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Race / Imp

Godhand / Sorcerer


Proteus is an enigmatic wandering Imp who works her way through some of the strangest places in the world. The being called Proteus constantly seems to be working at discovering ruined places, obscure knowledge and lore, and the strangeness at the edges of the world. She seeks out information on how these things fit together, how they work to create the greater whole of the World... And then uses that knowledge and the inevitable gaps in the tumultous nature of the digital existence they share in order to expose deeper truths. Proteus often affects an ominous and mysterious stance, remaining distant from others, albeit friendly. While she is endlessly interested in other people's dreams and goals, she says little about her own or what she truly wants out of her life here. Similarly, she endlessly probes, often taking the role of Devil's Advocate in order to ensure that someone has thought through their positions and goals. Though one thing is for sure: Proteus is always interested in solving mysteries or puzzles. Where you find one, you will almost always find the other.

"Everything here is information, connected in ways we don't understand yet. This world is a puzzle, waiting to be solved." - Proteus

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: Olympus Alliance
Kingdom: The Realm of Uruk
Skills: What's The Next Stage?, Lore Farmer, Out Of Bounds In More Than One Way, Check Out This Neat Trick, Do You Think That's Air You're Breathing, Making a Cambric Shirt, Racing Against Time, Knowledge Is Power, Sore Wa Himitsu Desu, Finding An Acre Of Land, This Next One Isn't Marathon Safe, Reach Out To Grasp The Light In That Hand, What Lies Beyond, The Meaning Of Impossible Tasks, The Imp On Your Shoulder, It's Puzzle Time, That's Never Happened To Me Before!


Name Date Summary
Apocalypse I-b - The Retreat 2020 July 12th
10...       9...         8...

The old year is coming to an end. Some players are gathered in Ezzo Empire squares. There are no guilds here. Only people celebrating the coming of a new year. Comraderie.

7...        6...         5...

The excitement rises with each number subtracted. People hold eachother by the shoulders, smiling up at the enormous letters displayed in the skies by the administration. Other people are at various New Year events. A group of Grunty Races try to make it over the finish line in time to win their prize!

4...        3...         2...

The visual display grows dim for a moment. Someone calls out about a strange building appearing at the edge of Lia Fail. A massive tower on its side? Something... then, a little flicker. And then... a sound.

A single tone.



As all Ezzo Empire members realize they are in their Kingdom of origin, gathered at the center of the city...

As something is happening in the skies. Someone running towards them.

OOC This is an Ezzo Empire only event.
Apocalypse II-B - Westward 2020 July 13th
The Ezzo Team is stuck on Ezzo, unable to teleport, and can't risk perishing with Ezzo Empire coming apart at the seams. As such, the team journeys on, led by the mysterious Bandit King, with a singular mission. To make it to the 'Install Port' in order to 'Install' a mysterious Shard carried by the black Peko riding male.
Apocalypse III-B - Southern Peak 2020 July 14th
The Ezzo Team arrives at the Southern Tip of the Ezzo Empire, along with the Bandit King. Having left a large swatch of the Adventurers and Landers behind to catch up, they ride ahead in order to 'Install' a mysterious Shard carried by the black Peko riding male. They are however on a timer, as the corruption of the land seems to be speeding up.
On the Horizon 2020 July 14th
Nureha and the first wave of ships arrive in Ezzo to pick up those still in the afflicted region.
Planning Session in the Ruins 2020 July 15th

Kaleido lays out some plans for the future, enticing people with food and drink and socialization to come listen to the marketing pitch.

Come for the noms, stay for taking over the socioeconomic sphere of the known world.
Apocalypse IV - Rescue 2020 July 19th
With some of the people of Ezzo already getting off of Ezzo, thanks to the hurried preparations of various Adventurers, more money is being put towards getting even more off of the island. But with the constant movement of ships, people have started to draw attention from things that lurk Beneath the Waters...
Duty Session 26: Convoy Escort Quest I 2020 July 21st
Escort quests, the bane of any experienced gamer. Assisting people who are unable to defend themselves as they trudge slowly through dangerous environments on a preset path. When implemented well, they're a chore - when implemented poorly, they're a nightmare.

The merchant guilds and the People of the Land will pay handsomely to see this convoy deliver its goods - and its people - to the destination, and your group is needing to head that way anyway for your own reasons, so it's time to hitch up and hit the road. It can't be all that bad of a quest, right? Two days of travel will fly right on by.

(Note: This Duty takes several IC days to complete.)
Ghosts of Alne 2020 July 22nd
Silent apparitions stalk the streets of Alne. Ghostly phenomena are whispered of but rarely verified. In the dead quiet of the city spread beneath Aincrad Tower, food appears on tables without a hand to serve them. Sounds echo strangely while light flickers in the heart of empty buildings.

