Sleeping Knights

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The Sleeping Knights used to be a somewhat exclusionary guild whose members appear very inward focused and cliqueish. They are achievement hunters of the highest order. Since around the time of the Apocalypse, they've started accepting more members, quoting a pushback on going back into the world. One of the common mindsets tends to be that their lives were lorded over by their physical conditions, or their social situations in the real world. Elder Tale Online seems to give them a new chance to take power into their own hands.

On a day-to-day basis, the Sleeping Knights do anything but sleep. They seek out unique encounters in order to test their skills, and have somewhat of a one-sided friendly rivalry with both the Odysseia Knights and Moon Tree. Their skillset is somewhat varied, but does lean towards combat most of all. There is a notable unique aspect to the guild in that their members have a tendency of maxing out their skillsets towards a particular skill.

Member Groups

Part of the Olympus Alliance.


Phyllo, Sinon, Yuuki, Ragna, Wynfei, Kasai, Dex Alruin, Baroness Wake, June, Verasyn, Nami, Hanzo, Nariko, Chikako Douji, Viviene, Eirik, Pitohui, Raiza, Lauren