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Race / Human

Acolyte / Crusader


Before the apocalypse Zorin was a casual gamer that would escape into ETO to mindlessly grind as way to relax. After the apocalypse he started to go by his real name, Ryusei Ito, as a way to remind and anchor himself to the real world -- and he devoted himself to escaping his imprisonment. He openly discusses what his life in the real world was like, and uses his skills from his old middle management job to try coordinate efforts within the Aincrad Liberation Front.

"Can we coordinate it? Will it get the job done?" - Zorin

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: Scale Emblem Alliance
Kingdom: The Holy Empire Westelande
Skills: Coordinator, Negotiator, Mystic, Philosopher, Determined, Frontline Support


Name Date Summary
Apocalypse I-a - Apocalypse Now 2020 July 12th
10...       9...         8...

The old year is coming to an end. Some players are gathered in the various Kingdom squares. There are no guilds here. Only people celebrating the coming of a new year. Comraderie.

7...        6...         5...

The excitement rises with each number subtracted. People hold eachother by the shoulders, smiling up at the enormous letters displayed in the skies by the administration. Other people are at various New Year events. A group of Grunty Races try to make it over the finish line in time to win their prize!

4...        3...         2...

The visual display grows dim for a moment. A little flicker. And then... a sound.

A single tone.



As all realize they are in their Kingdom of origin, gathered throughout the city...

As something is happening in the skies.
Duty Session 10: Gnoll it All 2020 July 13th
A powerful Gnoll has been reported as creating havoc within one one of the low-level Forest zones. The Berserker and his allies have been making things difficult for both Adventurers and Landers. This encounter seems to only appear at night. The Hunter?s Guild has posted an Obsidian-level Bounty for any brave Adventurers who can defeat Haggar the Gnoll Barbarian.
Duty Session 12: Obligatory Rat Cellar 2020 July 13th
In each of the starting cities, there are at least a couple of poor merchant landers who have developed mysterious rat problems. This is clearly bad for business! A worried looking Lander stands outside their shop, rubbing their hands together, looking anxious, flagging down any passing Adventurer they can find to help.

(Note: This Duty has multiple possible paths/challenges/rewards.)
Alne Investigation 2020 July 14th
A group of players trying to gather more concrete information about their situation investigated around Alne, discussed with other players, and tried to use their real world skills to determine what may be occurring.

After some digging the information that transpired between Balmung and Kite was recorded and another player who may have a new clue was found - Masaharu Ogata.

Those who are interested are welcome to join as the results of this investigation are discussed.
Planning Session in the Ruins 2020 July 15th

Kaleido lays out some plans for the future, enticing people with food and drink and socialization to come listen to the marketing pitch.

Come for the noms, stay for taking over the socioeconomic sphere of the known world.
Floor 1: The First Push 2020 July 18th
Brave guilds, parties and soloers have been slowly poking at the first floor of Aincrad Tower. Progress has been slow due to uncertainty, low levels and a desire to avoid testing the Death theory. A wall has finally been hit where a larger push will be required to overcome it. As such, a strong, coordinated charge into the floor has been organized. Notices have been made. All Adventurers are invited.

Hellooooooo Adventurers! This is your host Misa Takayama. I'm going to be running a scene for the first major push into floor 1 of Aincrad Tower. THIS IS NOT THE FLOOR BOSS FIGHT. That will be coming later. But there will be fighting of mobs. EVERYONE IS INVITED. But I highly encourage to-be-eventually-formed Scale Emblem Alliance members to join in. It'll be a good hook for the formation of the guilds and subsequent alliance. After all, our whole alliance is basically focused on clearing the tower. But as I said, everyone is invited. I'm sure the majority of you have some reason to challenge the tower and the mobs inside.

It's unlikely to be card combat as I expect numbers to be too high for that... Though if the numbers do turn out to be small, I'm certainly happy to give a go at bossing in the card system. But I will try and come up with things to at least use dice rolls for.

I hope people will enjoy this!
Meeting Hour: Old King Gilgamesh 2020 July 20th
Seated upon the throne amidst the Land of Beginnings, the old King, Gilgamesh, is allowing a few limited Adventurers to enter his palace in order to strike up a meeting with him.
SEA Council Meeting 2020 July 20th
Select members of the guilds of the Scale Emblem Alliance have been called together to share information and plan their next steps.

OOC: Open to all SEA players. Share information on what has occurred along with associated codex entries and set an initial foundation for some upcoming alliance projects.
Ghosts of Alne 2020 July 22nd
Silent apparitions stalk the streets of Alne. Ghostly phenomena are whispered of but rarely verified. In the dead quiet of the city spread beneath Aincrad Tower, food appears on tables without a hand to serve them. Sounds echo strangely while light flickers in the heart of empty buildings.

There is a story to be told here.

Interested parties are invited to investigate the southern reaches of the City of Ash for a chance to glimpse the mystery running throughout, while Nureha and her hand-picked scouts have a secondary purpose to their searching, running along the rooftops and slipping through the alleyways as they search the vast abandoned reaches for a place to call home.