There is a story to be told here.

Interested parties are invited to investigate the southern reaches of the City of Ash for a chance to glimpse the mystery running throughout, while Nureha and her hand-picked scouts have a secondary purpose to their searching, running along the rooftops and slipping through the alleyways as they search the vast abandoned reaches for a place to call home.

OOC Note: Hello, folks! This will most likely be a Spooky Investigation and Random Poking things scene. Everyone is invited as Plant Hwyaden cruises Totally Not Silent Hill for a place to bed down for the night (hopefully with softer beds than the inn. Those things are giving me a crick in the neck.)

To Adventure!
Elder Tales, Abridged 2020 July 23rd
A meeting near a bridge between Jazz, Mizuki, Proteus and Wynfei.
Combat Training 2020 July 24th
With so many inexperienced players now getting involved with the Scale Emblem Alliance they are organizing regular combat drills to help train their recruits. They have also opened this training up to players outside of the alliance as show of good faith and to help players adjust to their current situation.

OOC: Players will be paired off against each other for 1v1 card combat. There will be OOC tutorial information for any players that request it.
Duty Session 30: Spinner's End 2020 July 26th
The Landers in the Town of Beginnings seem to have a never ending string of trouble that comes their way. A few of the local Lander blacksmiths have complained that they are struggling to get the raw ore that they need. Apparently, the nearby mines have been overwhelmed with beasts and monsters, making it hard for the miners to continue their excavation efforts. It blips as an optional side-quest with a reward of improving the available resources in the Town of Beginnings.

(OOC Note: There are two possible duty-end rewards for this quest.)
Just A Normal Day 2020 July 26th
Lost Thoughts I: Resurrected 2020 August 1st
Twenty four hours. Twenty four hours have passed since the death of the Adventurer's husband in Alne. The counter has passed down, even with its disfigured and bugged looking display...

Until finally, they resurrect at the Temple in the City of Beginnings. His wife waiting for him.

The man looks confused as she hugs him, pressing at her shoulders, pushing her away.

"Who are you?"
Duty Session 48: Still Water Bandits 2020 August 2nd
With the increased trade between the various cities and kingdoms, the Lander traders have also been reporting an increase in Bandit activity. A group that calls themselves the 'Still Water Bandits' has begun raiding caravans and ships. This has caused a slowing of supply lines, as well as damage to the lives and livelihoods of the traders. They are seeking help from capable Adventurers to help clear out a number of bandit camps.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Increase in trade route efficiency
Duty Session 54: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2020 August 2nd
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
Duty Session 72: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2020 August 7th
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
Meeting Expectations 2020 August 9th
Planting the seeds of social (reverse-)engineering
Duty Session 77: Gnoll it All 2020 August 10th
A powerful Gnoll has been reported as creating havoc within one one of the low-level Forest zones. The Berserker and his allies have been making things difficult for both Adventurers and Landers. This encounter seems to only appear at night. The Hunter?s Guild has posted an Obsidian-level Bounty for any brave Adventurers who can defeat Haggar the Gnoll Barbarian.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Invasion of a quiet maid 2020 August 13th
REALM OF THE DIG-LORD II 2020 August 14th
Att Syne discovered goblins in the forest near Alne excavating what turned out to be an ancient barrow. After recruiting a group of intrepid Adventurers to investigate and successfully raid the camp, they... accidentally sealed the ruin closed, with the goblin in charge and his skeletal minions still inside.


The ruin gets busted open and a bunch of skeletons, goblins, and probably goblin skeletons spill forth on THURSDAY THE 13TH at 7:30pm EST! Be there, or be... I dunno, safely ensconced in the tavern with a warm cup of cider, maybe? I'm not your boss.

(Prior attendance is not necessary to come to Part 2, but it would really help me if you tag the scene so I get an idea of how big it's gonna be!)
In The Wilds 2020 August 20th
Valentine's Day Festivities 2020 August 26th
n the past, certain limited time events would usually be announced using bulletin boards or other out-of-game announcements. However, with the approach of Valentine's Day, many of the Root Towns are beginning to put up colorful decorations. Landers dialogue now seems to include mentions of the upcoming holiday. In Japan, it is customary for girls to give gifts to the men in thier lives for this particular holiday, leading to much whispering and gossip amongst the Landers.

While each of the Root Towns are hosting some manner of simple festivities, a more elaborate festival is being hosted within the Ninetails Dominion. Part in thanks for the aid of Adventurers who supported them during the recent Wave of Calamity, and in part to draw more business to the region. Setup has already begun in Dun Loireag for what promises to be a night of revelry.

