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Race / Cait Sith

Acolyte / Bard


A former idol who joined Elder Tale Online at the behest of her parents, to get her mind off the real world. She uses this place as a way to get back to doing what she loved doing in the past before she was paralyzed by a computer virus as an idol to sing, dance and sometimes slay her way to a good mood. Her cheerful personality, uplifting spirit and great singing voice has lend her to be semi successful 'virual' idol, using her talents to keep parties going and keeping spirits up while they're here. Secretly, she doesn't want to return back to the real world, this virutal world gives her the freedom to be who she wants to be and the means to achieve it as well and won't hestitate to defend her want to stay here instead of her unfortunate place outside of the game.

"I just want to sing, make people happy and live my best life here." - Riko

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: New World Alliance
Guilds: Silver Sword
Kingdom: The Ninetails Dominion
Skills: Magical Songstress, Un-retired Idol, Messenger of the Music, Spirit Lifter.


Name Date Summary
Tournament: Mikage vs Cyrus 2020 October 9th
Mikage and Cyrus fight in the semi-finals of the tournament.