OOC Note: Hello, folks! This will most likely be a Spooky Investigation and Random Poking things scene. Everyone is invited as Plant Hwyaden cruises Totally Not Silent Hill for a place to bed down for the night (hopefully with softer beds than the inn. Those things are giving me a crick in the neck.)

To Adventure!
Combat Training 2020 July 24th
With so many inexperienced players now getting involved with the Scale Emblem Alliance they are organizing regular combat drills to help train their recruits. They have also opened this training up to players outside of the alliance as show of good faith and to help players adjust to their current situation.

OOC: Players will be paired off against each other for 1v1 card combat. There will be OOC tutorial information for any players that request it.
Duty Session 29: Goblin Scouts in the Field 2020 July 26th
A porcelain quest has been offered to the Hunters Guild. There's reports of Goblin Scouts in the Eastal Free League region, close to the ruins of a place called 'Shibuya'. The region is largely open fields, with a lot of tall weeds. But there's old roads in the region that still carry some people who go to that region to gather some special herbs that can't be found anywhere else. The request requires the disposal of these goblins.
Recruitment Fair 2020 July 31st
The Main Square of Alne is proud to receive the first Recruitment Fair! Are you still playing solo, or new to the game? Don't know what guild to join? Don't know what they have to offer even? Come and meet personally with the guilds so you can make a better decision!

Recruitment Fair is an initiative of the Hamelin Guild, the Nero Idol Reika will also be part of the event.

(The scene is open for Guilds to recruit, and for players to peruse the various guilds)
Climb: The Floor 1 Boss 2020 August 9th
Various guilds have gotten together, led by the Scale Emblem Alliance, with plans to raid the first boss of the Tower. Formerly, it was always possible to open the doors and scout inside, and report on what is there. As such, the first team moves in, in order to get scouting under way.

But the plan goes awry.

Warning: As the boss system right now is a heavy weight on the system, and we are still balancing things out, we will be using Concept Roll based combat for this go around. Folk will be given 2 Evasion/Shield Failures during this battle, and a 3rd one if they wish to wager a Memory to stay in the battle.
Duty Session 86: Is It Wrong to Pick Up Slimes in a Dungeon? 2020 August 23rd
There are plenty of places in Alne that seem to have been left abandoned up until recently. The influx of Adventurers and Landers have caused empty areas of the city to become occupied in quick order. As the city is surrounded by water, it is also particularly prone to infestations of slimes. Landers are reporting that they are having trouble getting water into some areas of the city. They are asking for Adventurers who might be brave enough to face the sewers and waterways beneath the city to clear out some of the slimes in order to help get the water flowing again.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       3
World Rewards: Increases in clean water availability in Alne.
Super Secret SEA Strategizing 2020 September 4th
Another regular day at SEA HQ
Tournament Art 2020 September 5th
Zorin, Kita, and Wisteria discuss options for tournament advertisements.
Climb: The Floor 2 Boss 2020 September 6th
Adventurers are looking a lot more confident, having beaten the first floor boss. It'd been different, so they're prepared to send more people in this time. No doubt, this is going to be easier than the first time! So goes the theory.

The Scale Emblem Alliance once again leads the charge into another Boss Room, crossing the desert, expecting to battle Asterius the Taurus King; an enormous armored humanoid taurus.
Tolbana Inspection 2020 September 12th
Zorin is visiting Tolbana to discuss the new clinic being built there.
Tournament - Signup Open 2020 September 14th
+scene/schedule Sep 13 16:30/Tournament - Signup Open=The Scale Emblem Alliance is hosting a tournament that will take place in Breg Epona at the Dragon Palace Arena - The Grand Balancing of the Scales. The tournament will be open to everyone. The week long signup period has begun and can be done at Hunters Guildhalls in the Root Towns of every kingdom.

The SEA HQ in Alne is a busy place and another location that individuals can come to signup for the tournament. In addition to the signup, the distribution of posters and advertisements continues along with various members working out final details and plans for the upcoming tournament.

((OOC: This is also the OOC Signup to become an MC for the upcoming tournament! Want to have some fun commentating other people's matches for an audience? This is your chance!))

((OOC: You don't need to participate in this scene to sign up for the tournament. Check full tournament details with +bbread Public/Scene Announcements/3))
Tournament - Opening Ceremonies 2020 September 21st
The Opening Ceremonies for the Grand Balancing of the Scales Tournament will be taking place within the Dragon Palace Arena!

((OOC: This is planned to be a short scene for the ceremonies around the start of the tournament. Note that OOC the tournament will have already started, so it is possible for people to schedule matches earlier in the day. This will be a social scene and is not required to be attended by participants of the tournament.))
Scale Emblem Meeting: Advance 2020 October 11th
A few of the big names in the Scale Emblem Alliance are being called to join a meeting in Tolbana. The agenda is being kept on the downlow at the moment.

OOC: Scale Emblem Alliance event, social and on the smaller side. Come meet your Alliance Leaders.