(OOC: Social event to celebrate IC Valentine's Day. Shop owners/crafters may have booths to sell their wares. Cooks may have food stalls. Adventurers may host booths with games of chance. Socialize, exchange gifts, eat, drink, dance and be merry.)
The Growling Dark 2020 August 27th
The Madra Feargach Caverns are one of the early 'dungeon' areas that people ran through in ETO before the Black Wave. It is known for being fairly simple and straightforward, with appropriate challenge ratings and dropping the usual newbie level dungeon loot.

But that was before the Black Wave. Someone has decided to check on the area now to confirm some theories.

It will be mysterious. And perhaps also dangerous.

Olympus oriented scene. Allies of Plant Duck may also attend.
Aimless Soul 2020 September 3rd
Seliana has recently respawned in Dun Loiraeg after having died to hunger and thirst debuffs. She is aimless and unmotivated, but could probably use some assistance or guidance.
Technical Difficulties 2020 September 9th
Wave of Calamity: 2 2020 September 13th
The second Wave of Calamity has appeared upon the land of the Holy Empire Westelande. Well away from its main holdings, the army isn't mobilizing any significant force at this time - but they are paying Adventurers through the Hunters Guild to investigate what is going on - on the horizon.

The skies grow dark. The clouds churn. It's coming.
On Inspiration And Mastication 2020 September 17th
Swirly Sculptor Needs Food Badly 2020 September 26th
Interesting Ingredients 2020 October 3rd
Seliana seeks out help from the guild alchemist, Whiskey Sour.
Chasing Glass 2020 October 22nd
Resurrecting the last bits of energy in the Mirror left behing by Glass, Proteus goes on a dangerous solo mission...
Goldenblade meets the Baroness 2020 October 28th
Invasion of the Bun-Buns 2020 October 29th
The farmers of Yamato only just finished planting their crops, and now there is an abundance of hungry bun-buns who could all but decimate their efforts. Adventurers have been hired to help protect the fields, but will they be able to ward off so many ravenous little balls of fluff?

OOC: Card+Concept rolled event.
Home Again, Home Again 2020 October 29th
Desert Mysteries 2020 October 29th
After the second calamity Seliana and Proteus regroup to discuss.
Meet the Landers: Mac Anu Temple 2020 October 30th
Seliana visits the Temple in Mac Anu in order to get access to its Library, meeting the white robed ones there.

OOC: Short social intended for Seliana. Check in with her if you want to tag along.
Fields Ablaze 2020 November 3rd
    Fires are burning on the hills,
    lives are running all full of fear.
    Three figures stand to observe their work,
    To watch with glee,
    To watch with glee.

    Run little lives run.
    Do not turn back,
    Do not turn back.

    For they come closer ever so closer.

    Do not turn back,
    Do not look back.

    Or they will have your soul for dinner.


    The people of the land need assistance of the Adventurers once more! With the open field being set on fire, landers and animals alike are forced to run for their lives.

They will not only need to deal with the burning blaze that might set as an arena floor, but also three enemies that want their blood!

(( Prepare for a battle, as the HP Bar will be present. ))
Wave of Calamity: 3 and 4 2020 November 3rd
The third Wave of Calamity hits, right as the Fourth Boss is defeated, leading to some unusual results in the midst of the Eastal Free League teritory.

The Eastal Free League has deployed significant forces - and the New World Alliance has launched a sizable strike force to deal with the situation, due to how close the Wave is to their new base of Shibuya.

Usual Boss Battle rules! Minor Memories are at risk for people who stay past their HP danger zone.

The skies grow dark. The clouds churn. It's coming.

OOC: If you were at the Floor 4 Boss battle, you can not attend this event.
Along A Copper Path 2020 November 6th
The Copperpath Mines located near the city of Alne is one of the few copper-bearing mines in the region, and thus both contested as a matter of course and, due to the terrible state of local infrastructure, filled with monsters and bandits and suchlike.

That's never stopped any Adventurer once in their life.

Come for the bosses that are actually just elaborate plunger pressing minigames, stay for the friends we made along the way. Aimed towards Olympus Alliance adjacent people, but all Friends of Plant Duck are welcome. May be capped if hell freezes over/mood explodes.
Duty Session 122: The Ezzo Rescue 2020 November 9th
With the successful organization of a multi-ship fleet, it's going to take a long time to get everyone off of Ezzo Empire's island. It's not just a case of having to bring people off of the island, but also bringing enough food to make sure those that are there do not starve to death.

