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Moon Tree is a group of people who oppose the public PK that Elder Tale Online has promoted since its inception. While they will defend themselves, and will try to undermine PKers in more subversive methods, their pacifistic ways have rubbed a great deal of players the wrong way - sometimes equating their behavior with being somewhat 'cultish'. Internally, they are generally very friendly to one another.

On a day-to-day basis, the Moon Tree guild tends to delve into the lore of the world and intermingle with the Lander population. They travel as Adventurers to help out the People of the Land against those who would cause them harm and cement the rules of the world. They tend to get along badly with members of the Olympus Alliance, who are trying to change society, and will actively try to subvert their attempts.

Member Groups

Part of the New World Alliance.


Silica, Subaru, Karaoke, Elrune, Elk, Tsukasa, Cynwrig, Moriko, Sassaral, Galen, Delphine, Tenko, Pyxis, Strawberry, Estelle, Onna Shinkan, Dowafu, Rizadoman, Erufu, Ayanna, Michio, Rori, Eliza, Inrit, Garryck, Allia, Curtana, Himari Saito