the disposal of these goblins.
Floor 1: The First Push 2020 July 18th
Brave guilds, parties and soloers have been slowly poking at the first floor of Aincrad Tower. Progress has been slow due to uncertainty, low levels and a desire to avoid testing the Death theory. A wall has finally been hit where a larger push will be required to overcome it. As such, a strong, coordinated charge into the floor has been organized. Notices have been made. All Adventurers are invited.

Hellooooooo Adventurers! This is your host Misa Takayama. I'm going to be running a scene for the first major push into floor 1 of Aincrad Tower. THIS IS NOT THE FLOOR BOSS FIGHT. That will be coming later. But there will be fighting of mobs. EVERYONE IS INVITED. But I highly encourage to-be-eventually-formed Scale Emblem Alliance members to join in. It'll be a good hook for the formation of the guilds and subsequent alliance. After all, our whole alliance is basically focused on clearing the tower. But as I said, everyone is invited. I'm sure the majority of you have some reason to challenge the tower and the mobs inside.

It's unlikely to be card combat as I expect numbers to be too high for that... Though if the numbers do turn out to be small, I'm certainly happy to give a go at bossing in the card system. But I will try and come up with things to at least use dice rolls for.

I hope people will enjoy this!
The Morning After 2020 July 19th
Adventure. Mad science. Crafting! All those good things.
Apocalypse IV - Rescue 2020 July 19th
With some of the people of Ezzo already getting off of Ezzo, thanks to the hurried preparations of various Adventurers, more money is being put towards getting even more off of the island. But with the constant movement of ships, people have started to draw attention from things that lurk Beneath the Waters...
Field Quest: Crab Tackle 2020 July 19th
** A notice sits up near the town of beginnings **

Are you inexperienced? Do you need helping getting xp? Want to also help your fellow adventurers, by making the "Landers" work for you? Just bored and want to kill something with people? Well here is just the adventure for you!

Meet up with Xander Scaleharth and we will be going over the basics of combat, killing some crabs, and brining back some crab meat to have a specific lander in a kitchen cook up some meat for some extra coin to boot!

See you all there!

** With directions written down, the start point is the town moving to the meeting spot on the beach. **

OOC NOTE: Deck is not required, just cards. We will be using the dice system. +help Card GM to read more.
Peace Within Chaos 2020 July 20th
Meeting Hour: Old King Gilgamesh 2020 July 20th
Seated upon the throne amidst the Land of Beginnings, the old King, Gilgamesh, is allowing a few limited Adventurers to enter his palace in order to strike up a meeting with him.
Duty Session 26: Convoy Escort Quest I 2020 July 21st
Escort quests, the bane of any experienced gamer. Assisting people who are unable to defend themselves as they trudge slowly through dangerous environments on a preset path. When implemented well, they're a chore - when implemented poorly, they're a nightmare.

The merchant guilds and the People of the Land will pay handsomely to see this convoy deliver its goods - and its people - to the destination, and your group is needing to head that way anyway for your own reasons, so it's time to hitch up and hit the road. It can't be all that bad of a quest, right? Two days of travel will fly right on by.

(Note: This Duty takes several IC days to complete.)
Ghosts of Alne 2020 July 22nd
Silent apparitions stalk the streets of Alne. Ghostly phenomena are whispered of but rarely verified. In the dead quiet of the city spread beneath Aincrad Tower, food appears on tables without a hand to serve them. Sounds echo strangely while light flickers in the heart of empty buildings.

There is a story to be told here.

Interested parties are invited to investigate the southern reaches of the City of Ash for a chance to glimpse the mystery running throughout, while Nureha and her hand-picked scouts have a secondary purpose to their searching, running along the rooftops and slipping through the alleyways as they search the vast abandoned reaches for a place to call home.

OOC Note: Hello, folks! This will most likely be a Spooky Investigation and Random Poking things scene. Everyone is invited as Plant Hwyaden cruises Totally Not Silent Hill for a place to bed down for the night (hopefully with softer beds than the inn. Those things are giving me a crick in the neck.)

To Adventure!
A Good Day For Fishin' Aint it? 2020 July 22nd
Welcome to the Overworld outside of Alne, where the fish are biting and it's a lovely day for it.
Faux Fox and the Hunt 2020 July 22nd
A hunting we will go. High Ho. High Ho.
Fox Hunt 2020 July 22nd
Emiko reached out for others to join in a hunt for foxes. Not for their pelts but as familiars!
Through the Eye of the Needle 2020 July 23rd
Nureha continues her needling attempts to feel out crafters to 'Patron' into her burgdeoning crafter network.
A Relaxing Day at the Lake. 2020 July 23rd
Combat Training 2020 July 24th
With so many inexperienced players now getting involved with the Scale Emblem Alliance they are organizing regular combat drills to help train their recruits. They have also opened this training up to players outside of the alliance as show of good faith and to help players adjust to their current situation.