Difficulty:    High
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Rescue Landers & Adventurers trapped in Ezzo.
Bibilan Dungeon 2020 November 12th ), it will be a very exploration/combat-heavy scene with minimal traps as complications. If I get enough players to join, there will be possible card rewards as well!
Tae Tea Team 2020 November 18th
If Mac Anu is a Root City and also The City of Canals, does that make a canal of Mac Anu a Root Canal? :/a
+Duty: Spinner's Deep 2020 November 20th
The Hunter's Guild is reaching out to Adventurers, seeking those who are willing to brave the next level of the dungeon beneath the mines in Alne. Come for spiders, mines, and adventure!

OOC: Scheduled +duty run of Spinner's Deep. Max Party size: 8
Diving Bell 2020 November 21st
The Olympus Alliance is making a dive into a Deeper Place, using a Diving Bell - traversing into secret depths.
Obsidian: Rock Eater 2020 November 24th
A young warrior and his party has requested aid in escorting a woman by the name of Akumeiji into a series of caves within the Eastal Free League region, but they are worried that their party is not up to snuff to deal with the Rock Eater monster that is said to roam the cave, and they've requested some additional aid from the Hunters Guild.
It Begins with Some Scouts 2020 November 25th
Some of the smaller salamander tribes in the Holy Empire of Westlande have begun to report occasional issues with giant ants coming and raiding their camps at night, stealing food, resources, and the most alarmingly, even making off with tents -- regardless of if there are people inside of them or not.

     Adventurers have been recruited to begin investigating this matter, and figure out why the ants are suddenly beginning to act so peculiarly. At present, the reports on if the ants are aggressive or not is being rather conflicting. Some say they just take food and leave, others have said that they've been attacked with little provocation, so the hired adventurers should likely be ready for a fight!
Duty Session 139: Is It Wrong to Pick Up Slimes in a Dungeon? 2020 November 25th
There are plenty of places in Alne that seem to have been left abandoned up until recently. The influx of Adventurers and Landers have caused empty areas of the city to become occupied in quick order. As the city is surrounded by water, it is also particularly prone to infestations of slimes. Landers are reporting that they are having trouble getting water into some areas of the city. They are asking for Adventurers who might be brave enough to face the sewers and waterways beneath the city to clear out some of the slimes in order to help get the water flowing again.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Increases in clean water availability in Alne.
Obsidian: Fortress 2020 November 28th
A new request comes from Akumeji through the Hunters Guild. This one asks the Hunters Guild to send her people who can aid her in entering an old 'forest fortress' - an ancient tree from times before the Scrapped Princess War - in order to check up on a barrier that supposedly has broken.
Three Alliances Meet 2020 November 30th

    After meeting with the Undead Queen, Giganpor has chosen to share the information with the other Alliances besides just the New World Alliance. Among this is also the chance for all three Alliances to share information if they so wish besides just the Undead Army threat. Since it is a large group of people, Giganpor has secured Isekai Ryokan for the purpose of it.

    OOC: Social scene. Tentative date. Since it is after IRL Thanksgiving if people can not make it and want to be there, @mail Giganpor and he can reschedule. Time is earlier to allow people time and such due to IRL work. Can be even earlier if people want. Have at thee!
Duty Session 147: Undead Defense Force 2020 December 1st
New World Alliance along with local people of the Ninetails Dominion are attempting to protect the homes from the undead hordes that are trying to take over! Help defend their villages and push back the undead by successfully keeping the horde at bay.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    4+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Success slowly decreases undead presence in Ninetails Dominion.
Duty Session 148: Goblins in the Rotting Forest 2020 December 4th
A request goes up on the Hunters Guild board, paid for by the Eastal Free League's Council of Four. A region close to Fort Ouph, near where the Third and Fourth combined Wave was, Goblins have shown up - and they are not sure where they are actually coming from. Adventurers are being sent to investigate their origin, and to stop the Goblins from doing any further harm to the forest..

Difficulty:    High
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Success protects the Eastal Free League forest from dying off to a mysterious illness.
Duty Session 149: The Vanishing Forest 2020 December 4th
A strange location seems to open up only once a year during the Living Green Festival. No one seems certain if it is a result of the abundance of plant growth that creates the strange forest within the Eastal Free League, or if the location actually moves, shifting somewhere unreachable during the rest of the year.

The Hunters Guild has asked for brave adventurers who would be willing to explore and report back what they find within the Vanishing Forest. They are bidding Adventurers to try to gather anything unusual that they might find so it can be studied.

OOC: This dungeon is only available during The Living Green Festival. This dungeon is exploration-based and focuses on the 'Gather' and 'Discover' concepts with only minor 'Combat'.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Festival: The Plant that Ate Dirty Smocks 2020 December 9th
Living Green Festival: Clothing has started to go missing in the villages of Eastal! One day, things are hanging on the line to dry, the next they are gone, leaving behind only strange markings. Clearly, something nefarious must be at play! Come, hunt down the wayward vegetable that is leaving the Landers in nothing but their skivvies.

