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Crescent Moon is a rapidly growing 'newbie' helper guild. It's made up of some veteran players and some new players. It aims to teach players the ins and outs of Elder Tale Online and 'have fun playing'. It stands in heavy opposition to some of the more brutal Scale Emblem and New World Alliance guilds, which tend to exploit newbies or try to push their beliefs on others - to the point that it deploys some of its veterans to push back their influence, sometimes rather proactively.

On a day to day basis, the Crescent Moon guild can be seen in the lower levels of the Tower of Aincrad and out in the world. They can be seen teaching the new generation of players and running various public unofficial 'player' events - which has been one of their main sources of recruitment since the beginning.

Member Groups

Part of the Olympus Alliance.


Silabus, Gaspard, Reika, Nuke Usagimaru, Megumin, Kazuma, Aqua, Darkness, Uta, Yumi, Gwen, Tadaya, Agil, Valciya, Atif, Rylen, Goldenblade, Fukasa Yuri, Tenix, Bell Cranel, Vafrum, Lin, Jimmu, Showtime