OOC: Players will be paired off against each other for 1v1 card combat. There will be OOC tutorial information for any players that request it.
Duty Session 28: The Ezzo Rescue 2020 July 24th
With the successful organization of a multi-ship fleet, it's going to take a long time to get everyone off of Ezzo Empire's island. It's not just a case of having to bring people off of the island, but also bringing enough food to make sure those that are there do not starve to death.
Looming Doom 2020 July 25th
Dooom de doom doom doom.
Duty Session 30: Spinner's End 2020 July 26th
The Landers in the Town of Beginnings seem to have a never ending string of trouble that comes their way. A few of the local Lander blacksmiths have complained that they are struggling to get the raw ore that they need. Apparently, the nearby mines have been overwhelmed with beasts and monsters, making it hard for the miners to continue their excavation efforts. It blips as an optional side-quest with a reward of improving the available resources in the Town of Beginnings.

(OOC Note: There are two possible duty-end rewards for this quest.)
Just A Normal Day 2020 July 26th
The Calm Of The Forest 2020 July 27th
The Eat'em up Beat'em up 2020 July 28th
Something has been snacking on the local Peco Peco population. Adventurers have been dispatched to put a stop to that.
Investigation: Ezzo Empire 2020 August 1st
Kite and a small party of people decide to stay on Ezzo after landing and retrieving various people. Though the barrier halts most avenues of investigation, perhaps they can find something someone missed. The Bandit King remains around for inquiries as well, though he's exhausted from casting people out.

> Limited Seating. Inquire with Kite for invitations first!
Duty Session 48: Still Water Bandits 2020 August 2nd
With the increased trade between the various cities and kingdoms, the Lander traders have also been reporting an increase in Bandit activity. A group that calls themselves the 'Still Water Bandits' has begun raiding caravans and ships. This has caused a slowing of supply lines, as well as damage to the lives and livelihoods of the traders. They are seeking help from capable Adventurers to help clear out a number of bandit camps.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Increase in trade route efficiency
Tower Run: Crocman Patrol Control 2020 August 2nd
Patrols in the tower have located a patrol of crocmen that are camping out to close to the parameter of the town that everyone worked so hard to seize on Floor One.

While no one is sure what these Crocmen are planning, Xander has decided that he won't let them push any closer than they have and will force the crocs to think a bit more carefully on their choices of camping locations; Or getting any bright ideas about pushing back in!

As such, a notice goes out to any willing adventurers to join in taking out this Crocman Camp and any of their patrols in the area.

OOC NOTE: This will be a Concept Rolled Event. No Deck required, just cards.
Arts and Crafts 2020 August 3rd
The Alne Workshop 'Ikigai' created by the combined efforts of the crafter community is slated to open it's doors to the general public soon, providing a place where crafters of all skill levels can freely come and practice their art and share their expertise regarding the current system and low level recipes.

The workshop is still small in it's developing stages and not entirely free. Plant Hwyaden is asking that those wishing to share their expertise and research the ongoing anomalies in the higher level recipes consider allying with the workshop using a Discovery Contract, which prevents abuse from either side.

OOC Note: This is a social/research scene where information will be shared and research done on the crafting system. Right now the Workshop has a focus on Artisany, Forging, Cooking, Tailoring and Alchemy. Though all crafting concepts are welcome, those listed have better support.

A 'Discovery' Contract is simply that the restoration of higher level recipes or the creation of any new recipe inside 'Ikigai' is the property of the creator, but that a portion of money made from that recipe going forwards goes to bettering the Workshop and Plant Hwyaden as a whole.
A Missing Proposal 2020 August 4th
Kita makes a proposal to the people at the top about helping to bring missing people back to friends and family.
Grass Whistle 2020 August 7th
Climb: The Floor 1 Boss 2020 August 9th
Various guilds have gotten together, led by the Scale Emblem Alliance, with plans to raid the first boss of the Tower. Formerly, it was always possible to open the doors and scout inside, and report on what is there. As such, the first team moves in, in order to get scouting under way.

But the plan goes awry.

Warning: As the boss system right now is a heavy weight on the system, and we are still balancing things out, we will be using Concept Roll based combat for this go around. Folk will be given 2 Evasion/Shield Failures during this battle, and a 3rd one if they wish to wager a Memory to stay in the battle.
Hammer in the morning 2020 August 12th
And Crafting in the Evening.. crafting all over this land.
Invasion of a quiet maid 2020 August 13th
Wave of Calamity: 1 2020 August 15th
The first Wave of Calamity has appeared upon the land of the Ninetails Dominion. None know what this is. None know what the Hourglass in Dun Loireag counts down to. But yet, it comes. It is Inevitibility.

The skies grow dark. The clouds churn. It's coming.
In The Fields Of Gold 2020 August 22nd
RTA: Matters of Importance 2020 August 24th
The representatives of the Round Table Alliance are called to an emergency meeting by Shiroe of the New World Alliance with some rather disturbing news. How they approach the matter from here on could very well affect the social norm of Adventurers as time goes on.