(OOC: Combat-based event. Card+Concept for rolls. HP-Bar will be present. Max party size: 10-12)
In The Wake Of Things 2020 December 11th
Duty Session 156: Spinner's Deep 2020 December 13th
After the efforts of many Adventurers to finally clear out the creatures from within the mines on the Isle of Beginnings, the Landers are finally able to return to their work. However, the first miners have reported an unusual room within the first levels of the mine.

The room seems to be the source of the previous infestation, but now shows a strange glowing arcane circle that refuses to allow them to pass. The Landers have reached out to the Hunter's Guild, seeking capable Adventurers to find out what lies beyond this strange device.

What is certain, is that the spiders in the mines now known as Spinner's End, had to have come from somewhere. Danger lies on the unknown path ahead. Are you brave enough to face it?

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: None
Gobi-Go-Boom 2020 December 13th
Xander wants to continue to see just how intelligent the Goblins are and if he can do a trade with them. Uta may have decided to go along to give the Goblins some Valentine's cheer.

This does not go as planned and they both may need some help as they get chased by the zerg of Goblins.

Yep. Just another day!

OOC - Will be using the Goblin NPC, though depending on how many show up, will depend if we will do concept rolling or actual combat, since I know that the boss mechanic is kinda broken past a particular point.
Obsidian: Clearing the Ruins 2020 December 19th
After the recent successful mission, a group of Adventurers have approached the mysterious 'Goblin Slayer', and have managed to convince him to help them clear an area of Ruins... of Goblins. Noting the sheer amount of Goblins reportedly present in this particular set of ruins, they've additionally extended the invitation to further members of the Hunters Guild.
Festival: Light the Night 2021 January 9th
Near the end of the Summer Festival, many people gather on the shorelines for an evening of feasting, festivities, and fireworks. Bring your best bathing suit and enjoy time with friends.

(Casual social event.)
Climb: The Floor 5 Boss 2021 January 17th
A good amount of time has passed, but the Fifth Floor has so far gone undefeated. It appears the Floor Boss escaped to battle room and is wandering the massive ruined city of Karluin - occupied by massive roving groups of Goblins. Luckily, thanks to Prophylaxis' negotiation tactics, the Scale Emblem Alliance has a new ally in their search to continue their climb.

And their new ally has a particular dislike for Goblins.
Wave of Calamity: 5 2021 January 19th
The Fifth Wave of Calamity looms... as the clouds over Alne grow dark upon the defeat of the 5th Floor Boss! It seems to have come a lot earlier than usual... As lightning coarses along the walls of the Tower, and Alne itself appears to be the focused target of this next Wave of Calamity.
The Caves Of Despair 2021 January 23rd
They're just regular caves, but with Jazuhanzu in them.
The Secret of CHIM 2021 January 23rd
With information in hand, a team of Adventurers dives into an old Gnome stronghold within the depths of one of the outer Ezzo Empire caves, just on the edge outside of the Dome. They search for an Elemental Machine that reportedly is being maintained by Chim Chims. Though their goal isn't the Elemental Machine... it's the Chims.

OOC: Take note of the time for this one! This one caters towards the European timezone.
Festival: Gift of the Divine 2021 February 4th
A huge storm has formed along the coastline of the Eastal Free League. Unlike the usual weather this time of year, it has not moved on given the passage of time. Now, Adventurers are sought to bring a 'gift' into the storm, perhaps to appease whatever might be at the heart of it.
Duty Session 195: Clearing Castle Eas 2021 February 4th
With the discovery of the Castle Eas, Baroness Wake has called upon her fellow adventurers, seeking aid in clearing out the orcs that currently occupy it. The Castle lies in the mountains of the Fourland Dukedom, set upon a waterfall.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: The clearing of the castle will allow for it to be repaired and used for the benefit of People of the Land and Adventurers.
Duty Session 212: A Dark and Stormy Night 2021 February 7th
During the Storm Festival, it is common for Adventurers to gather indoors at a local inn or tavern. Any place to get away from the heavy rains and piercing wind. However, on one such Dark and Stormy Night, a Lander has come inside from the storm, bringing with them an unusual quest. They are tasked to brave the storm and face wind elementals in order to gather some strange alchemical ingredient.

OOC: This quest is only available during the Storm Festival. This quest is largely 'Combat'-concept based, with some minor uses of other concept types.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Festival: Where Lightning Strikes 2021 February 9th
Since the beginning of the festival, lightning has become frequent in a known monster nest within the heart of the Eastal Free League. The Labyrinth Forest calls explorers brave enough to search for what is drawing lightning down from the storms.

(Exploration and combat-focused scene using standard card+concept rolls, will be similar to a +duty in function.)
Meeting the Landers: Roreil Dawn 2021 February 9th
Proteus and co seek out Roreil Dawn of the Sumeragi Clan, in order to ask some pertinent questions that may or may not land them in hot waters.
Enigma: The Triggering 2021 February 24th
Prophylaxis and Proteus perform an experiment, and end up with notable results... and a visit.
Wave of Calamity: 6 2021 March 5th
The Sixth Wave of Calamity looms... as the clouds over the Ninetails Dominion loom, a ways north-west from the Root City, over the farmlands. With only 48 hours on the timer.

> If you attended Floor 6's raid, you are unlikely to be able to travel here in time.
Duty Session 234: The Mountain Memorial 2021 March 8th
During the time of the Firefly Festival, it is common for people to seek out old memorials in order to pay tribute to those who have passed. However, not all remembrance sights are easy to reach and some have been overrun by monsters over the years. A group of travelers have reached out to the Hunter's Guild, looking for aid from Adventurers in order to trek to a memorial stone seated high in the mountains. It will be a dangerous journey, but they seem willing to brave it in order to honor their ancestors.

OOC: This quest is only available during the Firefly Festival. This quest is largely 'Combat'-concept based.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
Festival: Finding What Was Lost 2021 March 9th
In this time of remembrance, a family has reached out to the Hunter's Guild. Two young children who had lost their father, now ask for help in recovering some momento that they could place at his grave.

However, the man had perished somewhere deep within a set of ruins now infested with monsters. It will require the skills of brave adventurers to delve into it and hopefully find something worth bringing back.

(Exploration and combat scene using the Concept+card rolling system.)
Festival: Shoot the Moon 2021 March 11th
An old diviner, considered too odd and 'mad' by some, requests adventurers Escort him towards a particular tall mountain within the Fourland Dukedom. He declares that, once a year, on this date, his telescope shows something absolutely amazing he thinks they should see.
Steam Punks 2021 March 15th
Prophylaxis wishes to contact the Olympus Alliance to negotiate the purchase of one of their steam engines, or possible collaboration on a project to construct a train to operate within the Aincrad tower. This will probably not go as smoothly as he hopes, but hey whatever a man can dream.

...Of steam.
Duty Session 241: Still Coast Pirates 2021 March 20th
After many raids by capable Adventurers, the Bandit camps along the shoreline around the Isle of Beginnings have all but been wiped out. However, the source of the Bandits still remains. A pirate ship has often been spotted along the waterways, taking advantage of the increased trade between the Kingdoms following the Apocalypse.

After a recent plunder of intoxicating beverages, the pirates are in high spirits. It is the perfect time for Adventurers to sneak onboard and investigate the source of the pirate threat. The Hunter's Guild is offering a reward for such intel.

Note: This is a lighthearted investigation and swashbuckling adventure.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Improve efficiency of trade by waterways
Meet the Landers: Hestia 2021 March 24th
Hestia, the mysterious Travel who lives under Alne, visits the Crescent Burger in order to find out where Bell Cranel has gone.
Castle Eas: The Final Battle 2021 March 26th
As the teams continue to clear out Castle Eas of its Orc plague, the team has finally managed to create a path towards its highest floors where their true foe stands. An Orc Lord with his shaman aides has been preparing ever since the assault began. If they want to clear the castle, he will need to fall. But it will not be easy.
Obsidian: The Goblins of Mac Anu 2021 April 8th
With the Mac Anu treasure map completed, the Adventurers have finally gotten enough of an idea about where the Goblins under Mac Anu are coming from, and start approaching on their position. This is a two-part sequence of battles and will be prelude the last Obsidian scene.
Obsidian: Mirror Mirror 2021 April 9th
With the Mac Anu treasure map completed, the Adventurers have finally gotten enough of an idea about where the Goblins under Mac Anu are coming from, and have managed to get to the target location. This is a two-part sequence, and follows directly from 'Obsidian: The Goblins of Mac Anu'.
Fallen Star 2021 April 11th
Long, long after her trip through the Mirror and her steps on the Green Moon, Estelle finally respawns in Dun Loireag...
Festival: Convoy from Afar 2021 April 16th
As shipments of harvested foods have begun to move throughout Yamato, the Hunter's Guild has commissioned Adventurers to escort the supplies coming from one of the furthest away farms, deep into Ninetails Dominion Lands. However, there are rumors that a powerful beast has been stalking the area. A creature that may have been pushed out of its own territory in recent months.

(OOC: Combat scene featuring HP Bar.)
Festival: In Defense of Dinner 2021 April 17th
It was supposed to be a nice, outdoor banquet, with the Landers of the Fourland Dukedom celebrating along side their Adventurer counterparts. It was supposed to be a night of food, drink, and good cheer.

It was supposed to be...

Unfortunately, the local group of bandits have other plans.

(OOC: Combat focused Event. Card+combat style event with duty-like challenges.)
Wake Me Up If I'm Healing 2021 April 30th
Proteus attempts self-care in the mostly-deserted Church of Carmina Gadelica. Baroness Wake and Wynfei drop by.
Before The Storm 2021 May 2nd
Wave Of Calamity: 7 2021 May 3rd
The Seventh Wave of Calamity looms. As the clouds loom over the southern parts of the Fourland Dukedom, over the Rulid Kingdom. With only 42 hours on the timer.

> If you attended FLoor 7's raid, you are unlikely to be able to travel here in time.
Festival: Labyrinth of Shadows 2021 May 8th
The people of the Eastal Free League have reached out to the Hunters Guild with more strange happenings in the Labyrinth Forest. Since the beginning of the Festival, a darkness has fallen over the dungeon zone. Rewards are offered for those brave enough to risk themselves in the strange, maze of monsters in order to discover what may be at the heart of this unusual occurance.

(OOC: Exploration and Combat based event using card+concept. Successes and failures determine specific consequences for the characters in each challenge.)
Wave 7 follow-up 2021 May 12th
Sprites has some concerns and questions, and hopes Proteus might be of some help.
Duty Session 291: Is It Wrong to Pick Up Slimes in a Dungeon? 2021 May 19th
There are plenty of places in Alne that seem to have been left abandoned up until recently. The influx of Adventurers and Landers have caused empty areas of the city to become occupied in quick order. As the city is surrounded by water, it is also particularly prone to infestations of slimes. Landers are reporting that they are having trouble getting water into some areas of the city. They are asking for Adventurers who might be brave enough to face the sewers and waterways beneath the city to clear out some of the slimes in order to help get the water flowing again.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Increases in clean water availability in Alne.
Operation: Utavention I 2021 May 20th
A group of Concerned Citizens spring some self-care on the slime-obsessed Uta.
Wave of Calamity: 8 2021 May 21st
The eight Wave of Calamity looms. As the clouds loom over the Holy Empire Westeland, they seem to focus over an Oasis off in the distance, known for a particular undead presence. With only 40 hours on the timer.

> If you attended Floor 8's raid, you are unlikely to be able to travel here in time.
Dragon Head: Coal Mines 2021 May 22nd
After a significant amount of mining, the inevitable has happened. Following the sounds of a quake, Olympus' coal mines have had a collapse, trapping some of the Lander and Adventurer coal miners. A team is being sent in to save them.
Carnival nights and Olympian Imps 2021 May 26th
There's Something About Uta 2021 June 9th
Wave of Calamity: 9 2021 June 11th
With only 39 hours on the clock, the Landers' protectors move to prepare against the upcoming Wave in the Holy Empire Westelande, right over Kogushi, the port city.
Connection With The Printer 2021 June 21st
Coming Soon! The HP SlimeJet 400!
Festival: The Wishing Tree 2021 June 27th
As the year begins coming to a close, many people are drawn back to the town of Alne. A massive tree has brought in, and Adventurers and Landers are invited to help to decorate it for the occassion. Many bring trinkets or special items of remembrance to hang on the tree. Bits of paper are also made available, for people to hang their wishes in the branches. (OOC: Open social, non-GMed scene.)
Implementation's the rub 2021 July 10th
A New Year - Alne 2021 July 12th
A new year begins for the Adventurers, bringing new stories, and new adventures. Various Alliances have come together to create a party atmosphere within all of Alne. There's people assigned for firework like spells, and various groups are catering massive amounts of food, helped by various Lander organizations.
Of Mutual Interests 2021 July 16th
A delegation from Olympus requests a meeting with New World leadership to discuss issues of mutual import, especially in light of recent events.
Duty Session 337: Obligatory Rat Maze 2021 July 31st
It has been a year of Adventurers delving into the underground of various cities across Yamato, seeking to eliminate the rat infestation that has caused so many shopkeepers trouble. After all this time, something finally seems to have changed. The shopkeeper's dialogue has changed, explaining that while repairing their cellars, they found a passageway into a deeper part of the underground. Since then, rats have been finding their way up through the previously sealed passage.

Now, they are seeking brave Adventurers who are willing to, once again, explore the tunnels beneath the city, in order to seek out this new source of rats.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: None
Duty Session 340: A Distant Voyage 2021 August 7th
A new year has begun, and the way has been opened. Only the bravest of souls seems willing to risk the long journey that may bring them to other lands, beyond.

Stormy seas beacon. Leviathans lurk in the depths. The unknown expanses of the ocean call to those with an adventurous heart. But will they survive to find out what lies beyond the edge of Yamato?

OOC: This +duty requires a minimum of a week of travel. Please plan accordingly around time-sensitive events.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    5+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: Access to the 'Land of Dragons'.
Palace Lands: Ruins of the Ancient 2021 August 10th
The scouting party moves further Westward to a region surrounded by hills and mountains, trying to investigate ruins spotted from the distance.
Palace Lands: Battle on the Big Bridge 2021 August 21st
The Palace Lands team reaches a very peculiar tree standing before a man constructed bridge, revealing the presence of a civilization in the lands they have landed within. But something stands in their way upon the bridge.
Palace Lands: Dol Dona 2021 September 3rd
The Adventurers, after passing by small villages and the small mercenary bands that protect them, finally arrive to the mysterious forested City of Dol Dona.
No Time to Duel 2021 September 18th
Meeting the Adventurers: Eas 2021 October 16th
Some of the members of the Palace Lands come to visit the Yamato region. They've heard of a place named Eas where Landers intermingle with Adventurers in a newly budding region, and have come to understand how this is possible.
Palace Lands: Explosive Counterslimers 2021 October 23rd
Uta and friends head up the mountains in the Palace Lands in order to find the difficult-to-find 'Explosive Slimes'.
Festival: The Bun-Bun Wave 2021 October 29th
Adventurers have long been eliminating monsters en-masse upon the 'Aincrad Island', allowing the wildlife to prosper. However, as wilflife prospers, so do the BunBuns. And with so many monsters eliminated around the Carmina and Alne region, a large sum of them which have recently gained adulthood move upon Alne in order to sate their hunger.
Wave Of Calamity: 10 2021 November 19th
The tenth Wave of Calamity hits well beyond the borders of Yamato - right near Lumina Cloth. The few elements of the Yamato Adventurers move to try and assist, but they lack the typical raid forces during an invasion like this. Tensions run high between the Yamato forces and those of the Palace Lands.

> There is an expected lower turnout, ICly.
> Be aware, due to the War of The Dragons plot launch, there is a high risk of Memory Loss in this scene!
War of Dragons: Seekers Landing 2021 November 23rd
All of the boats that would be stationed at Seeker's Landing are out at the moment, and a single Palace Lands Navy vessel has blockaded the location. Sending longboats for landings and assauling them from across the waters! It's a life or death situation. And Seeker's Landing has not been made aware of what has happened at the Wave - which ended two days ago - or if any rescue is coming!

> Have you been stationed at Seeker's Landing, and holding out against the enemy assault?
> Are you here to evacuate Seeker's Landing?

This is a rescue scene with reasonable odds. Typical Boss rules apply.
The Way Home: Desperate Need 2021 November 27th
As the team is on their way back from the Palace Lands, they start running desperately low on food. Some of the food they'd brough has gone bad due to an invasive insect species having gotten into their supplies. Luckily, there is an island nearby where they can gather food by hunting beasts and gathering nuts and fruits.

This is a non-GMed event during which Liminality will be around for questions and scene prompts.
Meet the Landers: Tri-Edge 2021 December 22nd
Arashi tries to put two Enigma pieces together... and gets an unwelcome visitor in response.
War of Dragons: Uncrowning 2022 February 23rd
The Scale Emblem Alliance attempts to Decrown one of the captured Crowned Ones.
Deliberation on Data 2022 March 21st
After far too long Seliana finds Proteus once again.
Reunion: Of Plants & Ducks 2022 April 1st
Members of Plant Hwyaden gather in their workshop to plot world domination - or maybe eat snacks and chat. Regardless of which it is the world should definitely tremble in fear!

This is a scene for members of the guild Plant Hwyaden.
Divinity & Ducks 2022 April 25th
SpritesHero aka Bob has an open invitation to meet with Seliana at the Plant Hwyaden HQ to continue conversation of powers only partially known.
Schneider has some Questions 2022 July 13th


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Final Fantasy 14 - Rise Rebellion
Library of Ruina - Iron Lotus Memories Paid In Blood
Kenji Kawai - Making of a Cyborg (Ben Karma Remix) Synthesis
X-Ray Dog - Mystery of Time Grand Revelations
Granblue Fantasy Versus - Existence Transcendent Ambition
Soundtrack Spoilers
Song Cue
PianoDeuss - Bad Apple (Emotional Piano Arrangement) You Can't Escape The Past
Ace Combat 4 - Megalith/Agnus Dei The Divine Puzzle
Lobotomy Corporation - Third Warning Unknown Armageddon
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - God-Shattering Star To Stand Against Infinity
Final Fantasy 14 - Invincible Unbreakable Will